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John Watts

On The Worker by John Watts

I heard 2 ladies having a conversation in a coffee shop. I wasn't listening but my ears pricked up and that was because I heard the words " bought a 69 Capri failed the mot" all of a sudden I was transported bk to when I was 17. I started humming the tune. Before we knew it we were singing the words to each other, very discreetly of course. We messed a a few words up after all this time but it was fun behaving like teenagers again though, just for a few seconds. Lol Her friend sat there looking totally blank lol so I decided to get the lyrics proper so that when we meet next week. She has probably done the same.. Lol
I can't thank you enough for providing this service its made my day finding the lyrics.
Kind regards


By Carol Collier (from Hinckley, United Kingdom) on 28 Mar 2020

Don Toliver

On No Idea (DJ Purpberry Chopped and Screwed) by Don Toliver

It was the exact song I was looking for, I have been trying to find this song forever!!


By Isabella Rascon (from Turlock, United States) on 28 Mar 2020

On TRY TO HURT by Oh Yahoo

This hurts, seriously. How does this song and band not exist? Nowhere on YouTube, Spotify, and google search can I find this band or song specifically.


By Pat (from Olalla, United States) on 27 Mar 2020

Grace Mitchell

On NoLo by Grace Mitchell

Been looking for the song since hearing it in the store for what feels like eternity! I tried Google but the songs in the search never matches even when putting some of the lyrics in quotation marks. Thanks!


By Christine (from Kent, United States) on 27 Mar 2020


On after school by Notmorgn

Omg I wanna know the name of the song


By A (from Eugene, United States) on 27 Mar 2020

Olivia Newton-John

On What Is Life by Olivia Newton-John

This page is a delight. I had been searching on the search engine many web pages and not till I found your web page was I able to get any assistance. All of the other web pages gave me only adds and garbage. This web page provided the search easily and found the song information immediately. You are now on my favorites. Thank you so much


By Finetop (from Cape Coral, United States) on 20 Mar 2020

The Cascades

On Rhythm of the Rain by The Cascades

I'm looking for a song that's a version of rhythm of the rain by the cascades. Has a female in it rapping"listen to the rhythm now listen to it good...misunderstood..." & The guy singing the chrous like the cascades did. Sorry that's all I can remember. Not much to go with but I used to have it on a disc but sadly lost it. Please if someone knows the song I'll be really happy lol


By Anonymous (from Napier City, New Zealand) on 20 Mar 2020


On Hourglass by Seedna

Looking for a song from the movie Alley Cats Strike from Disney.
You only hear two lines of the song and shazam can't recognize it.
The lyrics are as follows,
I wish life was like the movies,
We would never have to fall apart


By Ryan Zell (from Pekin, United States) on 20 Mar 2020

Ingram Hill

On Closer by Ingram Hill

Thanks for helping me find the artist and title to this song! My son made me this cd before he passed away with cancer . It had several songs and artists . I knew most of them but was having trouble finding this one. Thanks so much for the help!


By Dan Owens (from Glenview, United States) on 19 Mar 2020

Evil Activities

On Do You Like Bass (Tha Playah Remix) by Evil Activities

The song I’m looking for is regarding that song by 2 chains and trey songz one of the parts goes “it’s a vibe it’s a vibe” but in a soft higher voice reminds me of this other song I’m thinking but can’t remember it goes “do you like do you do you like” think like someone like neyo voice soft or even trey songz please help


By Elena Borjas (from Frazier Park, United States) on 16 Mar 2020

Now That's What I Call Music!

On Everyone's Free (To Wear Sunscreen) by Now That's What I Call Music!

I can’t believe you found it! I’ve been looking for this song forever.


By Cathy (from Des Moines, United States) on 23 Mar 2020

Lenny Cooper

On Home by Lenny Cooper

the song I am looking for was in a show called "all american" it was season 2 episode 2 and I've been looking for an hour but I can't seem to find it. If you find it send me it through insta @_danielthekid_


By Daniel (from Fort Wayne, United States) on 23 Mar 2020

Jungle Brothers

On Straight Out The Jungle by Jungle Brothers

I am looking for a song from a circa 1983 MTV video. It featured a stripper in a club with weird guys in the audience. The lyrics were something like "make a move, make a move why hold on to something you can't use?"


