by Undercast

on Temperamental (2016)

A facet of my imagination
Like the condensation on my window pane
I'll watch our pictures fade like it was always meant to be this way

I can see our friendship slipping away
Down a route that's impossible take
Looks like you already noticed
And I know it's probably my abrasive personality
But I couldn't even care less, in all honesty

I'm a pendulum, and I'm swinging between the thoughts in my head, and the lies that we have fabricated
Stand aside, and watch me cut my way through the rope that holds us tight
Before it breaks under this unrelenting tension

Every empty sentence that you speak is as crooked as my grinding teeth
And I couldn't even begin to think of how to break this cycle
I'll spend every second of every day just trying to find another way
And I bet it hurts to hear me say that I can't wait to see this day

I'll always see you for what you are:
Another broken memory, another retributive scar
Now I hear it echo in the chambers of my head
A resounding reminder of the words you never said

Go on call me pessimistic, but you know I'm just realistic

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On Temperamental by Undercast

By Anonymous


Was it the song you were looking for? No

Can someone help me find the song that goes "I can feel the wind on my neck trying to tell me something and its hard to forget think about nothing" and the chorus "so im swinging oh between leaving and feeling it home, between love and letting it go"
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