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Christopher Cross

On Nature Of The Game by Christopher Cross

Thank you! Thank you! This song was in my head for several hours, but I couldn't remember the name of the song or all the lyrics! Thank you again!


By UDR (from San Diego, United States) on 10 Apr 2021

Excuse 17

On Two Faced by Excuse 17

For YEARS I was looking to find this song again and google search never worked! Thank you!!!
Found out about this band by a chance on a 2011 trip to Canada as I was going through second hand cd's on a street stand, and really liked that song.
But since then I left the house, lost the cd and forgot what band or title it was.
I'm so relieved now :)


By Shelly (from Berlin, Germany) on 10 Apr 2021

I See Hawks In L.A.

On Wonder Valley Fight Song by I See Hawks In L.A.

Hi everyone, I'm looking for a very short song( about 2 min, male singer. indie, I think) I can not remember the details, but it was like a man was talking in his mind with his wife(maybe his dead wife) and memories of the past and their daughter, but at the end of song the singer saus very quietly like wisper"i love you", it was played with guitar, I'm, not sure if I saw a "eugen(e)" in the title or interpret's name, but I have! somehow the feeling, that I saw such name on song, I will be thankful for any help!


By ELaG (from Wuppertal, Germany) on 10 Apr 2021

Oleta Adams

On Get Here by Oleta Adams

Thank you very much for your help with finding this classic song


By Andrew Bowles (from Ruislip, United Kingdom) on 10 Apr 2021

Mark McGuinn

On She Doesn't Dance by Mark McGuinn

I have been trying to figure this out for years and as soon as I typed in the lyrics..BOOM... exactly right! Thank you!


By Jennifer (from Etobicoke, Canada) on 10 Apr 2021

Johnny Van Zant

On Help Somebody by Johnny Van Zant

OMG Man ! thank you , thank you , thank you !!! This has been my mantra for so long (the chorus). Its been playing in my head since 1980 and i never knew all the words. Thank you ! you dont know what you have given me. Bless you !


By Linda Avila (from Wichita, United States) on 08 Apr 2021

The Stylistics

On From the Mountain by The Stylistics

Thank you so much for finding this song for me . It’s been in my head for years .


By Gail (from Bergen, Norway) on 08 Apr 2021

Randy Travis

On Wind In The Wire by Randy Travis

Very impressed! Can’t believe the song I was looking for came up right away after only keying in a few words. Thanks so much! Great site...will be using it often!


By Didi (from Kitchener, Canada) on 08 Apr 2021

Ice Cube

On Who's The Mack? by Ice Cube

Looking for a song with lyrics “Get it Over wiith tell it day you better get it over with don't delay”
ra&b group


By Ronnie (from United States) on 06 Apr 2021

Jerry Vale

On He by Jerry Vale

How can I get the words to this song?


By Michael Glenn (from Philadelphia, United States) on 06 Apr 2021

Insane Clown Posse

On Freaky Tales by Insane Clown Posse

Trying to remember a rock-and-roll song from the 50s or 60s with the lines: "my lovin' baby can't live without you even though people may talk about you my lovin' baby you are my all and all...". It's driving me nuts (which is, as my father used to tell me, a short trip). Thank you!


By Steve Phelps (from United States) on 04 Apr 2021

Daryl Hall

On Can't Stop Dreaming by Daryl Hall

I've been searching for a long time song from the early 80s...I only know some lyrics of the chorus: uuu you're always on my mind no matter how I try, I'm living just for loving you ... I need you by my side


By Sanja (from Zagreb, Croatia) on 06 Apr 2021

Jim Ed Brown

On Letter to Daddy by Jim Ed Brown

wow, I had this song on a 45 when I was a little girl; I had no idea who sang it and I have searched for it for so long, thank you


By ms. lane (from Uvalde, United States) on 02 Apr 2021

That's fantastic. I'm so happy for you.

PS. I built this website so it gives me heart to hear stories like this.

