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On Spiderwebs by Postcards

Please help me find this song! It has a violin in the back and it goes like “is this the end of it all... is this the end of it all”. It’s a guy singing and it’s really nostalgic.


By $$$ (from Napier City, New Zealand) on 16 May 2021


On Miracle Man by AWOLNATION

I'm looking for a song from an old dvd that I recorded a long time ago and posted it onto YouTube I sadly don't remember the movie but I think I remember some parts of it
Lyrics (I remember)
Like a hurricane it pulls you under the undertow and back again
Sometimes you gotta hold on to yourself hold on to forever


By Luna Wolf 175 (from United States) on 13 Aug 2021

Charlie Blade

On Die tonight by Charlie Blade

I'm looking for a song that also contains the lead singer screaming "forever and ever"


By Cassandra (from Phoenix, United States) on 12 May 2021

Capability Brown

On Circumstances (In Love, Past, Present, Future Meet) by Capability Brown

Thanks to this website I've now finally found this 20 minute-long song I last heard 41 years ago and have searched for ever since. It's the first time the few lyrics I remembered have come up with a positive hit. And that was even with some of the words wrong.
I can't say enough how delighted I am. I've now bought the digital album. Thank you a million times!!!


By Carol (from Sunderland, United Kingdom) on 21 Feb 2021


On Lights by Jayhawks

I thought this would be a tougher song to find. I'm going to have to use this site more often!


By Eddie Coleman (from Montgomery, United States) on 08 Aug 2021

Stereo MC's

On Little Less Conversation by Stereo MC's

Thank you so much! It just suddenly popped into my head and I’ve been singing, humming it, trying to remember the song and the words. This song was from the best years of my life (many moons ago now). Thank you!


By Melanie Pascoe (from Sans Souci, Australia) on 08 Aug 2021


On A Thousand Ways To Heal by Erisu

i'm really shocked that it actually worked lmao i put the exact same thing into google and some other sites and it just gave me nothing


By jeff (from Richmond Hill, Canada) on 05 Aug 2021

Little River Band

On The other guy - 24-bit digitally remastered 02 by Little River Band

This site is brilliant!!! Thank you so much! Now I can finally stop thinking about one line in the song and actually sing it all!


By Lisa (from Melbourne, Australia) on 05 Aug 2021

Slow and Steady

On 35mm by Slow and Steady

Looking for a song that has lyrics similar to the following . .
When I say I found the Lord, here's what I mean. I was a lost and lonely child. I guess the Lord found me


By Lynn (from Blue Springs, United States) on 03 May 2021

I Love Your Lifestyle

On Align! by I Love Your Lifestyle

i recently heard this song that goes
🎵 i need, you to be~~~~ (a soul for me ??)
it’s by a female artist and it seems recent. i can’t seem to find out what song it is


By treasure (from Birmingham, United States) on 30 Apr 2021


On Desperado by Eagles

Was driving me crazy...could actually remember some of the lyrics and the damned tune...but could not identify the song. THANK YOU! for saving my sanity!


By Leslie Black (from Hayward, United States) on 02 Aug 2021


On Since You've Been Gone by Alcatrazz

Was thinking about this song from work for a few days and found it within seconds on this site. The decade filter helped me a lot!


By Dillan Glawson (from Chicago, United States) on 30 Jul 2021


On If I Speak by Outpost

Looking for that song that goes you hit the club with the rims in the bank just clean new piece new chain pulling hoes and you get your tipsy if x and Hennessy. Something like that anyway can anybody please help me you know what this song is


By Lisa Rassi (from Houston, United States) on 26 Apr 2021

Twisted Insane

On Tonight by Twisted Insane

Awesome website thanks so much it's been irking my nerves trying to find this song


By Pockets (from Federal Way, United States) on 28 Jul 2021

The Beatles

On I Want to Tell You by The Beatles

Yippee ! A lyrics site that works, thank you 😊


By Carol Piper (from Clacton-on-Sea, United Kingdom) on 28 Jul 2021

We Show Up On Radar

On Growing A Girl by We Show Up On Radar

I'm looking for a song with a guy and girl singer. It's about a doll or wind up dancer the guy finds in a shop that is bronken and missing parts but it reminds him of her and there is a line from the girl like "Can't understand a word she says", and "is that even english?" I think there is a line about the doll needing some paint.


