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Sonata Arctica

On The Dead Skin by Sonata Arctica

Hey I’m looking for a song. It’s a sad song and it has a piano as one of the main instruments. The only lyrics I remember is...

We, don’t, mean....anything

And it’s kinda spaced out like that, not sure if any of this is even helpful


By Loui (from Torquay, Australia) on 11 Nov 2019

Adventure Time

On Ricardio the Heart Guy by Adventure Time

Hi, I'm looking for a song i don't know what's name but i know it's genre is rock
"remember you
ah your face, your eyes changing what i have done ah"

If you know it please inform me.


By Steve (from Mission, United States) on 11 Nov 2019

Ryan Adams

On Wildest Dreams by Ryan Adams

Looking for a song played in a store, kind of country solo male singer and guitar "staring at the sunset baby oh oh oh its such a vast world baby oh oh oh can't see it all" or something along those lines


By Troy Nejad (from Craigavon, United Kingdom) on 11 Nov 2019

Masters Of Reality

On Kill the King by Masters Of Reality

Awesome song. Been looking for this one for quite some time. Thanks!


By André Pereira (from Garca, Brazil) on 11 Nov 2019

Tim McGraw

On Angry All the Time by Tim McGraw

Very very helpful....I love this site


By Marsha (from San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago) on 11 Nov 2019

Gardens & Villa

On Thunder Glove by Gardens & Villa

Hey guys I’m looking for a song I only got some of the lyrics because it was kind of hard to understand. “Summon the courage of your conviction” “hold it high like everyone can see” “wonder who you are when you are free” and it’s sounds like it might be pop or a beat??


By Anonymous (from Hanford, United States) on 10 Nov 2019

No Motiv

On Nocturnal by No Motiv

The song I am looking for sounds just it was being sung by Stevie Wonder but it's not. I believe some of the lyrics include, "Every time i close my eyes....


By B Geoffrey Burnham (from Waterford, United States) on 10 Nov 2019

The Ritchie Family

On All Right On the Night by The Ritchie Family

Hi, I’m trying to find a song where the chorus repeats “Alright on the night” (not the Ritchie family) and towards the end the singer sings “got to be got to be alright on the night”.


By Nick Sheeran (from Poole, United Kingdom) on 10 Nov 2019

Ed Harcourt

On Black Dress by Ed Harcourt

Anyone know a song that goes "I don't make a mess of my friends". It's a female singer and I've been searching for a few days now


By Khloe (from Dexter, United States) on 09 Nov 2019


On Best of Me by John

I've searched for this song till 1 week ago,suddenly i found this website, and search the lyrics and find the right i am very happy


By Bright blue (from Germany) on 09 Nov 2019

Bachman-Turner Overdrive

On Life Still Goes On (I'm Lonely) by Bachman-Turner Overdrive

The song is from a 1990s movie called The Lady Forgets. Lyrics are Got the wish'in for you blues, baby. But wish don't make it true. It sounds like it's a Blues song


By Lyn (from Tuscaloosa, United States) on 09 Nov 2019

Joshua Radin

On Beautiful Day by Joshua Radin

Wow! I'm impressed! I remembered just three words that are in different locations in the song and yet you found it! Beautiful Day by Joshua Radin


By John Coleman (from New York, United States) on 09 Nov 2019

Philip Lewin

On Watercolors by Philip Lewin

Thank you so much. Was looking for this song everywhere. Appreciate this app.


By Danaka (from Naperville, United States) on 09 Nov 2019

Gorgon City

On Let it go by Gorgon City

I heard this tune on smithsoian channel serial America don't look down let it go close your eyes an let it flow need to find who sang the song


By Elaine (from Windsor, United Kingdom) on 09 Nov 2019


On Now It's Too Late by Smokie

Please help me find an old 90’s song. I think it was country. Very sad song about a man that lost his wife. Is raising his daughter. Says they are ok until he smells winter/the smell of the dust when the furnace comes on. I can only remember one line...”I’m ok until September!” I thought it might be Curtis Wright but it’s not listed with his music!?


