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Barry McGuire

On He's Comin' Back by Barry McGuire

I'm looking for a song with these words..."We are living in the end of times theres only one more hill to climb....... one of these days


By Toni Hanson (from Lewiston, United States) on 29 Jun 2020

Dream Theater

On Home by Dream Theater

Help...i was looking for a song like this...
This life is just the game we play that we can never win, but dont give up
Cause help will come, ya ypu can come back home, cause help is on the way


By Ac1dburn (from Sibsagar, India) on 28 Jun 2020

David Guetta

On I Can Only Imagine by David Guetta

my uncle had this playlist from songs we listened to in Greece in 2017 (aka one of my most fun summers there) and I found a video of us jamming in the car (in 2019) and couldn't identify any of the lyrics except for "what it'd be like" repeated a few times. I finally found it, thank god, I can rest peacefully now


By Christine (from Palmyra, United States) on 27 Jun 2020


On How Bizarre by OMC

This was a great way for me to find the song! I was humming the song and told my husband I knew there was a song with bizarre in it. Thanks!


By Michele Lopez (from United States) on 25 Jun 2020

Nico Santos

On Better by Nico Santos

Amazing website! Couldn't find this song anywhere, but this helped. Thanks a lot!


By Shrey (from India) on 25 Jun 2020


On Organized Meat by Cows

Lyrics: to the girl who said I love you and never meant it for a minute
pay attention baby you've got a lot of growing up to do
there's very few of you who still say please and thank you

Heard this song in a shop in France and shazaam couldn't catch it but it was somewhat popy a little Jason Mraz sounding. Sung by a male.


By Emily Michel (from Australia) on 23 Jun 2020

David Lynch

On Cold Wind Blowin' by David Lynch

some of the lyrics are
heart of my jeart I love you
 life would be not without you
heart of my jeart my darling
i love you
Does someone know what song or musical its from?


By Linda Kerr (from Los Angeles, United States) on 23 Jun 2020


On PRESS PLAY by Russell

Looking for an urban rock song which I came across recently on you tube


By Lindsey Maria (from Sheffield, United Kingdom) on 22 Jun 2020

CK & the Rainbooms

On The Villain I Appear to Be by CK & the Rainbooms

I'm searching for the song with the lyrics:...won't stop till I win...


By Rabia (from Ebhausen, Germany) on 19 Jun 2020

The Who

On You by The Who

I'm looking for a song that has the lyrics
"And you blow me away"
"And the blood on the floor"
Its sung by a guy and the song style is like avett brothers, which is more contry.
I heard it in a twitch stream by Wilbur soot.


By finn (from Weatherford, United States) on 19 Jun 2020