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Timbuk 3

On Easy by Timbuk 3

I had this song in mind for 32 years without ever knowing who sang it !
I just found it thanks to this site
So nice !


By Eve (from Bagneux, France) on 25 Jan 2020


On Last Time by Rudimental

I work at a JCPenney and I hear this song from time to time and I always want to sound hound it but never get the chance to. Typed it into YouTube and voila! So happy I found it!!


By Valerie M (from Victorville, United States) on 25 Jan 2020


On You're The One/We Don't Have To Say Good-Bye (Interlude) by Surface

I have been searching for this song for years now, almost gave up. Wow!


By Olutope Falana (from Yorkton, Canada) on 24 Jan 2020

Maroon 5

On Never Gonna Leave This Bed (Acoustic) by Maroon 5

I need help finding a song!!!! I only know a few words goes like”All you want to do is just take me down” it sounds like an 80s or 90s song and I think it’s sung by a male but the song kinda reminds me of Britney Spears🤷🏼‍♀️HELP ME!


By Katherine Kirschensteiner (from Kalamazoo, United States) on 23 Jan 2020


On Together by Yall

I was looking for a song where the lyrics went like this:
take... me... home...
but idk the rest


By Lilly Gonzales (from Saginaw, United States) on 23 Jan 2020

Sweet Honey In The Rock

On I Remember, I Believe by Sweet Honey In The Rock

THANK YOU! This is the best site 🤗


By Retina Louise Christian (from Washington, United States) on 21 Jan 2020


On Fuckin Bloody Mary by KidCrusher

What I’m looking for is a heavy metal song. It sounds like they are saying Hail Mary or Bloody Mary. It also sounds like they are saying “cold and darkness” and “she’s out there” it has an instrument that sounds like an electric keyboard or some kind of electric panel and it sound like a guitar riff that plays throughout the song. I hear it at my store I work at which is Hot Topic!


By Claire Schottle (from Centreville, United States) on 20 Jan 2020

Cedarmont Kids

On Every Promise In The Book Is Mine by Cedarmont Kids

Thank you, after searching on the web I find Songserch much easier to use.


By Susie Chiles (from Garland, United States) on 20 Jan 2020


On Nowhere / Bloodlines Pt. I by LPX

Please help iam searching for song that goes with something like "and we'll write the story again" i am not really sure that was the lyric and the singer is a kid girl and the instrument is just an ukulele


By Tester (from Batam, Indonesia) on 20 Jan 2020

Solitary Experiments

On Do You Feel? by Solitary Experiments

The song I’m looking for was sung on an old episode of Wagon Train by Seth Adams cousin Horace Best. It starts "Theres very little right and an awful lot is wrong." Then goes on to "It takes a happy man.." when he is interrupted at that point and sings no more. Could be a jingle that was never recorded.


By William (from United States) on 18 Jan 2020