By brad (from Anchorage, United States) on 22 Apr 2021

AJ Tracey & Skepta

On Kiss and Tell by AJ Tracey & Skepta

I’m looking for a song I saw in an ad on youtube for a brand of hair dye, it used a rap song that went “hey girl i heard you kiss and tell but i heard that you be kissing well” and it was really good I just want to find it


By Sebastian Benitez (from Colton, United States) on 29 Jan 2021

The Moldy Peaches

On Bleeding Heart by The Moldy Peaches

Looking for a song played on a you tube video. "Now I wonder where you are ....come knocking at my door ,:


By Fran deLaRue (from Taylors, United States) on 21 Apr 2021


On You're The Music In Me by Nicole

I need help with a 90s or 00s slower grungy rock song. I'm pretty sure the lyrics are some thing like "in your arms, I long to be"


By Alana (from Kisbey, Canada) on 25 Jul 2021

George Harrison

On Blow Away by George Harrison

Omg.. been looking for this song for almost 30years... thank you!!!


By Juan Folch (from San Antonio, United States) on 25 Jul 2021

Fog Lake

On i'll be around by Fog Lake

I've been searching for this song for ages thank you so so much!!! Not even Google recognized this.


By Loaf (from Flushing, United States) on 25 Jul 2021

Elvis Presley

On Poor Man's Gold by Elvis Presley

At last found the full lyrics! Only ever heard ELVIS sing a few lines. 😊 brilliant.


By Lynn (from Sheffield, United Kingdom) on 22 Jul 2021


On Playing To Win by Bonham

I have been looking for thos song for at least 15 years . I remember being with my oldest brother when he was alive and he would play this song while we traveled .


By Terry (from Shelbyville, United States) on 22 Jul 2021

After 7

On Heat Of The Moment by After 7

Been searching for this for YEARS!


By Wanderer (from Saskatoon, Canada) on 17 Jul 2021

Ronnie Dove

On Hello Pretty Girl by Ronnie Dove

Thank you so much I've been searching for this song for awhile, thank you, thank you!!!


By Esther Daniels (from Fontana, United States) on 17 Jul 2021

Excuse 17

On Two Faced by Excuse 17

For YEARS I was looking to find this song again and google search never worked! Thank you!!!
Found out about this band by a chance on a 2011 trip to Canada as I was going through second hand cd's on a street stand, and really liked that song.
But since then I left the house, lost the cd and forgot what band or title it was.
I'm so relieved now :)


By Shelly (from Berlin, Germany) on 10 Apr 2021

I See Hawks In L.A.

On Wonder Valley Fight Song by I See Hawks In L.A.

Hi everyone, I'm looking for a very short song( about 2 min, male singer. indie, I think) I can not remember the details, but it was like a man was talking in his mind with his wife(maybe his dead wife) and memories of the past and their daughter, but at the end of song the singer saus very quietly like wisper"i love you", it was played with guitar, I'm, not sure if I saw a "eugen(e)" in the title or interpret's name, but I have! somehow the feeling, that I saw such name on song, I will be thankful for any help!


By ELaG (from Wuppertal, Germany) on 10 Apr 2021


On In Your Eyes by Cryo

Nailed it😁. Couldnt find the song on the other websites but this way better and has a big difference in how well ot can actually find the music. I found it. Yay!😍


By Gwendolyn williams (from Seattle, United States) on 14 Jul 2021

The 5th Dimension

On If I Could Reach You by The 5th Dimension

Thanks, tried Alexa, but she played some song that was not even close to what I wanted to hear. Tried Google, your website came, clicked on it, typed the words of the song that I remembered, and it displayed the exact song that I was looking for.


By Jeffrey Bray (from Las Vegas, United States) on 11 Jan 2021

Insane Clown Posse

On Freaky Tales by Insane Clown Posse

Trying to remember a rock-and-roll song from the 50s or 60s with the lines: "my lovin' baby can't live without you even though people may talk about you my lovin' baby you are my all and all...". It's driving me nuts (which is, as my father used to tell me, a short trip). Thank you!


By Steve Phelps (from United States) on 04 Apr 2021