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Tori Amos

On Silent All These Years [Gold Dust] by Tori Amos

Brilliant app love it just couldn't get the name of the song as I looked all over until I found you


By Mr Dean Gallagher (from Islington, United Kingdom) on 17 Jan 2021

Lil B

On Crabs N A Bucket by Lil B

Hi Guys
I'm looking for a song mid tempo kinda vibe. It has horns in the song. It's kinda like a tboz from tlc vibe. The lyrics go...keep it real, or just believe, in yourself. Very chilled mid tempo song. Its almost as if the vocalist is screaming the words to the beat...just believe!!! In yourself!!! Keep it real!!!


By Zane Muller (from Cape Town, South Africa) on 16 Jan 2021

Mike Stud

On Past Gone by Mike Stud

i have been looking for this song forever!!!


By jenna stockton (from Vancouver, United States) on 16 Jan 2021

Crown The Empire

On The One You Feed by Crown The Empire

I’m saving this link best song finder I’ve ever used


By Bht (from United States) on 16 Jan 2021

Ocean Beats

On Trash by Ocean Beats

I am looking for 70s song! Come down sally .... please dont tell you dont know its saddest day or its saturday


By Richard K (from East Brunswick, United States) on 13 Jan 2021

Tom Jones

On Tom Jones International by Tom Jones

Hello does somebody knows where I can find the radio edit of that song? The one version with a lot of brass, it was the most popular remix in 2002... Can't find it anywhere, there was a video on YouTube , of Tom Jones performing the version I'm talking about in the French "star academy" but every thing disappeared.


By Aaron (from France) on 12 Jan 2021

The 5th Dimension

On If I Could Reach You by The 5th Dimension

Thanks, tried Alexa, but she played some song that was not even close to what I wanted to hear. Tried Google, your website came, clicked on it, typed the words of the song that I remembered, and it displayed the exact song that I was looking for.


By Jeffrey Bray (from Las Vegas, United States) on 11 Jan 2021

Party Favor

On Blame by Party Favor

Thanks you so much I have been looking for this song for 6 months and couldn’t find it anywhere thanks so much


By Saniyia (from Detroit, United States) on 12 Jan 2021

Four Tet

On Everything by Four Tet

I'm looking for a 1970's song whose chorus is as follows: "Out of my mind and into your heart again."


By Manuel Levine (from Saint-Jerome, Canada) on 11 Jan 2021

Big Wild

On Aftergold by Big Wild

I used to listen to this song all the time, and heard it in a Peloton commercial and couldn't think of the name. It's been stuck in my head for weeks and I can't believe typing in six words brought me the result! This is awesome!


By Kelsey (from Odessa, United States) on 12 Jan 2021


On Never Too Late by Nickelback

This is the song I’m looking for, but I think it’s actually by Three Days Grace


By Ashley Smith (from Phoenix, United States) on 12 Jan 2021

Dead To Me

On Still Heartbeat by Dead To Me

Looking for a song that with only remembering one lyric is hard to find. The one lyric I can remember is "I turn around you turn the radio down" which may be incorrect but that's how I remember it. I'd say it was a late 90s early 2000s song with a blink 182 or MEST sounding guy.
I greatly appreciate any help!


By BLADE MILLER (from United States) on 07 Jan 2021

John Prine

On Bruised Orange (Chain Of Sorrow) by John Prine

An independent film called ‘Elsewhere’ (2020) ends with this old JP song from 1978. Made me crazy because I didn’t see a credit given at the end. But Songsearch helped me solve the mystery - thank you!!!!


By Anne Z. (from Sunbury, United States) on 11 Jan 2021

Pleasure P

On Farewell, Goodbye by Pleasure P

Thank you been looking for this song for 15 yrs!!!!


By Maryhelen Linwood (from Peoria, United States) on 11 Jan 2021

Sal Houdini

On I Need That by Sal Houdini

I’m looking for a song that goes “ and we dont see eye to eye but thats all good youre misunderstood but yet im standing right here like i promised i would” I CANT FIND IT ANYWHERE ahh pls help if u know :((


By Vanessa (from North Las Vegas, United States) on 08 Jan 2021

Alvin & The Chipmunks

On Home (You are my home) by Alvin & The Chipmunks

Have been searching for the lyrics of the song. I love this website


By Rhotemz (from Lagos, Nigeria) on 06 Jan 2021


On Moving On by Architects

What's a song going like this? Help me find it please.
"I gotta keep moving on I won't stop, gotta keep moving on I won't stop woah oh". It's sung by male.


