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On Saved My Life by Sia

Been searching for this song for ages!!!!!... thank you 🙏!!!!!! YIPEEP!


By SONIA (from Witham, United Kingdom) on 24 Mar 2021


On Rollo by Helmet

Looking for a song with the lyric
" a shallow fry in dirty oil"
Maybe 80s guitar band?
Any ideas?


By Michael Read (from Cleckheaton, United Kingdom) on 17 Mar 2021

The Rembrandts

On Johnny Have You Seen Her? by The Rembrandts

Thank you, i have been looking for this song for a couple decades.


By Andrew (from Hutchinson, United States) on 17 Mar 2021


On Tell Me Something Good by P!nk

I need a song from I think early 2000s and it says tell me something dododo tell me something I thought it was arianna but I looked through all of her songs someone please


By Anna (from Canada) on 17 Mar 2021

Sam Salter

On Thinkin' & Trippin' by Sam Salter

I have been trying to find this song for weeks I just stumbled on this website and I’m glad I did


By Kayla (from Lexington, United States) on 21 Mar 2021

Jeremy Zucker

On comethru by Jeremy Zucker

Thank you for making this app and thank you for the lyrics


By Hannah walton (from Grimsby, United Kingdom) on 21 Mar 2021

Blazin' Squad

On The Love Song by Blazin' Squad

Lyrics I am searching for go like this:
Now why can't she see that I'm the one that really loves her
and why can't she see the man that's inside
Why can't she see, no one else can love her like I do


By Tom (from Cologne, Germany) on 14 Mar 2021


On Soldier On (Alternate Version) by Keywest

Hi I’m looking for a song, it is an old song maybe 60’s/70’s with a woman singing with piano music in back and the lyrics go like “love is a game for fools” or “love is only a game for fools”


By Anonymous (from Dublin, Ireland) on 14 Mar 2021


On Love You Anyway by Denada

Oh my god this is fantastic!!!!!! Thank you for this as i love this song and could not find it from the little bit i heard and tried to use Shazam - Pulled no results!


By Corinne Taylor (from Acton, United Kingdom) on 19 Mar 2021

3 Pill Morning

On Kill for You by 3 Pill Morning

A male group on Viking radio today around 13.00 sang this song ... lyrics went like this ..” You are the only one I’ll ever love” Can you tell me what the singer is called.


By Alan Carlisle (from United Kingdom) on 11 Mar 2021


On Wa by Fastball

Awesome website!! Very helpful


By Hope (from Pawtucket, United States) on 17 Mar 2021

The Depreciation Guild

On Stuck Pig by The Depreciation Guild

Looking for song from a 1950s cartoon with the words it’s the night It’s the stars and the moon up above and the girl she’s a para and I know I’m in love


By Ronald D Karchmer (from New Braunfels, United States) on 08 Mar 2021

The Grass Roots

On Move Along by The Grass Roots

I have searched for this song for years! Only now realized I was using the wrong words in the title. Having finally found it is much, much appreciated!!


By Bill (from Atlanta, United States) on 14 Mar 2021

No Mercy

On Don't Make Me Live Without You by No Mercy

Thanks so much ...was searching for the song and band name since long. Your website suggested a result based on some text I typed which lead to the song I was searching for.


By Sanjay (from Bengaluru, India) on 14 Mar 2021

Gary Valenciano

On What More Can I Say by Gary Valenciano

A soft song I listened to in the 80s by a male vocals. Just the chorus I can remember. "Am gonna take you by surprise and make you realize oh babe, I love you"


By Joshua Azumarah (from Nigeria) on 11 Mar 2021

Louis Armstrong Louis Armstrong Oscar Peterson

On What's New? by Louis Armstrong Louis Armstrong Oscar Peterson

I've been running the melody through my head for days, but I could only remember a few fragments of lyrics. THANK YOU!


By Larry Smith (from Lexington, United States) on 11 Mar 2021

Resurrection Band

On Benny & Sue by Resurrection Band

fantastic, I was trying to remember that song for a long time.


By Eric Erickson (from San Jose, United States) on 11 Mar 2021

5 Seconds of Summer

On Best Friend by 5 Seconds of Summer

WOW I've been looking for this song for literally an hour and a half. THANK YOU!!!


By Kimberly Clark (from Rifle, United States) on 11 Mar 2021

k.d. lang

On Helpless by k.d. lang

Great search engine for songs that we remember but cannot place. Just a lyric or a line and that does it! Thanx


By Shane Pope (from Plainfield, United States) on 09 Mar 2021

Ray Price

On Pride by Ray Price

I was surprised at how easy and how quickly this worked given that there are other songs with similar lyrics.
  Thank you!!


By Fred Bentley (from United States) on 09 Mar 2021

Nancy LaMott

On You and I by Nancy LaMott

Fantastic search weapon. Love this song search - just by lyrics alone and I am able to find exactly the song I am looking for.


By Joel (from Markham, Canada) on 09 Mar 2021

Capability Brown

On Circumstances (In Love, Past, Present, Future Meet) by Capability Brown

Thanks to this website I've now finally found this 20 minute-long song I last heard 41 years ago and have searched for ever since. It's the first time the few lyrics I remembered have come up with a positive hit. And that was even with some of the words wrong.
I can't say enough how delighted I am. I've now bought the digital album. Thank you a million times!!!


By Carol (from Sunderland, United Kingdom) on 21 Feb 2021

Lecrae Tedashii

On Represent by Lecrae Tedashii

it was i finally found it after 4 years of looking i appreciate this site very much thank you thank you thank you


By jerrby lashley (from Adona, United States) on 08 Mar 2021


On Vacation by Gyakie

This app has been helpful. Been serching for the artist of a song for a while until I can across this site. I Knew just part of the lyrics, but now the artist too. Thank you


By Samuel (from Nigeria) on 08 Mar 2021

The Cadets

On I Want You by The Cadets

I’ve been looking for this song for over 20 years. Thank you, Thank you!


By Gyc (from Phoenix, United States) on 08 Mar 2021


On Loser by Von

looking for a rock song with chorus lyrics like this: you're not a loser but you're losing again, losing again


By vence (from Congo) on 25 Feb 2021


On Chosen by Ultraphonic

Trying to look for an old indie/hipster song that goes like
“Maybe we/ maybe we could show the way ___today today today. I heard it on a laptop commercial I think back in 2011-2015??. The singer was female. Song is still stuck in head


By Samantha Moreno (from San Antonio, United States) on 25 Feb 2021


On Women Lose Weight by Morcheeba

Locking for a song lyrics go like.... "My mind all blur cant focus on anything... I went to the doc.... And she gave me an aderrall it's from season 1 episode 4 of the Netflix series Ginny & Georgia


By Ocean (from Nigeria) on 25 Feb 2021

Armor For Sleep

On The End Of A Fraud by Armor For Sleep

I found it so hard to find this song. Breaking up my search though helped me find it instantly.


By Dan (from Brighton, United Kingdom) on 06 Mar 2021


On Underneath by Sevdaliza

Wow..........I have been looking for this song title for like 3 years and FINALLY I have found it ❤


By Izzy (from Abbotsford, Canada) on 04 Mar 2021