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The Arcana

On Rain Down Drifter by The Arcana

I'm looking for a song and it's a girl sining and it's like I don't miss you |except when| (


By Camille (from Rosny-sous-Bois, France) on 23 Oct 2020

George Hamilton IV

On High School Romance by George Hamilton IV

I'm looking for the title of an English song in the 50's with lyrics that go: "You are my treasure dear, your golden hair makes fellows stare when you go walking. Diamonds can't shine like your eyes, your pearly teeth are like stars in the sky, your ruby lips are jewels, making men fools, kings would break rules to know their pleasure, but in their hearts they know, that you're my treasure."


By Jun Halili (from Pasay, Philippines) on 23 Oct 2020

Per Vers

On Ha' Det SÃ¥ Ungt by Per Vers

I am looking for a song which has the part " hey e hey e hey e yeah hey e yeah hey e yeah ay" and " two kiss in the morning ay". It is not a happy kind of song but a love song. I hope u guys can help me out! Thank you


By May (from Raub, Malaysia) on 22 Oct 2020

Sturgill Simpson

On Living The Dream by Sturgill Simpson

I'm looking for a song that contains the lyrics I'm going to walk the earth till the bird start


By Sandy (from Washington, United States) on 21 Oct 2020

Paul Anka

On Goodnight My Love (Pleasant Dreams) by Paul Anka

Thank you so much..I have been searching this song for the past 30 years


By Alf Mariwa (from Doha, Qatar) on 21 Oct 2020

Losing Ground

On Ecto Cooler by Losing Ground

does someone know a song that goes like
Tell me what your on/all about
dun na na na na na na
i dont remember all of the lyrics but.


By hailey (from Monterey, United States) on 20 Oct 2020

Greater Heights

On Left Me Here (with Nothing) by Greater Heights

I am looking Forever and Always song with male singer (not cover). I already searched your site all 'Forever and Always' songs by name and these all are not that I want. Please Would you help me. And the intro I remember is "I never .... (do something) before u meet .... Now you got me forever (forever and always)"

And I am also searching 'Start and Stare' song not of One Republic. I think may be young boy band (but not anymore)


By Min Thet Htet (from Yangon, Myanmar) on 20 Oct 2020

The Police

On Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic by The Police

I'm looking for a song I think by the police with the lyrics that went oh yeahe oh yeah he he then has a high pitched he he he he he. Kind of like a zebra noise.


By Ramsey (from Minneapolis, United States) on 19 Oct 2020


On Try by IM

I'm looking for a song you don't have to do anything just be who you are you my girl again every year I wouldn't give you up for any girl in the world everyday of my life


By Kauth (from South Africa) on 10 Oct 2020


On What Good Am I? by Wilco

So there's a song stuck in my mind. It starts with a piano, girl singing "there's a song in my heart/head/soul" (not sure about it). Then further in the song the singer goes up with the tone and sings "if I do it all ok, please don't". I hope someone can figure it out.. thanks by advance 🤗


By Adi (from Jerusalem, Israel) on 09 Oct 2020