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On Drama / Misery (Interlude) by Blackstreet

This is absolutely amazing almost 20 years I’ve looked for this song I’m the happiest



By Edward Egerue (from London, United Kingdom) on 02 Aug 2021

Pure Prairie League

On You're My True Love by Pure Prairie League

I’m looking for an 80s song with the chorus
Where’s the action
This reaction
Inside of me


By Rohan (from India) on 02 Aug 2021

Andy Yorke

On Bring You Home by Andy Yorke

Who sings home from the nineties


By shay (from Gaffney, United States) on 02 Aug 2021


On Nothing by Micachu

Heard this only KVRX from time to time. Glad this site exists, because I couldn't find this song on any search engines.


By Erik Smith (from Austin, United States) on 30 Jul 2021

Opera IX

On Princess of the Ancient by Opera IX

i'm looking for who sings these lyric's, Destiny's Dream of a big horse farm, with a big white house and a great big barn, a little bitty pony in her front yard, a pack of brown dogs standing guard, she's keeping her diary, making her plans, thinks she's gonna go to Disneyland.


By MARY (from Gadsden, United States) on 28 Jul 2021


On Christmas Forever by Smokie

I am thinking of a song from the 50's, if I never return, think of me now and then, if you're wiling to do anything for a friend;


By Frances Price (from Dunkirk, United States) on 25 Jul 2021

Margie Rayburn

On I'm Available by Margie Rayburn

Am 79, a child more of the 50's than the 60's, widowed, have fallen in love with a widower. We crossed paths at a high school class reunion and are now engaged to be married. This song, whose existance I recall, but not all the lyrics; will help send my intended a sweet message employing the same music style we enjoyed at the reunion.


By Marsha Crosby (from United States) on 22 Jul 2021

Carly Simon

On What Shall We Do With The Child by Carly Simon

Does anyone know where I can find the sheet music for this song (What shall we do with the child, Carly Simon, music by Nicolas Holmes


By Vernon Davis (from Southampton, United Kingdom) on 22 Jul 2021

The Afters

On Life is Beautiful by The Afters

Yes! This was the song I was looking for!! I was so sure I would never find it just by typing in the first six words of a verse. You gave me the entire songs lyrics, the artist that sings it, what album it’s on and the title of the album and even provided a link for me to get even more info on the band/artist and song. Thank you so much! You have got to be one of the best kept secrets in the world. This won’t be the last time I visit! What an amazing service!


By Aimee (from Minneapolis, United States) on 14 Jul 2021

Harvy Sandhu

On Goli Lyrics — Harvy Sandhu | Mahi Sharma | Goli Lyrics in Hindi, English, Punjabi by Harvy Sandhu

I'm looking for a very strange song sung by a african american female that has lyrics going something like this-- little (. ) Something's gonna get you. The song seemed to have a voodoo like vibe to the best of my memory


By Pam (from United States) on 14 Jul 2021