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Fleetwood Mac

On Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac

I can't believe I forgot this song. One of the lyrics got stuck in my head and I just couldn't put the rest of the song with it. Thanks!


By Patrick Haynes (from Ripley, United States) on 12 Apr 2024

South Jordan

On Fatal Flaw (acoustic) by South Jordan

I have been searching this song all my life since I'm in primary school and now I'm a university student. I'm glad i have found this website. This song is my childhood memories. I remember only certain words. Thankyou so much I'm so happy :')


By Mihana (from Malaysia) on 11 Apr 2024


On Hate Myself by Overscene

Finally after searching on and off for about 8 years I finally found it one this site!! No other search engine gave me the right song accept this one...!!! 🔥🔥🔥


By Luke (from United States) on 11 Apr 2024

Jim Capaldi

On Don't Be A Hero by Jim Capaldi

Thanks. This was my favourite song about 35 years ago, but I couldn't find it online now, till your site found it straightaway.


By Susan (from United States) on 11 Apr 2024

Lil Cuete

On Baby Girl by Lil Cuete

i’m looking for a song that has the lyrics “everyone knows that, you got, ulterior motives”


By Avery (from Newark, United States) on 11 Apr 2024

Curved Air

On Back Street Luv by Curved Air

Brilliant site 🥰


By Diane (from Caerphilly, United Kingdom) on 12 Apr 2024

Mariah Carey

On Mary, Did You Know? by Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey sang it the best. The screaming part takes a way from the beauty of the song. Not necessary to scream.


By Rick Saiz (from United States) on 12 Apr 2024

Deric Ruttan

On Lovin' You Is Killin' Me by Deric Ruttan

Awesome, only site that had a clue. Thank You


By Mike Bourgouin (from Carman, Canada) on 12 Apr 2024

Steve Winwood

On Holding On by Steve Winwood

Yes after 4 days of looking on the net. thank you.


By Phillip (from Leavenworth, United States) on 12 Apr 2024

John Wesley Harding

On Creator Spirit, By Whose Aid by John Wesley Harding

Who is the composer of :
'Grace of our Father's Holy Name. I will be true to thee, til dea_h.'


By Lee James Randl (from United States) on 12 Apr 2024