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On A Woman's Work by SHeDAISY

I have been looking h for this song for years!!


By Rianne Zimmerman (from Grant, United States) on 13 Jun 2021

Eva Cassidy

On Gee Baby Ain't I Good to You by Eva Cassidy

The song I am looking for is from the 1980s. It begins with, "I gave you my money and gave you my heart why you want to treat me mean..."


By Rosemary Cathrine Espinosa (from Fresno, United States) on 31 May 2021


On Heartprints by Kingsfoil

The song I am looking for should be an old song from a rock group. Goes in some parts like this...;

'Just like dogs they were....just like..du..du
Animals they were, for they couldn't share love...Love is good

One by One they came, playing all the instruments...playing all the to be used and then
thrown away... .. twaang..du.. du.. cha..


By Ngoni Damiso (from Harare, Zimbabwe) on 31 May 2021

Tony C. And The Truth

On Someday by Tony C. And The Truth

Been looking for this stupid, silly, funny song for so long! Thanks!


By Jared (from Sherwood Park, Canada) on 10 Jun 2021

Josh Wilson

On Before The Morning by Josh Wilson

Thank you so much! I’ve been trying to find this song for days!


By Anonymous (from Columbus, United States) on 10 Jun 2021

Before Braille

On Before Braille by Before Braille

Please who sang this song it was played on ‘Eating with my Ex | Amy & Marney on BBC Three or iplayer
The lyrics is “ you never know how much you love someone till you gone, and their voice comes along “ time: 5:53 on you edited clip. Thank you in advance I ll be beyond joyful if I can know the name of the artist and title.


By Mike (from Glasgow, United Kingdom) on 25 May 2021

Upon Beauty Rests

On The Perfect Things In Poetry by Upon Beauty Rests

I've been looking for this song for over a decade thank you.


By Jones (from Wixom, United States) on 08 Jun 2021

sad alex

On good stuff by sad alex

Song lyrics: taking a jet ride to paradise...stars so bright to see my baby jammin in Bermuda time.


By Andy Miller (from Saint Augustine, United States) on 24 May 2021

Wilson Pickett

On Don't Fight It by Wilson Pickett

Thank God I was able to hear this song through your website. It's been driving me crazy, just like an ear-worm. I remember two of my firieds and I singing it on stage (only the feel it chorus) with Gino Washington back in the 1960's. I was pretty sure it was by Wilson Picket but couldn't find it by just googling his name. I'll now be able to email those friends to ask if they remember when we sang it with Gino, so thank you so much.


By (from Hayes, United Kingdom) on 06 Jun 2021

Brooks & Dunn

On Only In America by Brooks & Dunn

I found the song I was looking for with only 3 words in just seconds 👏 will use this site again for sure.


By Cheryl (from Hartsville, United States) on 06 Jun 2021

deadmau5 feat. Rob Swire

On Ghosts N Stuff by deadmau5 feat. Rob Swire

thank you, such a great application. was going nuts trying to find this song


By matt (from Chevy Chase, United States) on 06 Jun 2021

Apathy & O.C.

On Winter Winds by Apathy & O.C.

The song I'm looking for is a country song about a woman leaving and the singer talks about all the things that remind him of her and the things he cant do or it's hard to the smell of dust on the furnace.


By Cynthia Dralle (from Indianapolis, United States) on 23 May 2021

Matt Monro

On Without You by Matt Monro

I've been trying to find this song for decades! I loved it as an 11 yr old little girl and never knew who sang it. I've hummed it, sang it and nobody in all these many years recognized it. Thank you for listing it here! Matt Monro is awesome ♡


By Pamela (from Palm Desert, United States) on 23 May 2021


On Unworthy by Thieves

Gosh.. i've been lookin for this song and yesss, i finally found it


By meatlover (from Tangerang, Indonesia) on 03 Jun 2021

The Staple Singers

On Are You Sure by The Staple Singers

Awesome. Looking for this song for 30 years! Heard it on 21 Jump Street during the 80s.


By Tom Smith (from Nassau, Bahamas) on 03 Jun 2021

Frank Turner

On The Ballad Of Me And My Friends by Frank Turner

I'm looking for a song with the lyrics "if you're all about my money aint having that, said beat that boy with a bat smack! d*mn sorry i blew you off, i was doing lunch with microsoft."


