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Sturgill Simpson

On Living The Dream by Sturgill Simpson

I'm looking for a song that contains the lyrics I'm going to walk the earth till the bird start


By Sandy (from Washington, United States) on 21 Oct 2020

Paul Anka

On Goodnight My Love (Pleasant Dreams) by Paul Anka

Thank you so much..I have been searching this song for the past 30 years


By Alf Mariwa (from Doha, Qatar) on 21 Oct 2020

Miguel Bosé

On Wrong In The Right Way by Miguel Bosé

I don’t find the song but it was a duet song that its chorus is; My true love hurt so much
                     How I miss your special touch
                     Even though, now my love
                     Together we’ll be as one
                     Forever, we’ll be as one


By Veisinia (from Tonga) on 21 Oct 2020

Losing Ground

On Ecto Cooler by Losing Ground

does someone know a song that goes like
Tell me what your on/all about
dun na na na na na na
i dont remember all of the lyrics but.


By hailey (from Monterey, United States) on 20 Oct 2020

Greater Heights

On Left Me Here (with Nothing) by Greater Heights

I am looking Forever and Always song with male singer (not cover). I already searched your site all 'Forever and Always' songs by name and these all are not that I want. Please Would you help me. And the intro I remember is "I never .... (do something) before u meet .... Now you got me forever (forever and always)"

And I am also searching 'Start and Stare' song not of One Republic. I think may be young boy band (but not anymore)


By Min Thet Htet (from Yangon, Myanmar) on 20 Oct 2020

Sam Tsui

On Walking Backwards by Sam Tsui

The song that i am searching for, the genre is country. Maybe around late 60's to 80's


By Freddie (from Jakarta, Indonesia) on 20 Oct 2020

Irving Berlin

On It's Not Christmas Without You by Irving Berlin

An old WW II song where British soldiers sang in the concentration camp in the 1962 movie "The Password Is Courage" featuring Dirk Bogarde. The name of the song should be "I Wonder If You're Thinking of Me", or "I Wonder If You Ever Think of Me Too" or something like it (at 0:20 minute of the movie.)


By R. Liu (from Honolulu, United States) on 20 Oct 2020

The Police

On Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic by The Police

I'm looking for a song I think by the police with the lyrics that went oh yeahe oh yeah he he then has a high pitched he he he he he. Kind of like a zebra noise.


By Ramsey (from Minneapolis, United States) on 19 Oct 2020


On Viva la Vida (radio edit) by Coldplay

Song Search is very helpful


By Jaymee (from Toronto, Canada) on 18 Oct 2020


On Hell N Back (A COLORS SHOW) by Bakar

Thank you peterbe! Best lyrics site ever!


By Bliss (from New Orleans, United States) on 17 Oct 2020

Cristiana Raduta

On Epilogue by Cristiana Raduta

I heard this when I was 10, it was a slideshow with some scary images, ans the whole time was thinking that this is horror song so I've been searching for this song for years and finally I found it here and it's so relief to listen it


By Kabir (from New Delhi, India) on 16 Oct 2020

Green Day

On Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day

I heard this on the radio as a little kid and would remember the part “as my memory rests but never forgets what i lost” and the bridge(?) but couldn’t remember the name. It would pop up in my head but just the tune and finally remembered more lyrics. I missed this.


By Andrew (from United States) on 15 Oct 2020

Deez Nuts

On Deez Nuts by Deez Nuts

This is literally the greatest song ever written in the history of the world


By YeetusSkeetus (from Harrisburg, United States) on 15 Oct 2020

Paul Wright

On 5th & Broadway by Paul Wright

My daughter from Atlanta left a cd of songs for me about 12 years ago. I'm divorced and live in Texas, and she made the recording during a visit. She has grown up and moved on, most recently to California I thought the song was prescient about her future moves. Someday, she'll find someone to share her dream with, maybe in California, maybe on the corner of 5th and Broadway.


