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Verbal Jint

On Tropical Night by Verbal Jint

It's an old-school song about a guy who' As he sings takes some microdots and the music goes into overdrive as he takes too much! It's a tranz type of song?


By anton hillemacher (from Noble Park, Australia) on 16 Feb 2020

John Miles

On Remember Yesterday by John Miles

Fantastic , after 20 years of searching i've finally found it . I heard it in the late 90's on a recorded music tape , not a pre recorded , but one someone had done themselves . As tapes did back then , it screwed up and i lost the track , the only clue l had , was Dave Miles written on the case . He turned out to be a jazz singer , with no trace of this track . There was another track on the tape , cloud number 9 , but that was by a completely different named singer , again no trace of this track . Over time , i started to forget the lyric's and so began to give up .


By Mickey (from Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom) on 15 Feb 2020

Peter Sarstedt

On Where Do You Go to (My Lovely) LONG VERSION by Peter Sarstedt

I was looking at different song finding sites bu only this one got it. Bravo and thanks.


By Jurij (from Nova Gorica, Slovenia) on 14 Feb 2020


On My R (Eng Dub) by Rachie

YESSSSSSSSSAS thank you so much I love this app!


By Abby (from United States) on 14 Feb 2020

Tony Bennett

On All Of My Life by Tony Bennett

Yes, this song was playing on the radio in The Godfather in one scene.


By desmond dixon (from Cobourg, Canada) on 14 Feb 2020

M People

On And Finally... by M People

I'm looking for a song , not much lyrics, with good music, the singer is a girl and I remember it say "....getting colder..." in the start, and " I need to know you'll be here " and then a calm sad music starts, can anyone help me !?😅


By Abi (from Blida, Algeria) on 13 Feb 2020

II Kings

On Be Enough by II Kings

I've been searching searching for something something that's hard to find


By Akshay Ramesh (from Thiruvananthapuram, India) on 13 Feb 2020

Miriam Makeba

On Lakutshn Ilanga by Miriam Makeba

After years of humming this song and never being able to find it, or who sang it, here it is!


By Tovi (from Kailua-Kona, United States) on 13 Feb 2020


On Good Life by Rittz

The song says something like she fell down on some ice and hit her head and it killed her that’s all I remember


By Tommari Sorensen (from Lehi, United States) on 13 Feb 2020

Jeff Tweedy

On I Am Trying to Break Your Heart by Jeff Tweedy

Hi, I'm looking for a Song that was featured in the Season finale of Shameless in season 10. More specifically the Song between Kesha's -Rasing Hell, and Kty Perry's - Firework. They Dance to it, while an agry old Lady comes to the Bar, and later kisses Frank Gallagher. It's an electric,party type song. And it's sung by a male.
I only understood couple of Words, like : "It's gonna part", "how can you be so shy?", "you are crazy, a beautiful.."


By Lukason 11 Feb 2020

The Nolans

On Don't Make Waves by The Nolans

I've been looking for this song for 40 years. Today I know that I did not understand the text correctly. But with the combination of the text fragments I finally succeeded today, THANKS !!!

I heard it in Germany on medium wave at 208, Radio Luxenbourg, London W1. Hard to believe today
In my memory it sounded much nicer


By Joachim S. (from Göttingen, Germany) on 10 Feb 2020


On Say Something by Komakino

I Heard this song in 2006 for the first time, since then i was looking for it, well finally i found it!!!



By JCS (from Guadalajara, Mexico) on 12 Feb 2020

Paul Anka

On Danny by Paul Anka

I want to hear this song so bad. I listened to it over and over one summer. Could never hear it enough.


By Terri (from Millington, United States) on 12 Feb 2020

Fleetwood Mac

On Family Man by Fleetwood Mac

YEEAHH, thank's a lot, i have been looking for this song by decades, lmao, cheers


By Renzo Donayre (from Lima, Peru) on 10 Feb 2020

Lil Nono

On My Ride in The SouthSide by Lil Nono

I'm looking for a trance/ techno song with very little lyrics the melody is made with a trumpet and the text goes something like:

Now listen this is how you trance

It's not much but I hope someone can help


By Lil Schmiffy (from Albertslund Municipality, Denmark) on 09 Feb 2020

Joshua Hyslop

On The Flood by Joshua Hyslop

Awesome!! Thank you for helping me find it!!!


