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The Gospel Youth

On Kids by The Gospel Youth

looking for a song that goes something like
“and if we’re ever gonna make it, i don’t wanna see you fake it, just like that” it’s kind of poppy, nice beat? i saw it on an edit and thought it sounded nice


By spritz (from Dripping Springs, United States) on 25 Sep 2020

Avi Buffalo

On Remember Last Time by Avi Buffalo

Song I'm looking for was in 1982 I believe it was Rnb and those are the only lyrics I know if they are correct.was a really mellow sound kind of jazzy.

How long can we go this time memories are a waste of time cant wait bbn till I have you back again


By Shandav (from Louisville, United States) on 25 Sep 2020

Walden Wesley

On Bring It Home to Me by Walden Wesley

Looking for a song that goes something like "oh woah uh uh...uh uh... my baby lover, my baby lover..." (It could be baby lover or baby love, not sure)


By Incognito (from Kolkata, India) on 24 Sep 2020


On Keep On Waiting by AENDIAENA

The song I am looking for is hard. It is a 90's R &B song from a group. I have one small line stuck in my head. " I can call you (lady or baby )if you wanna do this thing. Then he sings names of women in the background like mica, and kelly, Lisa, and shelly these are not real names of the women just for example. Mica is a name I remember in the song. I this in my head for over 20yrs. Thank you, Be blessed🙏🏾


By Queen (from Havertown, United States) on 22 Sep 2020

Trevor Jackson

On Here I Come by Trevor Jackson

This site was so helpful
I know where to come now when the lyrics to a song is stuck in my head and I can't find the whole song 🤯🤯💕💕💯💯


By Lexi (from Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago) on 19 Sep 2020


On State Farm by Y.A.Z.

I've been looking for this song for over 20 years. I knew it was a drug reference. The only lyrics I could remember from my 80s house music days was the breathy part with "Get down bbboy, get down." I would sing it folks would remember it but not the song title, lyrics or artist. Although, there was one friend who remembered the word "chicken."


By Karen Randle (from Chicago, United States) on 19 Sep 2020

Seth Alley

On Waiting On Mary by Seth Alley

I don’t know the song i think in the chorus it had to do with taking or stealing a parents car and maybe I’m not sure about It but the day Friday but maybe not. It’s like a softer mans voice singing it Kinda like pop but I think maybe romantic. From at least 2000’s up to 2019. It was a popular song at one point


By Drew (from McAllen, United States) on 17 Sep 2020

The Downtown Fiction

On Freak by The Downtown Fiction

Thanks to this website
I found my song by the lyrics my friend gave to me thanku very much


By Harsjon 17 Sep 2020

Jaya The Cat

On Forward by Jaya The Cat

I've been trying to find this songs name and the group that sings it for several months. I finally found it thanks to this


By Sherry Franklin (from Philadelphia, United States) on 16 Sep 2020

Rachael Sage

On Swallow This Phone by Rachael Sage

I get you. I need to find a song with some of the lyrics that say "Make me a ring out of diamond" but can't quite find it. Do you know??


By Emma (from Raleigh, United States) on 15 Sep 2020