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The Afters

On Life is Beautiful by The Afters

Yes! This was the song I was looking for!! I was so sure I would never find it just by typing in the first six words of a verse. You gave me the entire songs lyrics, the artist that sings it, what album it’s on and the title of the album and even provided a link for me to get even more info on the band/artist and song. Thank you so much! You have got to be one of the best kept secrets in the world. This won’t be the last time I visit! What an amazing service!


By Aimee (from Minneapolis, United States) on 14 Jul 2021

Aretha Franklin

On Don't Cry, Baby by Aretha Franklin

I'm looking for a song with the lyrics where the guy says baby don't cry don't cry, don't change my mind. I said don't cry don't cry don't waste your time.
I searched everywhere and can't find this song and unfortunately this is the only part and lyrics that I heard from this song in a video


By Amelio Tippru (from Johannesburg, South Africa) on 04 Jul 2021

Janis Joplin

On Magic of Love by Janis Joplin

I'm looking for a song by a male artist from some time in the late sixties or early seventies, I think. The artist talks more than sings and each line he says is preceded by the words, "baby, baby, baby."


By Ray (from Lander, United States) on 25 Apr 2021

Ice Cube

On Who's The Mack? by Ice Cube

Looking for a song with lyrics “Get it Over wiith tell it day you better get it over with don't delay”
ra&b group


By Ronnie (from United States) on 06 Apr 2021

Jerry Vale

On He by Jerry Vale

How can I get the words to this song?


By Michael Glenn (from Philadelphia, United States) on 06 Apr 2021

Buddy Moss

On My Baby Won't Pay Me No Mind by Buddy Moss

Hi I am looking for a song the lyrics go this way after you no one else will give me the love you give to me and I'll never love no one after you. Please help me find this song, been searching for it for so long.


By Ebele (from Nigeria) on 31 Aug 2021

Dream Mclean

On Titanic by Dream Mclean

I have been looking for this song for literal YEARS!! All I had was a sound clip of three words used in a remix on sound cloud! Thank you for giving me my life back!!


By PimpDiddy (from Tacoma, United States) on 25 Aug 2021

wow nice

By Natalie johnson (from Marysville, United States) on 06 Jan 2022

Sudden Death

On They Must Die by Sudden Death

I'm looking for this song sung by a white girl with blonde hair. Kind of a Janis Joplin mixed with stevie Nick's vibe


By Ethan Poling (from Chandler, United States) on 19 Mar 2021


On Ain't Gonna Jump No More by Children

Searching for Boy Scout song sung around camp fire “Some one tied a love knot in the Sergeant Major’s boot” - This one has same melody but slightly different lyrics.


By Laird Hobbs (from Potters Bar, United Kingdom) on 23 Aug 2021

He Is Legend

On Don't Touch That Dial by He Is Legend

The song that I am looking has an indie country feel. It is a duet and a man an woman are drinking at a hotel bar and they go back and forth cutting each other down. At the end of the night they go up to one of their rooms and spend the night with each other. It is such a fun song.


By Keni (from United States) on 23 Aug 2021