By Collette (from United States) on 11 Feb 2020

Tje Austin

On Right for You by Tje Austin

Thanks you ! I searched for hours and finally found it thanks to this website even if i had not a lot of lyrics !


By Bertille (from Saint-Cyr-l'École, France) on 09 Feb 2020


On Deception by Antonious

Looking for a country song. Sort of slow, very melodic. Male artist. Chorus includes 'just let me in' and another line is 'the pain and depression (possibly suffering?)' More modern country than classic.


By Cathie Fraser (from Saskatoon, Canada) on 07 Feb 2020

Grateful Dead

On Turn On Your Lovelight (Live at Fillmore East NYC April 1971) by Grateful Dead

I really need help finding a song!! It’s definitely a male singer and it sounds kinda from the 80-90s era. I only know some of the lyrics. “Just to take me down...ahh ahh ahh!!!” “You come and ask for me” I first heard this song about a year ago and I do ice dance and it’s one of the songs for the Cha Cha dance pattern. PLEASE HELP ME!


By Katherine Kirschensteiner (from Kalamazoo, United States) on 07 Feb 2020


On Here I Go Again by Whitesnake

This app is awesome! I have had so many songs I don't know and SongSearch helped me so much!😁


By Jaymee (from Oakville, Canada) on 07 Feb 2020

Bryce Fox

On Chicago by Bryce Fox

I had that "don't mind a little up in the air, but not this high," stuck in my head for ages! Love this song! Good turn of phrase.


By D (from Westbank, Canada) on 10 Feb 2020

The Stanley Brothers

On Take Your Shoes Off Moses by The Stanley Brothers

Thank you, I've been looking all over for this song.


By Michael Shields (from San Jose, United States) on 08 Feb 2020

BBC Radio

On Zombies by BBC Radio

"You can hear them coming for you. Coming forward to do what they do. You can run but you can't run far. I can hear them coming for you, yeah.
In the back with your shotgun shells
Now they’ve come to give you hell
No time to pack your cards
Cause I can hear them comin’, comin’, comin"
Song from Locke&Key series S01E06 in the end of the episode - if anyone find the name of the song I'll be grateful!


By Anna (from The Hague, Netherlands) on 08 Feb 2020

Nice & Nasty 3

On The Ultimate Rap by Nice & Nasty 3

Guys, iam looking for a song but I only remember this part "i'm pretty sure that you are the one because you only stay my mind"
Can you please help me, what is the tittle of this song and who's the singer?? I was frustrated to find out.. Huhu


By Ina yatullutviyah (from Semarang, Indonesia) on 04 Feb 2020

Les Paul & Mary Ford

On The World Is Waiting for the Sunrise by Les Paul & Mary Ford

I am a radio dj with an oldies show on Sunday afternoon,. A lady requested a song she last heard in 1952 when living in Ottawa, She said she has never heard it since ... that's almost 70 years ago. She knew the first two lines of the song. Using "Song Search", I found the song in seconds. This listener will be very happy to hear it played on the radio.


By Jim Wright (from Kitchener, Canada) on 04 Feb 2020

Sacred Rite

On As It Was Told by Sacred Rite

"Look em in the eye and take what you find
Look em in the eye your life's on the line!"

I can never remember the name of the damn song!


By Sanna (from Copenhagen, Denmark) on 07 Feb 2020

On Low On The Rainbow by Ralph Faron

sitting on top of the rainbow. sitting on top of the clouds. sitting on top of the trees so high. makes me want to shout.
alleluia, praise the lord! praise his name on high! his lov makes me feel like I'm sitting on top of tghe sky.

wondering if there is any music to this song???


By Lisa Richard (from Thibodaux, United States) on 07 Feb 2020

Maroon 5

On This Love (Kanye West Remix) by Maroon 5

Nice! Another song found! And it was the one I was looking for!


By Jaymee (from Oakville, Canada) on 07 Feb 2020

Book Of Love

On Lullaby by Book Of Love

I got an unknown song on a cassette. I dreamed about day I found it. It took 32 years but I finally GOT IT!! Book Of Love - Lullaby (Pleasant Dream Mix)
Thank God there is Song Search!


By Andrzej (from Katy Wroclawskie, Poland) on 03 Feb 2020


On Another One by Yohannes

no I'm looking for a song that says "Ain't got time to be a lover" and "always say I'm trying to leave you, dont know if thats true"


By Jess (from United States) on 01 Feb 2020