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Gerrit De Boer

On Heavenly by Gerrit De Boer

I'm looking for a song with lyrics oh what a lovely day what a day what a lovely day. Oh what a lovely day what a day what a beautiful day


By Rox (from Kingston, Jamaica) on 31 May 2020

Ryan Caraveo

On Bang by Ryan Caraveo

I searched this song in most of the websites but can't get .I heard this song from gmv . Thanks😊


By Siddharth Gaur (from New Delhi, India) on 31 May 2020

Fleetwood Mac

On Everywhere (12" Version) by Fleetwood Mac

I have found my song...must be obscure because the words are not online but it does exist. It is a Christian song in fact, called "Colors" by Joy Whitlock from the Fake EP.


By Emily Mannlein (from Decatur, United States) on 31 May 2020


On Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man) by Styx

"you're the one they can't keep down" no other search engine found it but you guys did it right by correcting my words in a way that the others confused in the same way Google did. Because you (your algorithm?) are different than Google, and the herd, you solved it.


By David Wilson (from Athens, United States) on 31 May 2020

Eighty Ninety

On Got Your Message by Eighty Ninety

Thank you. APPLE music couldn't help me, but I can ALWAYS rely on this site 😁😆🥰


By Rachael Lucas (from Dartmouth, Canada) on 31 May 2020

Rodney Crowell

On Back When by Rodney Crowell

Fantastic Search Engine


By Ronald Ruedi (from Sandy, United States) on 31 May 2020


On Wing by Archie

Yes I heard this song on a CR7 video and became obsessed with figuring out the name of it!
Thank you for helping me find this song😁


By Orlandies (from Kingston, Jamaica) on 31 May 2020

The Black Maria

On Rats in the Prison by The Black Maria

The song I am looking for was on a children's album from the 50's. The lyrics that I remember were: What kind of an animal are you. You don't look like the lions in the zoo. You don't swing from the trees like the chimpanzees. What kind of an animal are you. I don't remember the other verses, but in the end the singer says something like..oh, I know, you're my shadow.


By polly (from Calgary, Canada) on 29 May 2020

Hyper Crush

On Rage by Hyper Crush

I'm looking for a song sung by a girl that goes "I'm a freak and what's wrong with that boy oh boy I love it when you fall for that" and does that about twice.


By Lily Johnston (from Tacoma, United States) on 29 May 2020

Day Of Fire

On When I See You by Day Of Fire

Please help me find this song. Little women season 8 episode 9. Jasmine and Chris renew their marriage vows. The song words " I don't want to live a second a moment without your love. A life of memories isn't enough to capture the depths of my love for you" we tried music finder as well but still nothing 😩 Help would be much appreciated ⚘⚘


By Cecileon 28 May 2020

The Script

On Superheroes by The Script

Great search tool for finding song titles from some lyrics. Thank you for a great program. Now bookmarked as my goto song title finder. Cheers from Australia.


By Christopher Potts (from Hobart, Australia) on 29 May 2020

King Lil G

On Do You Think of Me by King Lil G

I am looking for a song to do with New York and one line asks: "Tell me you got love for me"


By Clarence Musumo (from Zambia) on 27 May 2020

Steve Miller Band

On Blue Eyes by Steve Miller Band

It is a country song, by Michael M ? About a Girl across the street maybe, with pretty Blue Eyes..


By Paul (from United States) on 29 May 2020

Eddy Arnold

On Now I Think As A Man by Eddy Arnold

Looking for an old song by a girl group... A year went by and so did I. Oh my darling where are you


By linda (from Wallingford, United States) on 27 May 2020


On You Gotta Be by Des'ree

Wonderful App - the BEST
Song Searching !!! 💕


By Wolfia (from Detroit, United States) on 28 May 2020

Tully & Mei

On When She's High by Tully & Mei

Theres this song that I think is in Spanish and in the chorus is has "why you wanna waste my time" or something along those lines and I can't seem to find it. It's sung by two females


By Che (from Pretoria, South Africa) on 28 May 2020


On Who Else by Poco

Great Thanks to SongSearch!