By Paul Fisher (from United States) on 14 Mar 2020

Young Diamond

On What happened to you by Young Diamond

I’m looking for a song that was on tik tok it goes like: I’m the type of girl who hits the gas quick and the singer is female, please help me


By Bob (from Birmingham, United Kingdom) on 17 Mar 2020

Slick Rick

On Sittin' In My Car by Slick Rick

I’m looking for a song sang by males, don’t know if it’s a group but they sound like a group at the chorus. Song goes like, I need someone I need someone I need someone I need someone, who can love me for who I am


By mboshono (from Oshikango, Namibia) on 17 Mar 2020

Jamestown Story

On Every Moment by Jamestown Story

I'm looking for a song of the sixties. It's not "Last kiss". I think it's a little older. The text - so i remember - tells a story of a man, who looked für his girl in the twon. "Oh where can my baby be? …. I went downtown and looked around …. oh where can my baby be


By Josef Frey (from Grabs, Switzerland) on 13 Mar 2020

Mary Chapin Carpenter

On Something Of A Dreamer by Mary Chapin Carpenter

Thanks for making my day. I have been searching for this song for over ten years.


By Kingboy (from Mumbai, India) on 22 Mar 2020

Lisa Hannigan

On Fall by Lisa Hannigan

Your app worked the 1st attempt...fantastic! Thank you. Was trying to find Fall, by Lisa Hannigan, and all I could remember was "right through the fall." Super! And what a great song!


By Timothy J Beaton (from Jackson, United States) on 20 Mar 2020

Dalvin Degrate

On Why Can't We by Dalvin Degrate

Thank you so much for this! I've been searching everyone for this song


By Michael Hayden (from Brooklyn, United States) on 20 Mar 2020

The Mayan Factor

On Warflower by The Mayan Factor

I have been looking for the lyrics to this song for quite a while. Thank you I now know the powerful words to this magnificent song.


By Robert (from Yuma, United States) on 20 Mar 2020


On Aşk cinayet sever by Gülşen

I am looking for a song with lyrics in Arab and English I once heard in my childhood. It is mysterious, with a lady singing in both languages. I recall the lyrics echoing in my head "sweet moon, light my way". I may have a memory of it being a version of Senden Sonra.


By Jessica Mota De Oliveira (from Goiânia, Brazil) on 10 Mar 2020


On Oops by RØMANS

70s song been stuck in my head forever thats just some lyrics oh lady da ive been waiting so long oh lady da i i love you ooh ooh so hard to say you know i dont love you anymore


By Mike Taylor (from Marshalltown, United States) on 19 Mar 2020

Jukebox The Ghost

On Under My Skin by Jukebox The Ghost

This is crazy, how did this work so well. This song was stuck in my head in the shower but i only knew the tune, this website is amazing


By Tea (from Melbourne, Australia) on 09 Mar 2020

Francesco Yates

On Honey I'm Home by Francesco Yates

I have been searching for this song like crazy!!! I can't find it anywhere, I heard it from a friend's playlist and she died. It's an Rnb track " when it rains", just not sure that's the title.


By Raemua (from Windhoek, Namibia) on 17 Mar 2020


On Deadphone by Kari

Im looking for a song that has a girl singing with really nice bass, it's upbeat and the clearest lyrics I can remember are 'see me out don't hit my line', 'I want to hold you back' and 'you're someone different,' or something like that


By LBY (from Oakland, United States) on 02 Mar 2020

Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly

On Don't Wanna Lose Your Love by Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly

Yes and I've been looking for this song f pi r years


By Kendall Roke (from New Orleans, United States) on 13 Mar 2020

George Morgan

On One Dozen Roses (And Our Love) by George Morgan

Hi, the song I'm looking for goes something like. "Today is your birthday, means a day about you. Time to think of the memories you have with everyone who loves you. Now let me sing to you, now let us sing to you, happy birthday"


By Michelle Jenkins (from Troy, United States) on 06 Mar 2020


On How You Gonna Act Like That by Tyrese

I have been looking for this song for months!!!!!!


By Carissa Marie Doney (from Sacramento, United States) on 28 Feb 2020


On When Will I See You Again by Shakka

this was the song i was looking for and i couldn’t find it anywhere else!


By alexsa (from Bowmanville, Canada) on 12 Mar 2020

Gucci Mane

On Lame by Gucci Mane

This song might be by queen. 10 years after or yes, late 70s early 80s. Its sunny on a cloudy day or something like that.


By Kay Howell (from Chicago, United States) on 12 Mar 2020