20 20 Vision

I'm Available

by Margie Rayburn

on I'm Available (1957), 20 20 Vision (2018)

Well, I'm available to hold you tight
I'm available for Saturday night
I'm available and willing, it's true ooh, ooh
Available to fall in love with you

Well, I'm available to take a chance
I'm available to start a new romance
I'll be agreeable 'cause I'm hopin' you ooh, ooh
Will be available too ooh, ooh

My heart tells me that you need a little love
So let's get started 'cause that's what I've plenty
Uh, uh, of

I'm available for you to take me home
I'm available for sittin' all alone
Well, I'm available for a kiss or two, ooh, ooh
My lovable baby, I'm in love with you, ooh, ooh

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On I'm Available by Margie Rayburn

By Cheryl House


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Iā€™m deliriously happy! Ty
By Marsha Crosby


Was it the song you were looking for? Yes šŸ˜

Am 79, a child more of the 50's than the 60's, widowed, have fallen in love with a widower. We crossed paths at a high school class reunion and are now engaged to be married. This song, whose existance I recall, but not all the lyrics; will help send my intended a sweet message employing the same music style we enjoyed at the reunion.
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