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On Christmas Forever by Smokie

I am thinking of a song from the 50's, if I never return, think of me now and then, if you're wiling to do anything for a friend;


By Frances Price (from Dunkirk, United States) on 25 Jul 2021

Margie Rayburn

On I'm Available by Margie Rayburn

Am 79, a child more of the 50's than the 60's, widowed, have fallen in love with a widower. We crossed paths at a high school class reunion and are now engaged to be married. This song, whose existance I recall, but not all the lyrics; will help send my intended a sweet message employing the same music style we enjoyed at the reunion.


By Marsha Crosby (from United States) on 22 Jul 2021

Carly Simon

On What Shall We Do With The Child by Carly Simon

Does anyone know where I can find the sheet music for this song (What shall we do with the child, Carly Simon, music by Nicolas Holmes


By Vernon Davis (from Southampton, United Kingdom) on 22 Jul 2021

The Afters

On Life is Beautiful by The Afters

Yes! This was the song I was looking for!! I was so sure I would never find it just by typing in the first six words of a verse. You gave me the entire songs lyrics, the artist that sings it, what album it’s on and the title of the album and even provided a link for me to get even more info on the band/artist and song. Thank you so much! You have got to be one of the best kept secrets in the world. This won’t be the last time I visit! What an amazing service!


By Aimee (from Minneapolis, United States) on 14 Jul 2021

Harvy Sandhu

On Goli Lyrics — Harvy Sandhu | Mahi Sharma | Goli Lyrics in Hindi, English, Punjabi by Harvy Sandhu

I'm looking for a very strange song sung by a african american female that has lyrics going something like this-- little (. ) Something's gonna get you. The song seemed to have a voodoo like vibe to the best of my memory


By Pam (from United States) on 14 Jul 2021


On She's Not Me by Berg

Hi! I'm looking for a song, but I'm not sure these are the exact lyrics. It goes something along the lines of "I told you I cheated and did it feel good? I told you I'd change and you knew that I would." It sung by a male and its kind of pop/rap. I've been looking high and low for it, but can't seem to find anything that resembles the song I heard. I would greatly appreciate if someone could help me find it. Thank you!x


By Angela (from Masontown, United States) on 12 Jul 2021

Saint Lazare

On Where's Ramona by Saint Lazare

I’m looking for an EDM style song with the lyrics. A lot of the song says “Top off”

“You should’ve give me head with your top off”
“ I cant get enough I need it non stop”


By Gwen Brown (from Canada) on 12 Jul 2021

Aretha Franklin

On Don't Cry, Baby by Aretha Franklin

I'm looking for a song with the lyrics where the guy says baby don't cry don't cry, don't change my mind. I said don't cry don't cry don't waste your time.
I searched everywhere and can't find this song and unfortunately this is the only part and lyrics that I heard from this song in a video


By Amelio Tippru (from Johannesburg, South Africa) on 04 Jul 2021


On Temperamental by Undercast

Can someone help me find the song that goes "I can feel the wind on my neck trying to tell me something and its hard to forget think about nothing" and the chorus "so im swinging oh between leaving and feeling it home, between love and letting it go"


By Anonymous (from Quezon City, Philippines) on 07 Jul 2021

The Chalkeaters

On Doom Crossing: Eternal Horizons by The Chalkeaters

I was looking The song to show to my brother but I couldn’t find it and I couldn’t remember the name thank you! I also remembered “fishing rods big freaking guns” kind a hard to forget


By Maria Talph (from Woodway, United States) on 05 Jul 2021