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Marty Balin

On Runaway by Marty Balin

So fast! The exact song I needed to find. Excellent


By audrey dalton (from Papillion, United States) on 09 Apr 2020

Frans Bauer

On 'n moeder ben je niet maar even by Frans Bauer

Thank you you have made my 86 year old mother very happy with these words. its her favourite


By Ellen Sanders (from Auckland, New Zealand) on 09 Apr 2020

Ed Sheeran

On Take Me Back To London (Remix) by Ed Sheeran

This one of my favourite websites you can just type in the song your looking for and sing it or listen to it


By Halla (from Camberwell, United Kingdom) on 08 Apr 2020

The Jeff Healey Band

On See The Light by The Jeff Healey Band

I am looking for a song that has this lyrics that have words like those below... I think it is late 70s to early 80s. It is driving me crazy as I can't get it out of my head. The lines of the song may not in order. Thank you.

I miss you baby, it's driving me crazy

I love you, you know I love you baby

I need you, you know I need you baby

I want you, you know I want you.....


By Prince (from United Kingdom) on 08 Apr 2020

Colin Blunstone

On Never Even Thought by Colin Blunstone

absolutely satisfied after months of search
you... did great
thank youuuuu


By Alain (from Beirut, Lebanon) on 08 Apr 2020

Saint Saviour

On Let It Go by Saint Saviour

I am going CRAZY trying to figure out what this song is. It is on a Chicago PD commercial. It says " I will take you where I'm going, I'm gonna take you down with me. It's over now, this game you play" I have looked it up every way possible, using several sites ( including google), and looking up the actual commercial, and still can not figure it out!!


By Misti Daly (from Birmingham, United States) on 08 Apr 2020

Country Hit Love Songs

On Don't Touch Me There by Country Hit Love Songs

Hello !! i hope anyone can help me.
I have been searching for this song for a long time, and it is stuck in my head but i can remember the lyrics nor the name of the singer.
It is a female canadian singer of country music.. and part of one of the songs, it is a famous one though, it say " i´ll wrap my arm around you ", but i can not find it.
Please, it is a very important song to me, and i cant believe i forgot it.... Thank you in advance


By Jenifer (from Uruguay) on 06 Apr 2020

Lari White

On Wishes by Lari White

Thank you SO much for the information! I'll be sure and recommend this site for anyone looking for a title of a song and, who sings it. Again, Thank You!!!


By Edward Charles McDevitt (from Akron, United States) on 06 Apr 2020

Courtney Marie Andrews

On Not the End by Courtney Marie Andrews

thank you sooo much i have been looking for this song for the past year


By Lisa Nyamdela (from Zimbabwe) on 06 Apr 2020


On Demolition derby by Virux

It's something like "You can count on me, i'll always be your friend" and it's got like a saxxy kind of jazzy melody. Sung by a child star in the 1970's. I thought it was Jack Wild but I looked for it under his name and dont see it. Help!!!


By Shamane Milan (from United States) on 05 Apr 2020


On Mi Gente [Homecoming Live] by Beyoncé

i hate beyonce her songs are kinda annoying and she can give you a real bad headache and plus she is has bad influence on kids. and i'm a kid and i know better.


By Lilah (from Springfield, United States) on 05 Apr 2020


On Don't Say by FM

It’s the song I was looking for but I CANNOT find a freaking video or anything of it. I just heard it on Pandora and know that this is the some I’m looking for but I can’t find anything about it or the band ANYWHERE even though I JUST heard it on a popular music app. help me dear god


By Rebecca (from Reno, United States) on 04 Apr 2020

On Breathe by Shoelessjoe

I’m looking for the person who actually wrote the lyrics to an old jazz or blues song called I love me a high yella or teller girl. Probably from the 50’s or 60’s


By Emmett Hamilton (from Tucson, United States) on 02 Apr 2020

Sheena Easton

On Still Willing to Try by Sheena Easton

I'm trying to find the name of a reggae lovers rock type of song and it says something like don't be chasing rainbows when the road leads back to me or when it comes right back to me


By Jamie Grieve (from Blackburn, United Kingdom) on 02 Apr 2020

Demun Jones & Upchurch

On Sound On The Water by Demun Jones & Upchurch

I was looking for the song Some Days by Upchurch in the album Parachute


By Christopher (from United States) on 02 Apr 2020

Gaither Vocal Band

On The King Is Coming by Gaither Vocal Band

Thank you so much for giving me the lyrics to the song The King Is Coming. We use to sing this song at our church Bethel Church OF GOD in 1979.