By Buck Morgan (from Plano, United States) on 14 Oct 2020

Plastic Penny

On Everything I Am by Plastic Penny

Thankyou I have been trying to find this song for years . I thought I must have dreamt it a few times


By Lorraine gallagher (from Bath, United Kingdom) on 13 Oct 2020


On Dance with Me by beabadoobee

I really thought that it was impossible to find it but wow it really is it i was searching for it from soo long


By Zoe (from Iraq) on 13 Oct 2020


On Try by IM

I'm looking for a song you don't have to do anything just be who you are you my girl again every year I wouldn't give you up for any girl in the world everyday of my life


By Kauth (from South Africa) on 10 Oct 2020


On What Good Am I? by Wilco

So there's a song stuck in my mind. It starts with a piano, girl singing "there's a song in my heart/head/soul" (not sure about it). Then further in the song the singer goes up with the tone and sings "if I do it all ok, please don't". I hope someone can figure it out.. thanks by advance 🤗


By Adi (from Jerusalem, Israel) on 09 Oct 2020


On Forever In Love by A1

Perfect. Found first time. Lyrics wrote, by my husband, in a love letter to me. I've never heard the song, so it was great to know where the song lyrics are from. Thank you.


By Tricia (from Bolton, United Kingdom) on 11 Oct 2020


On Conflict Of A Man by ERIMAJ

Oh my Gosh! I got this song free on iTunes when they had that download free song option. Then for some strange reason I lost the song and couldn't find it in my iTunes account. I didn't know the artis or song name just a bit of the lyrics. And this it It! Thank you


By Makayla (from Boise, United States) on 10 Oct 2020

Aimee Mann

On One Is The Loneliest Number by Aimee Mann

I love this song but I couldn't remember the name so I typed in the lyrics I could remember and bam


By karae (from Memphis, United States) on 09 Oct 2020

Small Mercies

On Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning? by Small Mercies

Yes I've looked everywhere for this song but no matter how I googled the Alan Jackson song just flooded the searches and made it impossible to find. Thank you


By Ashlee Way (from Melbourne, Australia) on 09 Oct 2020


On Personal by Stars

Whew! Took a but to remember what I thought the name was, but since I'm fairly dumb, this site is obviously really good at doing it's thing! Thanks song search! :P


By Kai (from Birdsboro, United States) on 09 Oct 2020

Shake Your Peace!

On On the Hudson by Shake Your Peace!

I'm looking for song that say I'm gonna ride for the night gonna live for tomorrow live my life full throttle something like that it was a rap song


By EDGAR Ulises URIBE (from Garland, United States) on 02 Oct 2020

Joey McIntyre

On I Love You Came Too Late by Joey McIntyre

Oh my god u are the best!! 10 years with that song in my head! Finally i know the name!! Thanks!


By Baby (from Santo Domingo Este, Dominican Republic) on 08 Oct 2020

Close To Home

On All We Know by Close To Home

I am searching for the lyrics to a song which was a later addition to ‘Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dream-coat’ I saw it performed during the show, back in the ‘70s, so I know it exists, but I’ve never seen it in print. It was sung by Joseph himself and was entitled : ‘Goodbye to the Places of My Childhood’, and the second line was, ‘I’d cry like any poor neglected child would.......’ and later .... ‘I don’t think they want me back at home.......I’m sure there’s something about ‘ bags are packed each morning .........’. That’s all I can remember.


By Michael Damian Brooke Baker (from Leicester, United Kingdom) on 04 Oct 2020


On Into The Sun by Agnes

I'm looking for a song that used to be popular in a lot of old youtube videos, I wanna say back in like 2014 or something. I literally only have one lyric that is probably not even right. It goes something like, "we'll be dancing til the sun comes up". Very similar to DJ's got us falling in love by Usher. I think it was some kind of royalty free music. Something I remember vividly was a lyric video with a bokeh background. Please help, I've been searching for ages!


By tyler (from Randolph, United States) on 01 Oct 2020

Gene Autry

On Rhythm Of The Range by Gene Autry

Thanks I have been searching for this song for years


By Stephanie Harrison (from United States) on 07 Oct 2020


On Fire in the Booth by G-Eazy

I'm looking for a song from an episode of cold case. It goes , no matter what else you say someone said your love is your own, no one listened and now the last one was smoking on the road you can take it all but no one was breathing no one else to help no one thinks this is safe and I hope you take it and I hope you take it


By Eve mcgregor (from Leominster, United States) on 03 Oct 2020

Cliff Richard

On Young Love by Cliff Richard

I'm looking for the song that goes like.... Young love you've got to trust it all...Young love just walked out my door

I'm not sure if those are the correct lyrics,but I remember it like that


By Thandokazi (from Port Elizabeth, South Africa) on 03 Oct 2020