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Michael McDonald

On Hello People by Michael McDonald

Thanks & blessings@!! The title led me to the Brenda Russell version I heard in high school circa 1983! I've been searching for this song for 30 + years!! No copies where in print etc..& no one remembered the song or the artist.i was beginning to believe I imagined it.Thaksagain for helping me find this upbeat & positive tune.


By Leon M. Hinkle (from Newark, United States) on 19 Feb 2020

Phantom Blue

On Fairies Wear Boots by Phantom Blue

Was hearing it on poor sounding radio and wanted to find exact melody. I knew there are a lot of resources providing the search, but this one was the very first one that showed me lyrics for song I was looking for. I've found it knowing only two words from it


By Propeller_in_the_hat (from Kyiv, Ukraine) on 19 Feb 2020

Echo & The Bunnymen

On The Killing Moon [Ocean Rain / Expanded] by Echo & The Bunnymen

So ive been thinking about this song for the longest time, and finally found it! Thank you so much!


By Sam (from High Point, United States) on 19 Feb 2020

Kristine Elezaj

On Always by Kristine Elezaj

I searched for hours on google and found nothing. I searched on this website for 5 minutes and found what i was looking for. Good show


By Ahn Shin-ae (from Arlington, United States) on 19 Feb 2020

Big Baby Gandhi

On White World by Big Baby Gandhi

Hey I'm looking for an alternative punkish band that sings abit of sappy song, I think has just guitar or very little other music
'90 miles an to damn slow ooo'


By Mel (from Geelong, Australia) on 18 Feb 2020

John Miles

On Remember Yesterday by John Miles

Fantastic , after 20 years of searching i've finally found it . I heard it in the late 90's on a recorded music tape , not a pre recorded , but one someone had done themselves . As tapes did back then , it screwed up and i lost the track , the only clue l had , was Dave Miles written on the case . He turned out to be a jazz singer , with no trace of this track . There was another track on the tape , cloud number 9 , but that was by a completely different named singer , again no trace of this track . Over time , i started to forget the lyric's and so began to give up .


By Mickey (from Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom) on 15 Feb 2020

Peter Sarstedt

On Where Do You Go to (My Lovely) LONG VERSION by Peter Sarstedt

I was looking at different song finding sites bu only this one got it. Bravo and thanks.


By Jurij (from Nova Gorica, Slovenia) on 14 Feb 2020


On My R (Eng Dub) by Rachie

YESSSSSSSSSAS thank you so much I love this app!


By Abby (from United States) on 14 Feb 2020

M People

On And Finally... by M People

I'm looking for a song , not much lyrics, with good music, the singer is a girl and I remember it say "....getting colder..." in the start, and " I need to know you'll be here " and then a calm sad music starts, can anyone help me !?😅


By Abi (from Blida, Algeria) on 13 Feb 2020

The Nolans

On Don't Make Waves by The Nolans

I've been looking for this song for 40 years. Today I know that I did not understand the text correctly. But with the combination of the text fragments I finally succeeded today, THANKS !!!

I heard it in Germany on medium wave at 208, Radio Luxenbourg, London W1. Hard to believe today
In my memory it sounded much nicer


By Joachim S. (from Göttingen, Germany) on 10 Feb 2020