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Heather Nova

On Motherland by Heather Nova

I’m sure the song I’m looking for was sang by a black artiste either late 80s or early 90s. I can only remember the chorus which goes “I’ll be living, I’m living for you. And I’ll be giving, I’ll give it to you. Oh yeah”. Then the hook of the song was Minnie Ripperton’s Lovin’ you.


By Ibrahim G (from Lagos, Nigeria) on 21 Jun 2020

Shakin' Stevens

On Sapphire by Shakin' Stevens

I am seeking an earlier version of this song.


By Andrew Kerr (from Philadelphia, United States) on 21 Jun 2020


On London State of Mind by Phanton

Looking for a song I keep hearing at work, a jazz song with a female singer that says something like “ And you fooled everybody so well, don’t let anybody know that you’re living in hell”


By Jo (from Piteå, Sweden) on 13 Jun 2020

The Jimmy Castor Bunch

On It's Just Begun by The Jimmy Castor Bunch

I'm looking for a song from the 90s with the following lyrics -
"Sun you were high but now you're low in the sky, we had fun, but it's over, it's over, it's over,it's over....."
Pretty sure the name of the song is "setting sun" but I can't find it on the Internet!!!


By Nova (from Adelaide, Australia) on 12 Jun 2020

Rex Goudie

On Run by Rex Goudie

I was listening to the Polaris Long List 2020 and found a song that had a Rex Goudie's Run feel to it. Same lyrics, kinda same beat. So happy I got to find it! I hadn't listen to Run in over 15 years. Awesome!


By Jade (from Sherbrooke, Canada) on 19 Jun 2020


On White Dove by Scorpions

Result! Excellent! Only had two lines! A friend of mine thought it was by Aerosmith but it's the Scorpions where the two line lyric hides in the track 'White Dove.'


By Martin (from London, United Kingdom) on 19 Jun 2020

Fly by Midnight

On Sign Of The Times by Fly by Midnight

Yes! This is the song i was looking for. This website really helped me. I love this website!


By Olivia Smith (from Manhattan Beach, United States) on 19 Jun 2020

Al Denson

On Extra Mile by Al Denson

Hello! I'm searching for an old gospel country song. I don't have any information of it except a few parts from it. They are: "...tell me how should i feel..."; "...if one day you show me the way..." and some parts I believe sounds like this:"..." I had a friend to see of mighty clouds start to glow a million...";' ...yes I hear a singing bell, how it sounds that kind of..."... choir "...couse the seed is ours..." (or something like that); "...tell me what I'm doing here, choir "...we can get your destiny" (or something like that)


By Leslie Silvério Turibio Gomes (from Belo Horizonte, Brazil) on 10 Jun 2020


On Keep it 100 by 3FOR3

I'm looking for a song with lyrics like this "I think we started something, gonna tell the world again, oh you're so beautiful, I just can't hold it in, Don't tell me that the good old days are over"
Anybody know the title and singer of this song?


By Faldi (from Dumai, Indonesia) on 10 Jun 2020


On Ready for love by Omega

Hi song experts,
Could you tell me which song has lyrics that goes sthing like:
Hold me tight
Don't let go
Though I dont think I am ready for love
but I need you
Google couldnt find it :<
Many thanks in advance


By sofie (from Hornsey, United Kingdom) on 13 Jun 2020

Johnny Gill

On Love In An Elevator by Johnny Gill

I am looking for the soul of a woman I found the song a few months ago now I cannot find it


By Terry Guillory (from Dothan, United States) on 13 Jun 2020


On Mormon defense squad by Foma

The lyrics I'm searching for from the 50's are one that was popular, a love ballad, with a title like: the meaning of Love. Some of the words were: "don't think these things are far above you, they're always there when someone loves you"


By LJ (from Laguna Niguel, United States) on 09 Jun 2020

John Hiatt

On Adios To California by John Hiatt

I've been searching all day for this! Thank you for this site.


By JOAN (from Wells, United States) on 17 Jun 2020

Imagine Dragons

On Dream by Imagine Dragons

I’ve been looking for this song for about 2 years!!! Thanks so much, I’m definitely buying this song now. I made a 13 second cover of this song (on That’s how long I’ve been looking, seriously) but “dreams of being golden” were the only lyrics I remembered. They constantly got stuck in my head and now I can finally rest in peace.


