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Ocean Beats

On Trash by Ocean Beats

I am looking for 70s song! Come down sally .... please dont tell you dont know its saddest day or its saturday


By Richard K (from East Brunswick, United States) on 13 Jan 2021

Tom Jones

On Tom Jones International by Tom Jones

Hello does somebody knows where I can find the radio edit of that song? The one version with a lot of brass, it was the most popular remix in 2002... Can't find it anywhere, there was a video on YouTube , of Tom Jones performing the version I'm talking about in the French "star academy" but every thing disappeared.


By Aaron (from France) on 12 Jan 2021

The 5th Dimension

On If I Could Reach You by The 5th Dimension

Thanks, tried Alexa, but she played some song that was not even close to what I wanted to hear. Tried Google, your website came, clicked on it, typed the words of the song that I remembered, and it displayed the exact song that I was looking for.


By Jeffrey Bray (from Las Vegas, United States) on 11 Jan 2021

Four Tet

On Everything by Four Tet

I'm looking for a 1970's song whose chorus is as follows: "Out of my mind and into your heart again."


By Manuel Levine (from Saint-Jerome, Canada) on 11 Jan 2021

Dead To Me

On Still Heartbeat by Dead To Me

Looking for a song that with only remembering one lyric is hard to find. The one lyric I can remember is "I turn around you turn the radio down" which may be incorrect but that's how I remember it. I'd say it was a late 90s early 2000s song with a blink 182 or MEST sounding guy.
I greatly appreciate any help!


By BLADE MILLER (from United States) on 07 Jan 2021

Sal Houdini

On I Need That by Sal Houdini

I’m looking for a song that goes “ and we dont see eye to eye but thats all good youre misunderstood but yet im standing right here like i promised i would” I CANT FIND IT ANYWHERE ahh pls help if u know :((


By Vanessa (from North Las Vegas, United States) on 08 Jan 2021

Alvin & The Chipmunks

On Home (You are my home) by Alvin & The Chipmunks

Have been searching for the lyrics of the song. I love this website


By Rhotemz (from Lagos, Nigeria) on 06 Jan 2021


On Moving On by Architects

What's a song going like this? Help me find it please.
"I gotta keep moving on I won't stop, gotta keep moving on I won't stop woah oh". It's sung by male.


By Nimue09 (from Durrës, Albania) on 06 Jan 2021

Bitch Alert

On All Wrong by Bitch Alert

The song I am looking for is upbeat and says "i always leave before the fall don't ask me where i go" and idk the exact words but its something along the lines of "i dont know where"


By Sophie (from Orlando, United States) on 05 Jan 2021

The Soul Stirrers

On Wade In The Water by The Soul Stirrers

Total awesome sauce! Google assistant had a lot more info and couldn't find it. I only had 3 words to use in my search. The song I was looking for was the first one in the list of 36 possible matches that y'all's search engine provided. I'm impressed enough that I'm going to share your page around. Thank y'all for putting in all the hard work that it takes to construct, develop, and maintain such a knowledgeable, useful, wonderful, speedy etc service. Great job!


By Kim Pate (from United States) on 03 Jan 2021