By Cagney (from East Brady, United States) on 08 Nov 2019

Elliott Smith

On Waltz #2 (XO) (edit) by Elliott Smith

I’ve heard this song but never found out the artist. You guys are awesome ! I will recommend this to everyone who knows lyrics but not the song or artist. Thank you! I love the song your a big help!!


By Leonard Clement (from Albany, United States) on 07 Nov 2019


On Jade by Sweetbox

I’m looking for a song it has more of a bit than actual words but she says “ then you came along “ and songs goes on for a few seconds and she says “ dream I couldn’t touch” I can’t find it I heard it multiple times at the store ZARA


By Maria (from Anaheim, United States) on 07 Nov 2019

The Cure

On Artist Archive: XXXTENTACION by The Cure

Bee 31 oct 31 2019 reply. Hey guys iwas looking for a song about a skater girl by tom petty , please .


By Gpup (from Tualatin, United States) on 07 Nov 2019

On Love Song 4 Shea by RAF Steele

No it's not the song I am searching for.
It's just unfortunate that I don't remember the name of the artist.


By Flora (from Uganda) on 08 Nov 2019

Dmitri Shostakovich

On Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District-Act Two Scene Five by Dmitri Shostakovich

Love won’t you listen to my heart.. darling can you hear it beating hard... I gave you my love and you threw it away.. it’s a song that comes on “The end of the f**king world” season 2 and it’s been on my mind ever since. Looked everywhere, but it does not appear, not even on Shazam):


By Anonymous (from Houston, United States) on 08 Nov 2019

Spandau Ballet

On I'll Fly For You by Spandau Ballet

I screwed up the lyrics and you still found the song for me! A++++


By JJ (from Cleveland, United States) on 08 Nov 2019

Munga Honourable

On The Prayer by Munga Honourable

Thanks very much part of this song had been playing in my head all day but i only could remember a few words.


By Jah lion dee (from Miami, United States) on 07 Nov 2019

After 7

On Damn Thing Called Love by After 7

Omg ive been looking for this song for ten years no one knew what I meant


By Alisha Stubblefield (from Houston, United States) on 05 Nov 2019

On Portrait Of Love by Taylor Swift Yung Joc Gorilla Zoe

I trying to find a transe/hard transe song where the women is singing:i wanna be with you, my beatiful baby, i wanna be with you so let my dreams come true, i am waiting.


By RaveNAcid (from Odesa, Ukraine) on 05 Nov 2019


On Vapor Transmistion by Orgy

I'm looking for a song that sounds like this "But i love her etc etc yeahh she's good for me and that girl makes me happy I'll never let her escape away" help me


By Kathleen (from Pasay, Philippines) on 04 Nov 2019

Mic Righteous

On Fire in the Booth 2 by Mic Righteous

I am looking for a country song that was s about a singer and a woman who raised his son but the last part of the lyrics goes maybe one day he will tell her about the money and then the next line goes maybe one day she will tell him that the boy she raised is his


By Mary Brown (from Stanwood, United States) on 02 Nov 2019


On The Man We All Know and Love by Kwame

It’s a song from tik tok and I don’t know what it is but some of the lyrics are put your loving hand out baby


By Mega (from Redford, United States) on 05 Nov 2019


On Kokomo by Orquesta

Omg I knew the lyrics and just didn't know the name, and wanted to play it. Tysm.


By Sakura (from Springfield, United States) on 05 Nov 2019


On Always [Single Version] by Pebbles

I've never been happier. I've never been more relieved. I love this website♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡


By Jess (from Pretoria, South Africa) on 05 Nov 2019

Rhythm Syndicate

On Hey Donna by Rhythm Syndicate

I'm looking for a song where is has
Donna Donna Donna in the beginning
Burn this scroll
Let them burn in hell
Let them rot in hell


By Eijirou Kirishima (from Anaheim, United States) on 03 Nov 2019