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Tommy Makem

On I Wish I Was A Big Red Apple by Tommy Makem

Have been looking for a song that these words appear in for over 40 years


By Carole Lee (from Balmain, Australia) on 02 Aug 2020

Taylor Swift

On Love Story by Taylor Swift

This is an amazing web site! Gives you just the thing you want!


By Pippi (from Newstead, Australia) on 02 Aug 2020


On Used To Be by Charlene

I used to own this song and played it over and over. I haven't heard it in years and unfortunately I only remember very little of the words!!! It Is Still A Great Song! Sad, But A Great Song! Thank You


By Lisa Marie Creech (from Manasquan, United States) on 01 Aug 2020

On Totally Balanced by Stigmata Soundtrack

Every time I lose my heart, you seem to find it. One line from this song. I want to know who sings it. I heard it on tv.


By B.Hart (from Fenton, United States) on 01 Aug 2020


On Extra Good by Valentina

I’m looking for a song with the lyrics, "cause you know my thoughts before i can say its you, i can say its you, before i can say its you." its sang by a woman that reminds me of kali uchis


By dennis (from San Antonio, United States) on 31 Jul 2020


On Ashley by Halsey

Hi, I'm looking for a song that I don't know the lyrics exatcly but some part of the song talks about going to a party, sittin in the kitchen, driking, listen to a song that the person don't even know, surrounded by people that the person don't like, something like that. I really can't find it, but it's kind of pop or eletronic. I thought the singer was Halsey, but looking at all the lyrics, I still can't find. Thanks in advance for the help!


By Carol (from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) on 30 Jul 2020

Here by Alessia Cara sounds like a good match. Is this the one?

By J (from Brighton, United Kingdom) on 31 Jul 2020

Michael Bublé

On Today Is Yesterday's Tomorrow by Michael Bublé

I really appreciate this because I got this song from animal crackers and I loved it and kept searching for it without results until I saw this site. Thanks a lot.


By Joey Jr. (from Lagos, Nigeria) on 31 Jul 2020

Debbie Sims

On Give Me One More Chance To Make It Real by Debbie Sims

Finally I know the name of the song and who sang it!


By Ilona M (from West Richland, United States) on 31 Jul 2020

Tommy Shaw

On Count On You by Tommy Shaw

songsearch will be remembered by me!!
& We will come again!


By Terri (from Saint George, United States) on 30 Jul 2020


On Work Out by Khrys

I'm looking for song where girl in the videoclip phone with someone in front of fountain or statue and when she end the call she say: What the f**k?


By Stefan Toth (from Slovakia) on 28 Jul 2020

George Harrison

On Medley: My Sweet Lord / Today Is a Killer by George Harrison

This site is crazy!!! Wow!
This saved me 7 years of wondering (as has happened with other songs which i got wrong by one word which i only tried googling)
Thank you!


By V (from Sydney, Australia) on 29 Jul 2020

On As long as I Go!! by MiixedLoveVEVO

I’m looking for a song that has the lyrics “why do we lose the ones we’re meant to love so longgg”


By Unknown (from Wellington, New Zealand) on 27 Jul 2020

Ye Ali

On Notice by Ye Ali

I'm looking for the full length song I found as a segment used as a ringtone on the Zedge app. Lyrics are "Let me tell ya 'bout my best friend. She a real one. Yo, she more than a best friend. She ain't never let me down. She always been around. She kept my head up when I was messing wit' dees clowns."


By JeannieJoey (from Toney, United States) on 27 Jul 2020


On Pumpin Blood (The Chainsmokers Remix) by NONONO

The song I'm looking for is by a female artist. It was released sometime in the last 5 years I think. It's in English and got decent play when it came out but not now. It's a break-up song and I just remember fragments like I think they are in a car in traffic in NYC and it's snowing out and they aren't talking. But when I search those words even fragments I can't find it. Can you help? It's driving me crazy!


By Sarah (from Burlington, Canada) on 27 Jul 2020


On What Am I?, Pt. 1 by DJ JS-1

Thank you sooo much 😭. This was very helpful. Been looking for this song for so many years.