By wozniak (from Colombes, France) on 28 May 2020

Citizen Way

On Love Has Won by Citizen Way

It is an 80s pop song sung by an English duo. It appeared on the Australian Countdown show in May 1983. It starts off "this song is all about you and I thank you, you gave me all your time, you helped through bad time


By Barry Bell (from Melbourne, Australia) on 27 May 2020

Sorry but this not the song. I will try to help some more..The chorus is..This is a song when the nights are cold, This is a song when you're feeling old..This is a song just for you..This is a song you can cling to..This is a song when you're feeling poor..This is a song when you're walking the floor..This is a song just for you..This is a song you can cling to..

By Barry Bell (from Perth, Australia) on 27 May 2020

Ed Sheeran & Andrea Bocelli

On Perfect Symphony by Ed Sheeran & Andrea Bocelli

I LOVE this song and I love Andrea Bocelli. But I absoluyely could not remember the title of the song. But I remembered some lyrics and I found it thru this website!!!😘


By Anja HUGO (from Sandpoint, United States) on 27 May 2020


On A Thousand Miles by Sabrina

After what seems like a thousand years, I found a song that has some beautiful memories :-)


By Debbie (from Caltanissetta, Italy) on 27 May 2020


On Love Triangle by Gjan

Wow i was looking for this song for a long time thanks


By Mersana sober (from Iran) on 27 May 2020

Tom Waits

On Thousand Bing Bangs by Tom Waits

I remember a late 1940's or 1950's era song on the radio with lyrics that went something like "stop around and visit us someday" and "Elkhart, Indiana's where I'll stay". I'm pretty sure it was sung by a female singer.


By William Ayers (from Winchester, United States) on 27 May 2020

Big Harp

On Waiting For Some Drunk by Big Harp

I'm looking for what sounds like an RnB song that to me sounds like it saying, You can't get anybody to stop me, if you ain't got anybody you got me ride me don't stop me... and the re st I can't make out not to mention the post ends shortly after please help if you know this song.


By Shevin Peavy (from Silver Spring, United States) on 25 May 2020

The Other Two

On Tasty Fish by The Other Two

Just found this site after looking for a while.
I knew some words from the song in question, and a decade when it was released (when I was a youngster), and this site found it, AWSOME !!


By Dimps (from Glenrothes, United Kingdom) on 25 May 2020

Graham Nash

On Prison Song by Graham Nash

Great. I loved this song since I was a child and I didn't remember any of its correct phrases. You are a masterpiece. My dear friend, you did the work for me. I love you.


By Mahnoud (from London, United Kingdom) on 25 May 2020

Neil Young & Crazy Horse

On After the Gold Rush by Neil Young & Crazy Horse

I was just watching the showtime series Billions and heard a song in the background and was able to identify the song with just a few lyrics.


By Mark (from Palm Springs, United States) on 25 May 2020


On Bienaventurado by RepliK

Hello. Looking for a country song from the 70's. It is mostly spoken word over music. Tells the story of a man in a bar somewhere in the south, offends some patrons. Narrator turns situation around by convincing patrons that one of their own is actually a bad guy (Communist?) then escapes out the door and to safety. Narrator is male, sounds like Jerry Reed.


By Bruce Germann (from Marietta, United States) on 21 May 2020

French Kicks

On Said So What by French Kicks

I heard this song on someone’s snap story and I couldn’t for the life of me find it through searching up the only words I heard, “why tell me why? I don’t know.” None of the songs that came up were right except the one I found here.


By Jenna D’Amico (from Manchester, United States) on 24 May 2020

Fall Out Boy

On Love Will Tear Us Apart by Fall Out Boy

Thank you. I’ve been watching ‘The Nest’ TV drama on BBC1 and heard this song, though not this version, another one, same words but different artist. The version I heard was by Susanna & the Magical Orchestra but looking for the song lyrics on this site helped me to find it 😷


By Lucy Walker (from Croydon, United Kingdom) on 19 May 2020

Eight Fingers Down

On Stranded In Reality by Eight Fingers Down

I have all the lyrics, but i can't find who sang the song or who wrote it


By p. vigneault (from United States) on 23 May 2020