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Ed Sheeran

On Take Me Back To London (Remix) by Ed Sheeran

This one of my favourite websites you can just type in the song your looking for and sing it or listen to it


By Halla (from Camberwell, United Kingdom) on 08 Apr 2020

The Jeff Healey Band

On See The Light by The Jeff Healey Band

I am looking for a song that has this lyrics that have words like those below... I think it is late 70s to early 80s. It is driving me crazy as I can't get it out of my head. The lines of the song may not in order. Thank you.

I miss you baby, it's driving me crazy

I love you, you know I love you baby

I need you, you know I need you baby

I want you, you know I want you.....


By Prince (from United Kingdom) on 08 Apr 2020

Country Hit Love Songs

On Don't Touch Me There by Country Hit Love Songs

Hello !! i hope anyone can help me.
I have been searching for this song for a long time, and it is stuck in my head but i can remember the lyrics nor the name of the singer.
It is a female canadian singer of country music.. and part of one of the songs, it is a famous one though, it say " i´ll wrap my arm around you ", but i can not find it.
Please, it is a very important song to me, and i cant believe i forgot it.... Thank you in advance


By Jenifer (from Uruguay) on 06 Apr 2020

On Breathe by Shoelessjoe

I’m looking for the person who actually wrote the lyrics to an old jazz or blues song called I love me a high yella or teller girl. Probably from the 50’s or 60’s


By Emmett Hamilton (from Tucson, United States) on 02 Apr 2020

Sheena Easton

On Still Willing to Try by Sheena Easton

I'm trying to find the name of a reggae lovers rock type of song and it says something like don't be chasing rainbows when the road leads back to me or when it comes right back to me


By Jamie Grieve (from Blackburn, United Kingdom) on 02 Apr 2020

Demun Jones & Upchurch

On Sound On The Water by Demun Jones & Upchurch

I was looking for the song Some Days by Upchurch in the album Parachute


By Christopher (from United States) on 02 Apr 2020

On The House On Sunset & Artie's Apartment by Sunset Boulevard soundtrack

What's the name of this song that has "why can't you take me far away give me a star to wish for tell me what it takes and I'll go so high"


By Emily (from Nigeria) on 31 Mar 2020

Eddy Arnold

On Mommy Please Stay Home With Me by Eddy Arnold

I remember these words from a song listening to our radio station which my mom always had on. Finally found the lyrics, I feel so lucky. This is over 60 years ago. I do a little DJ's at our community radio, you might say I love music.


By John A Garcia (from Vashon, United States) on 25 Mar 2020

Blaine Larsen

On Spoken Like A Man by Blaine Larsen

I've been searching for this song for years! I couldn't remember any other lyric except one line. So happy i found it!


By Carrie Beth Hintz (from Fayetteville, United States) on 25 Mar 2020

On FREAK SHOW by NanooKidd

Looking for the name of the song featured on a Hyundai TV commercial featuring dogs riding in a car. Some lyrics:
Let me tell you what I got to say, why there is a smile upon my face


By Khagen (from Freeburg, United States) on 23 Mar 2020