By Mikan Tsumiki (from Visalia, United States) on 19 May 2021

Barenaked Ladies

On Brian Wilson by Barenaked Ladies

What is this song I’ve put it into google and got no answer: right now i'm lying in bed with nobody to love and my ex is probably out having fun hooking up with the person she told me not to worry about but its alright cos were both numb


By Jon (from Liverpool, United Kingdom) on 17 May 2021

The Cure

On Pillbox Tales by The Cure

“Listen to my, listen to my desire.” I still think about you everyday. Don’t you see just what it does to me? I still care too much to let it pass by. Won’t you let me look into your eyes?
80’s song I think. Male singer.


By Natasha (from Stoney Creek, Canada) on 17 May 2021


On Trampoline (s a c r e d s a l s a Remix) by SHAED

Thank you sooooo much!!! I’ve been singing and humming and whistling the same 3 lines over and over!! I’m gonna add this song to my Spotify playlist right now so I never forget it!!


By Sofia (from Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom) on 01 Jun 2021


On The Time Has Come by UB40

Thank u been looking for this song for a long long time😁😎


By Queenie (from Birmingham, United Kingdom) on 01 Jun 2021


On Spiderwebs by Postcards

Please help me find this song! It has a violin in the back and it goes like “is this the end of it all... is this the end of it all”. It’s a guy singing and it’s really nostalgic.


By $$$ (from Napier City, New Zealand) on 16 May 2021


On Alone Without You by King

Human memory is a funny thing. For some reason this song just POPPED INTO MY HEAD a few days ago (late May 2021) for the first time since probably 1985 (I was born in 1961) and I just HAD to look it up. I wrecked my brains searching through all the music lyrics databases until I finally found it. It took me hours but it sure WAS WORTH IT. I think this is one of those underappreciated 1980's gems. It has that indescribable yet quintessential 80's sound. GREAT SONG (it reminded me yet again, as if I needed reminding, why being a twenty-something in the 80's was probably the closest thing to being in heaven with having died first).


By Armando A. Cardona (from Guanica, Puerto Rico) on 31 May 2021

Charlie Blade

On Die tonight by Charlie Blade

I'm looking for a song that also contains the lead singer screaming "forever and ever"


By Cassandra (from Phoenix, United States) on 12 May 2021

Derek B

On You've Got To Look Up by Derek B

I remember hearing this when I was a kid I had a whole verse memorized but it only took you 8 words with 2 songs at the end of the query. Thanks


By Josh fleming (from Belpre, United States) on 27 May 2021

Janis Joplin

On Magic of Love by Janis Joplin

I'm looking for a song by a male artist from some time in the late sixties or early seventies, I think. The artist talks more than sings and each line he says is preceded by the words, "baby, baby, baby."


By Ray (from Lander, United States) on 25 Apr 2021

Paul Lekakis

On I Will Be There by Paul Lekakis

Awesome search tool!! I just wanted to hear this song again as part of me and my wife's roller coaster relationship, 8 years together on and off, but never left each other on our 5 year of courtship, before we married. Since then we'd been married 22 years and going 23 this December and blessed with 2 sons. And I am trying to remember those songs, one of which still reverberates to this day, to my senses. As such I can say this was a very special song. Thanks for your help!


By Don2 (from West Covina, United States) on 25 May 2021

John Miles

On Time by John Miles

Brilliant site . Would never have found this song without it. many thanks !


By Linet M King (from North Canton, United States) on 25 May 2021

Willy DeVille

On Cadillac Moon [Live] by Willy DeVille by Willy DeVille

Thank you soooo much. I've been searching for this song for 30 years. I'm crying.


By Reinhard Bädker (from Nettetal, Germany) on 24 May 2021

Fefe Dobson

On Truth Anthem by Fefe Dobson

Shazam couldn't find it, Neither could google.
You Rock


By John (from Délı̨ne, Canada) on 24 May 2021

Slow and Steady

On 35mm by Slow and Steady

Looking for a song that has lyrics similar to the following . .
When I say I found the Lord, here's what I mean. I was a lost and lonely child. I guess the Lord found me


By Lynn (from Blue Springs, United States) on 03 May 2021