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Randy Stonehill

On Christmas Song For All Year 'round by Randy Stonehill

Your website was the only one that found the song I was looking for!


By Mark (from Piqua, United States) on 23 Nov 2020

Those Poor Bastards

On Black Lightning by Those Poor Bastards

I'm looking for an REO Speedwagon song that starts with, "You're born in the country, your face is so red"


By Donald (from Edwardsville, United States) on 23 Nov 2020

Hazell Dean

On How Deep The Father's Love For Us by Hazell Dean

Found the exact lyrics and song with only partial wording, in seconds! Great site and service!


By Captain Bly (from United States) on 23 Nov 2020

Hailey B

On Sincerely, Me (On Pain Killers and Energy Drinks) by Hailey B

So I'm looking for this pop punk (I think) song, with a girl singing something like "It's clear you don't see me as more than a friend" and "I've got somewhere else to be tonight" I think.


By Andrei (from Bucharest, Romania) on 20 Nov 2020

Jake Owen

On Made For You by Jake Owen

I met my love on March 22, 1964. I was made for you is what he would say. So my entire life has been devoted to this man- I love him. He is amazing! He got hit by a speeding motorcycle at noon on July 15, 1954. He had to learn to walk again after he woke up from a coma. He is a living miracle. We married in 1966 and had two sons. His entire life has been challenging but he has met them all with the greatest smile. It will melt your heart. He is now in a wheelchair but still has the strongest will to live & lives life to the fullest. He drove an eighteen wheeler & ran two businesses very successfully. I will love him to the day I die. This song is so special. Thank you Jake Owen. Our country radio station is WCOW-97.


By Marcia Kast (from Holmen, United States) on 17 Nov 2020

Rita Ora

On Sorry Not Sorry (BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge) by Rita Ora

I am looking for a song called “I’m not gonna lose myself, by caliber”but I can’t find it on Apple Music and I don’t think that’s the title of the song, so I need help


By Lily Richter (from Eagle, United States) on 19 Nov 2020


On When We Sleep by Wends

Looking for a song that goes something along the lines of ‘when we sleep our ___ dont make a sound’ and that one word is the most crucial part


By Sozen (from Switzerland) on 16 Nov 2020


On Divine by Altaria

The song I'm looking for is sung by a female. The last I heard it was around 2016. The lyrics I remember just before the chorus are 'put me on a shelf, yes I blame myself' and also 'reaching out for signs and never recognize, the can't be seen......'. the chorus is her vocalizing 'you.....'. it's definitely a pop type song.


By Amanda Grant (from Downey, United States) on 09 Nov 2020

The Atomica Project

On Let's Find a Way by The Atomica Project

I'm looking for a song with the lyrics that in part go"... in the cold moonlight, find a way to last another day, (if/should" the stars come out tonight." Anyone know the song I am talking about? I play piano as a volunteer for hospice patients and need to find this asap! Thanks.


By lynn tylczak (from Corvallis, United States) on 09 Nov 2020

Runner Runner

On The Breakup Song by Runner Runner

I am looking for a song that talk about my feelings with my boyfriend


By Amanda Murdock (from Brampton, Canada) on 30 Oct 2020