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Solitary Experiments

On Do You Feel? by Solitary Experiments

The song I’m looking for was sung on an old episode of Wagon Train by Seth Adams cousin Horace Best. It starts "Theres very little right and an awful lot is wrong." Then goes on to "It takes a happy man.." when he is interrupted at that point and sings no more. Could be a jingle that was never recorded.


By William (from United States) on 18 Jan 2020


On Iowa by Slipknot

I’ve been using the backwards lyrics in Iowa to search and see if I could find it on various websites, this is the first one that actually works, I applaud you


By Kohl (from Tompkins, Canada) on 18 Jan 2020


On I Know by JAY Z

I am looking for a song that is sung by a guy with a high pitched voice like that of Gotye. In the song he goes "And I know, and I know, and I know, and I know, I knoowwwww..."


By Faizaan Mir (from Unterschleissheim, Germany) on 18 Jan 2020

Glenn Lewis

On Only Be In Love by Glenn Lewis

Love this song but too bad you guys have it and you tube doesn't, lol thanks for the lyrics anyways loved this song when it came out. If you can post it on you tube for my listening pleasure that would be awesome too!!


By Richele Ward (from Mississauga, Canada) on 18 Jan 2020

Ken Blast

On New Horizon by Ken Blast

YES! I FOUND IT THANKS TO THIS SITE! I tried to look up the lyrics I heard on youtube and google but nothing proper came up! But this worked! Thank you!


By Jade (from Cardiff, Australia) on 17 Jan 2020

Otis Redding

On Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (Sad Song) by Otis Redding

Thank you so much! Just love this Your site is the only one I’ve found to be user quick and easy to use without any hassles. What a relief to be able to get this done without installing, downloading, etc, etc.! Thank you! I will use your site if and whenever needed in the future, & share the news of your wonderful site to others!


By Kimberly Hargraves (from Kountze, United States) on 16 Jan 2020

Foo Fighters

On Down In The Park by Foo Fighters

ya it was and I spent 12 years looking for this song when I could have just used this website


By frankie (from Clearfield, United States) on 16 Jan 2020

The Guess Who

On Undun by The Guess Who

Awesome way to find a song! Thanks!


By Alfred L Guy (from Baltimore, United States) on 16 Jan 2020

Loreena McKennitt

On Skellig by Loreena McKennitt



By Colonel (from United States) on 16 Jan 2020

Red Sovine

On 1460 Elder Street by Red Sovine

This is a great site.

I listened a country song far back (almost 16 years ago).. it was very heart touching...and just a few words remained in my memory... "waiting" "girl" "ship" "grenade" and "die"... with these words i was searching internet from last almost 15 years but never not succeeded.

Fortunately today i have come across this site and tried to solve my unsolved puzzle here, and with few combinations of search words, i succeeded !!!!!

The song is "1460 Elder Street.. by Red Sovine"

Thanks so much.


By Sharad Kapil (from Erragadda, India) on 16 Jan 2020

Talking Heads

On Once In A Lifetime by Talking Heads

Very useful website : i remembered some of the lyrics but was mixing up the song with "Mama Told Me Not To Come" by Three Dog Night 1970 Surely , a song about how a guy feels about his illicit affair. To remember just one phrase from the complete lyrics located the title : "this is not my beautiful house ..." Will recommend this website.


By georgina rucklidge (from Doncaster, United Kingdom) on 14 Jan 2020

Trombone Shorty

On I Wonder As I Wander by Trombone Shorty

Yes, this is the song I was looking for! The lyrics have been coming to my mind a lot recently and I wanted to see if there were additional lyrics.


By Laura P (from Sugar Land, United States) on 14 Jan 2020

Alessi Brothers

On Sad Songs by Alessi Brothers

Hi all music lovers,i have been searching for the lyrics from the alessi brothers album,
(The Album is (All for a reason) the song is
( here again ) 1976 i have searched on and off over the years but failed to find it!! Is there anyone that can help.
Regards Lawrence


By Lawrence (from Mansfield Woodhouse, United Kingdom) on 14 Jan 2020

Alan Walker

On Lily by Alan Walker

This is my favorite song!!!!!!! I can't believe that I found it so easily!!!


