Hailey B

Sincerely, Me (On Pain Killers and Energy Drinks)

by Hailey B

on Night Time

[Hook: Hailey B]
This is me writing you a song, saying I'm sorry and how I feel so wrong
This is me hiding' my emotions even though I kinda just exposed ‘em, I kinda regret that I wrote them
So I guess you can say, this is my apology, it's clear you don't see what I see or think what I think
So we're gonna be how we be, no you no me, sincerely, me, on pain killers and energy drinks

[Verse 1: Hailey B]
Broken hearts, broken seals on these pill bottles
1, 2, 3, 4 advils I swallow, toss ‘em back with some amp, bitch I'm hallow
Master of self control, you will never see sorrow
Focus on today, save the pain for tomorrow
“Fuck bitches, get money” man that's your motto?
Im over here tryna make my fuckin' flows legato
Fucking writing novels, I'm tryna be the next super hero
Not a fuckin' role model, tryna set my own module
So I know where to go and how my raps flow
Im still testing it out though, I got more I gotta show
I hide my pain like snow on my white Camaro
The same Camaro I drove in the rain and in the snow
Yeah I know you fucking know that I'm just tryna show off and it pisses you off it's the one thing that I love, fuckin settin' you off fuckin smell my exhaust

[Hook: Hailey B]

[Verse 2: Hailey B]
I hide the pain with my anger, then walk up to my banker
Withdraw a couple hundreds, and spend it on a banger
Master of self control, but you caught me slippin' so you know my one secret, I only have one weakness
When did this, become this, casual ignorance of eachothers existence
Existing only when you need me, never failing to see, that you always need Hailey B
Our friendship ripping apart at the fucking seams, it is what it seems
Is this what you really meant when you said you were done with me?
Oh my god James Bond, Sean Connory
Aka everybody loves and knows me
But they don't know that im struggling its easy to hide my pain, you see
You see a different story than what im going through what I wanna show you is way farther from the truth
And truth be told I regret every stare down we that hold cuz I can see in your eyes all the lies you told, behold; the closed mind of me being alone



(Truman Show quote)

My heart does not feel no pain
And my head keeps on spinning
But then again what you say
Is all just made up in my brain

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On Sincerely, Me (On Pain Killers and Energy Drinks) by Hailey B

By Andrei


Was it the song you were looking for? No

So I'm looking for this pop punk (I think) song, with a girl singing something like "It's clear you don't see me as more than a friend" and "I've got somewhere else to be tonight" I think.
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