By Lavender (from Tuscola, United States) on 17 Jun 2020


On Fucked Up Things by DuckButterfly

Does anyone know the title of this UK song by a female, there's also a video clip, which goes like "i'm just tryna get paid... woo ho, i'm just tryna count stacks, it's very recent i think i can't find it damn it!


By Tobia Bacchini (from Casalecchio di Reno, Italy) on 17 Jun 2020

Vancouver Sleep Clinic

On Ayahuasca by Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Omg I love this site! This song was playing on and on in my head and I just couldn't figure out which song it is.


By Sakshi (from New Delhi, India) on 16 Jun 2020

Night Beds

On Wanted_You In August by Night Beds

Thank you SO MUCH for this. I've been looking for this song for five years now. I heard it in a Starbucks when I was little and it never left me. Beautiful song!


By Alex (from Hawthorne, United States) on 15 Jun 2020

Maria Mena

On Sorry by Maria Mena

I've spent YEARS looking for this song! I'm so excited right now!!


By Lauren (from Azusa, United States) on 15 Jun 2020


On Lurgee by Radiohead

I heard this song it’s really good but I only got the first two lines anybody tell me what this song is


By Kathy Mohnal (from United States) on 15 Jun 2020

Karla Bonoff

On Way Of The Heart by Karla Bonoff

Thank you so much for developing this site, especially for Golden girls like me who need help with recalling past tunes! You are geniuses in developing this website! It was quick in assisting me! Many thanks!


By Debbie Creter (from Avon Lake, United States) on 15 Jun 2020


On New Ego, Who Dis? by Oskarprophecy

I don't seem to find the song I'm trying to find, it's like it's not even a song


By Sianna (from Rosemere, Canada) on 15 Jun 2020


On Brilliant Sky by Saybia

I cannot find the song's lyrics I am looking for. It is either Hold on Hold on or Hang on Hang on there's a _____ between us. It is the _____ I am looking for. The blank is either (I think) wall or war


By Mary (from Wellington, New Zealand) on 05 Jun 2020

Yngwie Malmsteen

On Magic Mirror by Yngwie Malmsteen

Excellent site to find whatever the song you are looking for. Thanks


By Chedon 09 Jun 2020

George Jones

On I've Turned You to Stone by George Jones

So nostalgic song I've learnt growing up. Taught by my English language teacher in high school. Never even understand the lyrics until now...such a great classic...


By Gunu (from Lagos, Nigeria) on 14 Jun 2020

Consoul Trainin

On Take Me To Infinity by Consoul Trainin

Hey guys , I’m looking for a song that clubs mostly plays it , it goes like “ just take me to infinity wow wow” in a girls voice , I think it’s a remix but not to sure , please help me out !!


By Anonymous (from Dubai, United Arab Emirates) on 04 Jun 2020

Martina McBride

On That Wasn't Me by Martina McBride

Recently remembered this beautiful song but could not for the life of me remember who sang it. So glad your site helped and figured it out.


By Mamie E Hudgins (from Dalton, United States) on 13 Jun 2020


On Okay (Prod By @ChrisRichardson) by Arabsosa

Im trying to look for a song that go’s “all i want is” and then there is another line. And then it says “All I want is you.” I heard it on CHYM once. Please help


By Anonymous (from Brantford, Canada) on 13 Jun 2020

Eddy Arnold

On Now I Think As A Man by Eddy Arnold

Looking for song and singer. Lyrics. I opened your letter that I received today but I could not believe you would desert me this way. If I find your new love I'll write and tell him his lover is a breaker of hearts.


By James Dixon (from Belfast, United Kingdom) on 02 Jun 2020

The Janoskians

On This Freakin Song by The Janoskians

It goes like this "All I have it's all I need " please help me to find this song


By Taras Viitiuk (from Italy) on 02 Jun 2020

Peter Hollens

On The hanging tree by Peter Hollens

I love Hunger Games so I was wondering if this was the real song and the lyrics completely match up.


By Logan (from Grande Prairie, Canada) on 12 Jun 2020