by Dream Mclean

on Weatherman (2013)

[Produced by High Frequency]

[Verse 1: Dream Mclean]
Listen well, I don't kiss and tell
But all these bitches kiss and tell
These bitches are kissing tails
Arse-licking different girls
You knows it, you knows it
That shit will smell
I wish you would nigga
But I wish you well
I wish you fell, deep into that wooden well
And I wish I couldn't tell
And I wish I couldn't fail
But I know the likelihood of this is always gonna dwell
I know I could be hopelessly eating potpourri forever but it is in vain
Nothing will change, all my shit is always gonna smell
As long as there's water my ship is always gonna sail
And if you sugar coat it, shit is always going to sell
Fuck a girl, no seriously fuck a girl
I already gave a fuck, why should I give a fuck as well?
Fucking hell, yeah, light it up in hell
You don't need ya lighter when you're lighting up in hell

[Hook: Dream Mclean]
This is for them bitches who just won't quit
What if I told you that fish don't swim
This is hypnosis, gizmo shit
Listen up, you ain't gotta sit so stiff
Why you tryna act like your shit don't stink? your shit don't stink
I smell it, I smell
Why you tryna act like your ship won't sink? your ship won't sink
Titanic, Titanic

[Verse 2: Siris]
Mouthy bitches, downing spirits
Powder sniffing, trouser gripping
Listen this is how we living
How we're living ain't the usual
She slips to something comfier
I'm racking lines, the bugle
Banging Sally, buzzed on Mandy
Drugs are widening my pupils
So I see you all the better
Light the zoot and give me two pulls
Puff puff, puff puff
I had to make it four
Floating up on codeine
Getting higher tryna chase the floor
Hoping that she blows me, she looks nicer than she did before
It could be the drugs or maybe it's love
I'm not sure anymore, I just know that I'm buzzed
As we touching, we fucking, clutching, I'm busting my nut, we fuck till the sun coming up
You loved it, eruption of lust
Together ashamed we lay
Barely remember my name
I can't say the same
Nah we as bad as each other
Because we don't plan to be lovers
But it's exciting so fuck it
I feel alive and I'm buzzing nah

[Hook x2]

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On Titanic by Dream Mclean

By PimpDiddy


Was it the song you were looking for? Yes 🎉

I have been looking for this song for literal YEARS!! All I had was a sound clip of three words used in a remix on sound cloud! Thank you for giving me my life back!!
By Natalie johnson


wow nice
By David C


Was it the song you were looking for? Yes 👍🏼

ditto, ditto, ditto !!!!!! (the comment from "pimpdiddy")

Thanks, folk at songsearch - genuinely.
David C
By Anonymous


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