By Peter Bengtsson (from Mt. Pleasant, United States) on 04 Apr 2021


On Hey, Soul Sister by Train

This site is just too good❤


By Lucky147 (from Rüsselsheim am Main, Germany) on 04 Apr 2021

Chris Lane

On Big, Big Plans by Chris Lane

Thanks I only had a few words and you found it quickly


By Cindy (from Lyman, United States) on 04 Apr 2021

Warren G

On Lonely by Warren G

yes! beautifully searched! heard this song last in the early 90's


By Ayo Melbury (from Ikeja, Nigeria) on 02 Apr 2021

Distrion & Electro-Light

On You and Me by Distrion & Electro-Light

Yes it was the song that I was looking for
Thank you very much


By Tawwab (from Afghanistan) on 01 Apr 2021

Mint Condition

On Do U Wanna by Mint Condition

Looking for a song that’s mainly musical, with a short couple of parts with singing, don’t know exactly what they say but sounds something like “feel me like you should” or see me, or love me, or treat me. Not even sure, feel like it’s been used in commercials in the past 10 years. Hard to find!


By Brent seabrook (from Barrie, Canada) on 30 Mar 2021

Linda Ronstadt

On Easy For You To Say by Linda Ronstadt

You guys are awesome!!! Thank you so much!!!


By Kenji Richmond (from Inglewood, United States) on 31 Mar 2021

Faron Young

On Guilty by Faron Young

It appears that Faron Young wrote this song in 1966. How, then, can Jim Reeves have recorded it when he died in 1964?


By Marlene (from Medford, United States) on 31 Mar 2021


On Come on In by Beseech

The song I'm looking for is I think early 2000s, with alot of catchy bubbly music and an occasional " come on in " sung by a male voice. I've been trying to find out what it's called for about 17 years! I've heard it as background music on TV and radio.


By Jill Booth (from Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom) on 27 Mar 2021

Stay Homas

On Another Love Song (Confination Song XXVII) by Stay Homas

You guys rock. I was searching and searching for a song your site came up thought I’d give it a try and low and behold it popped right up


By Heather (from Pottstown, United States) on 30 Mar 2021


On Someone Like You by Adele

I'm looking for this tune with the same vibes by a female singer. Lyrics like: Sorry for making you feel less than worthy..... etc. Thank.


By Chan (from Singapore, Singapore) on 25 Mar 2021

The White Buffalo

On Sto by The White Buffalo

Thank you I've been looking for about a week you guys went right to it forget Shazam everybody


By Kieron (from San Juan, Puerto Rico) on 28 Mar 2021

The Soundlovers

On Wonderful Life by The Soundlovers




By MIGUEL (from Tajonar, Spain) on 27 Mar 2021

Luke Bryan

On I Know You're Gonna Be There by Luke Bryan

Finally; I knew I had it on a cd; just not which one
Knew it was a country song but could not remember who sings it

Thanx so much for being a place where I could seek help..


By Bernice (from LaBelle, United States) on 27 Mar 2021

Sudden Death

On They Must Die by Sudden Death

I'm looking for this song sung by a white girl with blonde hair. Kind of a Janis Joplin mixed with stevie Nick's vibe


By Ethan Poling (from Chandler, United States) on 19 Mar 2021

On CRACKERS! by Lil Durozi

There is a song that goes like this I gotta so much money yeah I never seen sang by a Jamaican person. But I don’t know the name of the song?


By Enoh (from Brooklyn, United States) on 22 Mar 2021


On Women Lose Weight by Morcheeba

I'm looking for the song that goes somewhat like “i get dreamy when i look at you”?? i have no clue but it sounds like an old song and it plays in the intro of the song 6feet by hamzah


By sip (from Surrey, Canada) on 19 Mar 2021

K-Ci & JoJo

On This Very Moment by K-Ci & JoJo

We are trying to find a song played at our wedding in 1982. That has the words on this day this very day and that's all we can remember very melancholy song


By Steven Lindsay (from Chicago, United States) on 19 Mar 2021