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On Loser by Von

looking for a rock song with chorus lyrics like this: you're not a loser but you're losing again, losing again


By vence (from Congo) on 25 Feb 2021


On Chosen by Ultraphonic

Trying to look for an old indie/hipster song that goes like
“Maybe we/ maybe we could show the way ___today today today. I heard it on a laptop commercial I think back in 2011-2015??. The singer was female. Song is still stuck in head


By Samantha Moreno (from San Antonio, United States) on 25 Feb 2021


On Women Lose Weight by Morcheeba

Locking for a song lyrics go like.... "My mind all blur cant focus on anything... I went to the doc.... And she gave me an aderrall it's from season 1 episode 4 of the Netflix series Ginny & Georgia


By Ocean (from Nigeria) on 25 Feb 2021

Capability Brown

On Circumstances (In Love, Past, Present, Future Meet) by Capability Brown

Thanks to this website I've now finally found this 20 minute-long song I last heard 41 years ago and have searched for ever since. It's the first time the few lyrics I remembered have come up with a positive hit. And that was even with some of the words wrong.
I can't say enough how delighted I am. I've now bought the digital album. Thank you a million times!!!


By Carol (from Sunderland, United Kingdom) on 21 Feb 2021


On Randy I Don't Need You by Randy

I'm looking for a tik-tok sounding song, it has lines about needing to find a boyfriend to match your vintage style, meeting him at a mosh pit, etc. I think it's sung by a man but the voice is fairly androgenous and bedroom pop-y? Thanks!


By KT (from Evansville, United States) on 22 Feb 2021

Grateful Dead

On Sugar Mag by Grateful Dead

I have been looking for an allusive song since the mid 80's . The chorus goes ...Sugarman gonna love you , sugarman will make you high , and the sweet love will be flowing by the dying candle light , he's coming back to you to make sweet love tonight . `ALSO ...Take off that white dress trimmed in lace , take all that makeup off your face , cause you know what sugarman wants you to do ..........These are a few of the lines its a male singer , ballad style , slow very pretty song .

    I have been looking for over 30 years for this song , it was played on the radio in `British Columbia Canada around 1985 to 1987 era .


By Greg Sturgess (from San Juan de Alicante, Spain) on 12 Feb 2021

The Sunshine Underground

On Dead Scene by The Sunshine Underground

im looking for a song which appeared in netflix' Signs season 2 episode 4 around the 12-14 minute mark.
"but your blood is poison, theres ice in your veins"
"i wish i didnt want you i wish i didnt need you but baby im stuck on you, i dont know how you do it, you really put me through it"


By Salvador (from Pharr, United States) on 12 Feb 2021

On Changes (Official) by Ripcutz

Stare in to my eyes, I want to take you by surprise, you i have desire, I want to take you by surprise - who made these lyrics for this rap song from the 80s


By Thomas Franken (from France) on 12 Feb 2021

Nine Inch Nails

On Just Like You Imagined by Nine Inch Nails

It says the song I'm looking for doesn't exist but I'd seen it and heard it so trying tell me again that it doesn't Exist I even have the name of it just like youIt goes like this it Big Brother I'm I'm gonna be just like you NO matter what you say I can't do I'll follow you until the day I can look at you and say Big Brother I'm just like you if anybody knows where this is from please Tell me


By Ellie (from Eugene, United States) on 11 Feb 2021

Scott Folan

On Nobody Else by Scott Folan

This song is floating in my head, and I cannot recall the artist! It is an old school song with lyrics, In my world I don't have to worry with you here by my side. In my world you mean everything. You're the reason for this happy song I sing, you're the beat, you're the melody. It was a stroke of luck the way you came to me


By Belinda Hood (from Bolingbrook, United States) on 11 Feb 2021