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Bon Jovi

On Never Say Goodbye by Bon Jovi

Ty for helping me find this song!!!


By Marsha Shoemaker (from Cleveland, United States) on 19 Sep 2019


On SuccessTakesTime/NoRush. by Lona

I'm looking for a song the lyrics is ( don’t let me focus.. / if i could tell you that , you are the one lost my self inside you.. ) and i think it’s old .


By Atheer hmoud (from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) on 19 Sep 2019

Cut Copy

On Living Upside Down by Cut Copy

Help help help that's all I remember. It's by a male pop group.


By Monica Amaya (from San Antonio, United States) on 19 Sep 2019

Karyn White

On Can I Stay With You by Karyn White

I had no idea this song was soooo explicit 🤣🤣I used to love singing it in my youth until at the age of 25 it became a shocker😂


By Sammyjoe (from Brooklyn, United States) on 19 Sep 2019

Rich Kjt

On Sad Valentines by Rich Kjt

Great website!!! Found song l been looking for years!!!!


By Ed (from Pearl, United States) on 19 Sep 2019

Leroy Hutson

On Time Brings on a Change by Leroy Hutson

Ive been searching for this tune for over 20yrs. Yes yes yes. Big Big Big majestic thanks to whoever put this up.
I searched and searched no other sites had a danny what i was looking for... Whoever put this up you've just got a Tiler and decorator free of charge. I'm deadly serious, you've made my day.....


By Lil Derek. W. (from Islington, United Kingdom) on 19 Sep 2019


On Rain by TNT

House music song around 2003 or 04


By Adrián Hodges (from Washington, United States) on 19 Sep 2019

Ben Platt

On Grow As We Go by Ben Platt

Great... Finally, I found the song I heard on instagram


By Risma Ayu (from Surabaya, Indonesia) on 19 Sep 2019


On Boys & Girls by Louisa

I am searching a song i was hearing on the radio during the early '00s. I thought it might have been Jennifer Lopez or Aguilera or even Madonna but i am not sure... The only lyrics i remember aside from the melody was: "the boys, the boys" and then something else that i can't remember. The melody was somewhat quick


By Poly (from Piraeus, Greece) on 18 Sep 2019

The Shang

On Things I Heard You Say by The Shang

I’m looking for a song that goes like this: I want you to be here and don’t just leave me there again~


By Ekin (from Bucharest, Romania) on 18 Sep 2019


On Fireheart by Celestia

I heard this song on the radio the other morning on 96.1 a male singer. I remember words here and there. Something like I know you hate me. I will change I know I'm hard to deal with or handle. An r&b song I believe. I really want to know who it is. I wanted to dedicate it to my husband


By Mrs. Padilla (from United States) on 18 Sep 2019


On What If by War by War

I've been looking for this song for years, thank you, but it isn't anywhere streaming and it doesn't look like I can listen to it!


By John (from Falls Church, United States) on 18 Sep 2019

Mastermix Masta

On Take It Out by Mastermix Masta

Hi. I need some help please.
I dont know the name, lyrics or the singer of the song. :s

v1 is about a girl, pretty, slutty and mean. He is singing about how she will die alone and nobodys gonna miss her, no matter how many fake friends she had or something like that. :s


By Lexi (from Juelich, Germany) on 18 Sep 2019


On One Last Time by BONNIE PINK

female singer said asahi..the rest word I don't remember..just.asahi in refrain is any body can tell me what that song it's around 80'. thanks. not Japanese singer


By Slategra (from Yogyakarta, Indonesia) on 18 Sep 2019

Juice WRLD x WYM Jay

On Sad by Juice WRLD x WYM Jay

It's a love song around 1980 by The "Commodores " a beautiful song I hope you can find it.


By Christine Springett (from Peterborough, Canada) on 18 Sep 2019

Bessie Smith

On Alexander's Ragtime Band by Bessie Smith

I cannot find this song:

Oh y honey. Oh my honey. You only love me when I've got money.
Oh my deary. Oh my deary. You only love me when I'm cheery.


By John Santor (from Erie, United States) on 18 Sep 2019

Sworn In

On The Deviant by Sworn In

I'm pretty sure it's a 2019 song


By Mrs. Padilla (from United States) on 18 Sep 2019

Tre the Scumbag

On Who Cares What You Think? by Tre the Scumbag

I'm looking for a song with these lyrics : you love me today tomorrow you won't why do i stay and why do you go


By Dada Her (from Chiang Mai, Thailand) on 17 Sep 2019


On P2M by EndyEnds

Looking for a song that I believe says I don't wanna fuck with yall, yall don't wanna fuck with me. Has the beat of "one me" by OMB Peezy. "Wanna" could be replaced by "really", I don't know. The yall and me are kind of dragged out when rapped


By Kimari (from Adrian, United States) on 17 Sep 2019

Bill Anderson

On Let Me Talk To You by Bill Anderson

Thank you very much!I just could not place the song title with the lyrics that kept running through my head.


By Chris Garia (from Albuquerque, United States) on 17 Sep 2019

Cheat Codes

On OK by Cheat Codes

I'm sooo happy, I've been looking for this song for so long! And i finally found it!! Yayyyy


By Vix (from Pretoria, South Africa) on 16 Sep 2019

Bigod 20

On Breeders by Bigod 20

I'm looking for a song.
We lie we know we can wild and doesn't grow give up let it go


By Biba drow (from Recklinghausen, Germany) on 16 Sep 2019


On Who Do It Better? by Islands

The song I'm looking for was made in the late 60s early 70s. I think it was "called all my friends that died".


By keith merritt (from United States) on 16 Sep 2019

Andy Grammer

On Good To Be Alive (Hallelujah) by Andy Grammer

I have had this song stuck in my head for a while now and couldn’t remember the lyrics. It was driving me crazy so I tried to look them up and I came across this website. Thanks for your help!!


By Anonymous (from Hilliard, United States) on 16 Sep 2019

Boston Manor

On Here/Now by Boston Manor

The lyrics I remember are Might be easier just to let it go might be easier just to let it go might be easier


By Tempest (from West Valley City, United States) on 17 Sep 2019

38 Special

On Caught Up In You [Live at Sturgis] by 38 Special

Great job! Give the developers a box of donuts!


By Lance (from Lehigh Acres, United States) on 17 Sep 2019

Gladys Knight & The Pips

On Make Yours A Happy Home by Gladys Knight & The Pips

I sing horribly, so this site is amazing to find songs.


By Michelle Walker (from Dallas, United States) on 15 Sep 2019

Johnny Rivers

On Summer Rain by Johnny Rivers

Yes! A snippet of the lyrics were rolling around my mind for weeks. I tried to search with other engines and never come up with the correct song. Tonight the search is over!


By Nicole Vozza (from Coraopolis, United States) on 15 Sep 2019

Jeff & Sheri Easter

On I Won't Have To Worry Anymore by Jeff & Sheri Easter

Thank you so much!! This is a childhood song of mine that my mom & the church choir would sing as their opening song.


By Anonymous (from Port Saint Lucie, United States) on 15 Sep 2019


On Find Myself by Love-Sadkid

Loving this website so far


By Adam (from Shelbyville, United States) on 16 Sep 2019