By Brianna Wedderburn (from Decatur, United States) on 14 Jan 2020

Fibes, Oh Fibes!

On Get Up by Fibes, Oh Fibes!

Oh wouldn’t have been able to go to sleep tonight if I didn’t found out what song I was looking for! Hurray!


By Stina (from Katrineholm, Sweden) on 12 Jan 2020


On Miss You (Like No Other) by Glaceo

I'm looking for a song that ends with a phonecall and a female voice says something like "i think about you...something...and i still would try."


By Paulina (from San Juan del Río, Mexico) on 11 Jan 2020

Treat Her Right

On I Think She Likes Me by Treat Her Right

I heard this song in the 80’s and never thought I would hear it again because I didn’t know the artist. I’m impressed!


By Lisa (from Olympia, United States) on 13 Jan 2020

Andrew Lloyd Webber

On The Point Of No Return by Andrew Lloyd Webber

It was by a christian artist. The fist line of the lyrics was something like "I know where you've been sleeping. Probably from the 70's or mid-eighties.


By Jo Ann Stone (from Orange Park, United States) on 13 Jan 2020

Watch Tower Bible And Tract Society

On Life Without End—At Last! by Watch Tower Bible And Tract Society

Nice! Found the lyrics of the song I search for


By Joseph (from Lagos, Nigeria) on 09 Jan 2020


On Whoa by Jaheim

This is a classic blues song ,classic r&b that i heard from a radio station in chicago WSSD 88.1 called :something comes over me , whenever i'm close to you. it sounded like the Dazz Band and i been looking for this song for years. The song is rare and i can't find it. I had it on a cassette tape and lost it.


By Quentin (from Green Bay, United States) on 12 Jan 2020

Steve Boller

On Rollercoaster by Steve Boller

In the 70s or early 80s there was a song called “ roller coaster” and I’m trying to find it. I heard the song being played in an aerobics class.


By Mark Churchwell (from Marietta, United States) on 11 Jan 2020

New Medicine

On Never Heard by New Medicine

Damnnn i wrote the lyrics wrong but still close enough! im impressed that this cool site found this out cuz i had this stuck in my head eh only the chorus - '' cuz i dont wanna love u like i do, i dont wanna feel the way i do or smh like that was on my mind


By fusion (from Rousse, Bulgaria) on 09 Jan 2020


On Voorbij by Clouseau

Holy S**T!!! I can't believe it..... I'm so happy I'm almost crying!!!


By Will BeckDallaghan (from Carrboro, United States) on 09 Jan 2020

Martin L. Gore

On Compulsion by Martin L. Gore

Best app ever!!! I’ve been searching for weeks for this song. Thank you!!


By Kris (from Sandy, United States) on 07 Jan 2020


On notice me by ROLE MODEL

I was listening to songs that just came up and I was listening to this song, after the song finished I wanted to save it but when i got onto my phone to save the song, IT ENDED AND WENT TO THE NEXT SONG. I spent like 10 minutes trying to find the song on other websites but i went on here AND I FOUND ITT


By taliah (from Toronto, Canada) on 07 Jan 2020

The Red Ribbon Army

On Who We Are Is What We Fight For by The Red Ribbon Army

The lyrics are: Say something I'm not giving up on you I'll be the one If you want me to Anywhere I would have followed you

Whtr is the name of the song and who sings it?


By Barbara Allen (from Topanga, United States) on 06 Jan 2020

Joe Pace

On Glad About It by Joe Pace

Think you so much for finding this song for me. May the Good LORD always bless and help you to keep up the good work for people like me and others.


By Janice. Baker1 (from Hesperia, United States) on 11 Jan 2020


On Amazed by Lonestar

What a great site!
I found my song so fast! Thanks


By Coleen Shannon (from Phoenix, United States) on 11 Jan 2020

Ed Sheeran

On Girl at Home by Ed Sheeran

this song is by taylor swift on the red delux album its not by ed sheeran


By Emily (from Levin, New Zealand) on 11 Jan 2020

Ed Sheeran

On Put It All on Me by Ed Sheeran

Hey I am looking for a RnB song and I forgot the artist, but the lyrics are , " I see you, I know you, I love you for all that you are


By Snenhlanhla (from Pretoria, South Africa) on 07 Jan 2020