By Nimue09 (from Durrës, Albania) on 06 Jan 2021


On Get In Touch With Me by Collage

Yes this is the song. I was so excited to find it I checked off the wrong box. BUT I GOT IT NOW!😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊


By Michelle DeBerry (from Las Vegas, United States) on 08 Jan 2021

Bitch Alert

On All Wrong by Bitch Alert

The song I am looking for is upbeat and says "i always leave before the fall don't ask me where i go" and idk the exact words but its something along the lines of "i dont know where"


By Sophie (from Orlando, United States) on 05 Jan 2021

Matt Redman

On Hallelujah, You Are Good by Matt Redman

Couldn't find this on other sites. Put in a few words and there it was. I had been looking for the wrong artist. Great site! Thanks!


By Lori Aston (from Lexington Park, United States) on 06 Jan 2021

Lee Brice

On Save the Roses by Lee Brice

Thank you so very much. I lost my son in June and I saw a young man on tiktok and he had written across the video I want this played at my funeral. Listening to the words gave me a since of peace


By Tina Melton (from Charlotte, United States) on 06 Jan 2021

The Soul Stirrers

On Wade In The Water by The Soul Stirrers

Total awesome sauce! Google assistant had a lot more info and couldn't find it. I only had 3 words to use in my search. The song I was looking for was the first one in the list of 36 possible matches that y'all's search engine provided. I'm impressed enough that I'm going to share your page around. Thank y'all for putting in all the hard work that it takes to construct, develop, and maintain such a knowledgeable, useful, wonderful, speedy etc service. Great job!


By Kim Pate (from United States) on 03 Jan 2021

Dock Boggs

On New Prisoner's Song by Dock Boggs

Who wrote this song and when was it first released? My friends mother use to sing this about 1949/1950.


By Sandy (from Fond du Lac, United States) on 04 Jan 2021


On Magic Key by One-T

man i been looking for this song forever, thanks a million


By Ty hinderson (from United States) on 04 Jan 2021

The Nashville Teens

On Hurtin' Inside by The Nashville Teens

This is a wonderful service. My music means so much to me, it gets me up when things are crazy. I just want to give thanks. Happy New Year!!!


By Ms. Kittrell (from Lodi, United States) on 04 Jan 2021

Janet Jackson

On Who by Janet Jackson

I'm looking for this solo piano ballad by a female singer.Some of the lyrics are like:.....There's nothing I won't do for you,I'll go to the ends of the earth.Thanks for helping.


By Chan (from Singapore, Singapore) on 31 Dec 2020

Is it 'Make You Feel My Love' by Adele?

By Chelsea (from Nottingham, United Kingdom) on 01 Jan 2021

Yes that's the one. Thank for replying. I have some more posted if you are up to it.

By Chan (from Singapore, Singapore) on 13 Jan 2021

Billy Yates

On All By My Lonesome by Billy Yates

Looking for the name of a song I heard playing in a Cracker Barrel store. It was upbeat. Some of the lyrics were "Until then I'll hold you in my (I think it was dreams).


By Kathy (from Philadelphia, United States) on 31 Dec 2020

All Time Low Joel Madden

On Bail Me Out by All Time Low Joel Madden

Thanks so much!!! I was crazy looking for this song


By sahyra (from Winter Park, United States) on 03 Jan 2021


On Don't Stop The Rock by Freestyle

My son, who was born the year the song came out, came home asking me about it because he heard someone playing it at work. He hummed it and I got the beat but could really remember the lyrics. Luckily my husband was able to come up with a line that allowed me to search. Happy to have rediscovered this excellent jam. Many thanks!


By Stacy (from Scottsdale, United States) on 30 Dec 2020

Beth Nielsen Chapman

On All I Have by Beth Nielsen Chapman

It was my wedding song (Aug 20, 1994) and I just lost my beautiful wife to cancer on May 7, 2020.
 Crushed!!! and had a mental block trying to remember this song. thank You


By Paul Matos (from Head of Westport, United States) on 30 Dec 2020