By Lipha (from Durban, South Africa) on 28 Jul 2020

James Taylor

On (I've Got To) Stop Thinkin' 'bout That by James Taylor

I was
Listening to the oldies station today. They played a song the sounded like an early version of rapping and in the only part I can remember was they sang ride Lucy ride but I’m not sure about the name it could have been Lizzie or Izzy something like that.


By Penny (from Hot Springs, United States) on 27 Jul 2020

Alex Vargas

On Apollo by Alex Vargas

Wow, I got the song I wanted, it felt good. Thanks


By Ethel Macaulay (from South Africa) on 27 Jul 2020


On Where The Fire Forever Burns by Cemetary

i've been searching for this song for a week on all sources and couldn't find it,your site helped me lots thank you so much oh my god <3


By Solise (from Bucharest, Romania) on 27 Jul 2020

Apollo 440

On Crazee Horse by Apollo 440

Yes. - I have been searching for this tunes for 15 years. Thanks


By Paul Macmillan (from Nelson Bay, Australia) on 27 Jul 2020


On Mirror by IDER

I have being looking for this song since last year. At long last I've found it. I didn't know the title so I searched for "people love, people leave, people let down..." and I finally found out that it is Mirror. I've now found the full lyrics. I thought the whole song is people blar blar blar... Not knowing it has many contents.


By James Mckeown (from South Africa) on 24 Jul 2020


On This Is What Happens by Merkules

It's from the series ”Signs” and goes ”... If I had a heart, I'd give it to you
                                                                   If I had a heart is be faithful too
                                                                   if I had a heart, I would dry your years


By Leslie (from Lakemba, Australia) on 26 Jul 2020

Rahsaan Patterson

On I Got it Bad by Rahsaan Patterson

I have been looking for this song for over ten years! I can't find Patterson's rendition (just the one by Tevin Campbell). Thank you so much! I'm a step closer to the song I want!


By Gerald Browning (from Kalamazoo, United States) on 23 Jul 2020

Heritage Singers

On Side By Side by Heritage Singers

I have been looking for this song for years. My memory serves me well after 40+ years. Meet me in Heaven, meet me at the Saviour's side, we'll sing songs together!


By Jennifer (from Pensacola, United States) on 25 Jul 2020

Jasper Sawyer

On Lovers by Jasper Sawyer

So cool... I found the exact song. Thank you


By Ammie (from Lagos, Nigeria) on 25 Jul 2020

Matthew Fisher

On Going For A Song by Matthew Fisher

I have been looking for this song for 45 years! I'm so excited to finally find it! Thank you!


By Friena phillips (from Hallsville, United States) on 22 Jul 2020

Built To Spill

On Else by Built To Spill

The song I'm looking for is a man with a deep voice singing the main chorus of shine, shine ,shine your light... it's a sad song


By Jessica Rose Guilmette (from Lancaster, United States) on 24 Jul 2020

Dave Dudley

On Put Your Hand In The Hand by Dave Dudley

"I cried when I read the part that says shes leaving"
Anybody recall this song? Maybe John Denver


By Lynda L Carrion (from The Bronx, United States) on 24 Jul 2020


On Best I Ever Had by Drake

"we could do it over and over and over again
over and over die young at the end"

sounds like a 90s song, male voice, country vibes, smooth and husky voice

heard this from the movie "the half of it" at 1:00:26 or so
cannot find it anywhere trust me when I say this


By chaithanya (from Dubai, United Arab Emirates) on 24 Jul 2020

Mic Righteous

On Fire in the Booth 2 by Mic Righteous

I’m looking for a broadway musical song. Thunder is in the title. Sung by a women, in the chorus it sings “when the sky falls, I’ll be the one looking straight ahead”


By Bee (from Grand Bend, Canada) on 19 Jul 2020

Phyllis Hyman

On When You Get Right Down To It by Phyllis Hyman

Thank you, it takes me back over 45 years to my first day of High School. Beginning of some of the best times of my life! So much fun. I met my best friend and I also met my husband....and we’re all still together today! She’s still my best friend and he’s still my husband!


By Estelle Self (from Chicago, United States) on 23 Jul 2020