By Nancy Paulette Atchley Moore (from United States) on 03 Apr 2020

Porter Wagoner

On When You're Hot You're Hot by Porter Wagoner

Thank you very much for your help ! I have been racking my brain for two weeks trying to remember WHO sang the song. You help is MUCH Appreciated !!!


By Rod (from United States) on 03 Apr 2020

Jade Bird

On Lottery by Jade Bird

This was indeed the Song that l was looking for.
Thank you so much, your Website was very useful. I will use again.


By David Rees (from Bridgend, United Kingdom) on 03 Apr 2020

On The House On Sunset & Artie's Apartment by Sunset Boulevard soundtrack

What's the name of this song that has "why can't you take me far away give me a star to wish for tell me what it takes and I'll go so high"


By Emily (from Nigeria) on 31 Mar 2020

White Hassle

On Lazy Susan by White Hassle

I'm lookin for a rock song I think bon jovi sings. It starts off quiet with an electeic guitar being strung once then he says something like your lips, guitar strung once again, then he says so fine....


By Benita (from Middelburg, South Africa) on 02 Apr 2020

George Gershwin

On Oh, I Can't Sit Down! by George Gershwin

This was awesome to find. When I was in high school the music department put on Porgy and Bess. I enjoyed singing this song. I felt like I was in the south apart of those who performed it on Broadway. Thank you for allowing me to find this song.


By Nancy S (from Kansas City, United States) on 31 Mar 2020

Secret Secret Dino Club

On Dot Com by Secret Secret Dino Club

I’ve been trying to find this song for at least 7 years! Thank you soooooooooo much!


By Alicia (from Jacksonville, United States) on 30 Mar 2020

Moby Grape

On Can't Be So Bad by Moby Grape

My late husband Paul Williams (UK) recorded this and had it copied on a CD that reads Fine Blend 1968 (probably from some acetate studio tapes). There were 10 tracks on this CD that I discovered in his vast collection and I had never heard this song. He was a singer songwriter and I was looking to find out if he wrote this or just covered it. Now I know. I will be using this site again to discover the other songs on this mysterious CD.


By Dianne Williams (from Surbiton, United Kingdom) on 30 Mar 2020


On Hourglass by Seedna

I'm also looking for this same song! It starts at 57:15 in Alley Cat Strike!


By Andy D (from Chicago, United States) on 30 Mar 2020


On Happy? by Mudvayne

nice to be able to search by certain lyrics


By Kyle (from Brighton, United States) on 30 Mar 2020

Eddy Arnold

On Mommy Please Stay Home With Me by Eddy Arnold

I remember these words from a song listening to our radio station which my mom always had on. Finally found the lyrics, I feel so lucky. This is over 60 years ago. I do a little DJ's at our community radio, you might say I love music.


By John A Garcia (from Vashon, United States) on 25 Mar 2020

Blaine Larsen

On Spoken Like A Man by Blaine Larsen

I've been searching for this song for years! I couldn't remember any other lyric except one line. So happy i found it!


By Carrie Beth Hintz (from Fayetteville, United States) on 25 Mar 2020


On Play It Cool by Freiheit

Spend all morning finding out wich song i woke up with, playing in my head. When i found my search was over, hoera!


By Ilona (from Amersfoort, Netherlands) on 29 Mar 2020

Elton Britt

On There's A Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere by Elton Britt

I been trying to find this song for a almost 3 months ever since I hero on a video game called Fallout 4.


By Darnyl Gamble (from Tuba City, United States) on 29 Mar 2020

On FREAK SHOW by NanooKidd

Looking for the name of the song featured on a Hyundai TV commercial featuring dogs riding in a car. Some lyrics:
Let me tell you what I got to say, why there is a smile upon my face


By Khagen (from Freeburg, United States) on 23 Mar 2020