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Fistful of Mercy

On As I Call You Down by Fistful of Mercy

I am looking for a song from the docuseries I Love You Now Die. It is the only song in the series with lyrics. The lyrics are "I fall, you call..." What is this song? It is not on the soundtrack from the series.


By Sonya F Michel (from Yulee, United States) on 16 Jul 2019

Hall & Oates

On Rich Girl by Hall & Oates

Thank you, I found it after typing , don’t you know, this girls has gone too far and then Bitch girl LOL. Then rich girl came out and have to read the lyrics and this is it I’m looking for.


By Shelly D. (from Barrie, Canada) on 17 Jul 2019


On Companion by Auto

It's an older song.
With looking for real love, I'm looking for real love. Another part of it says something like this: I've been around the track a few times or all of my life


By Paulette-Angel Politz (from United States) on 18 Jul 2019

Beach Bunny

On Call Me Baby by Beach Bunny

you told me when you grew up ; you'd give me your heart


By Dick Farrell (from Reno, United States) on 18 Jul 2019

Amy Winehouse

On The Girl From Ipanema by Amy Winehouse

Awesome thanks again !!


By Denise delagarza (from New Braunfels, United States) on 18 Jul 2019

Ben E. King

On That's All by Ben E. King

Thank u!!


By Denise delagarza (from New Braunfels, United States) on 18 Jul 2019

St. Vincent

On Los Ageless by St. Vincent

Yes this is it!


By Noah (from Kanata, Canada) on 19 Jul 2019


On Good Love by Klymaxx

Thank you , i found it !


By Zahada Parmasur (from Durban, South Africa) on 19 Jul 2019


On Give It to Me (feat. Jay Park, Simon Dominic) by Crush

The chorus goes as follows: i want all your good loving , good love


By Zahada Parmasur (from Durban, South Africa) on 19 Jul 2019


On Truth Hurts by Lizzo

Heard this on the radio.


By dalewoah (from Kansas City, United States) on 19 Jul 2019


On Pedestal by Portishead

Hii everyone ......does someone know name of the song that has the lyrics 'my heart is a canvas its always pointing at you....i came alive just for you to erase the pain'...I couldn't remember the lyrics so much bcause this song was played in the radio and it was sung by a woman singer...I really love the song but couldnt find the name ...


By Heartfeliaa (from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) on 16 Jul 2019


On Crystallised by Haken

I can’t find the song I’m looking for :(((((


By Zzzz (from United States) on 16 Jul 2019

On Immortal Technique - Dance With The Devil (Arabic version) by RGArabia Translations

Looking for a song in the what I would say is electronic/ house genre of a girl who sings something along the lines with “never met someone I could fuck hardcore before”


By Angel (from Malmo, Sweden) on 15 Jul 2019

Chaka Khan

On Get Ready, Get Set by Chaka Khan

This is nothing short of a miracle. Let me explain (to whoever might be curious). I was 11 or 12 years old at that time (I am 52 today) so almost 40 years later!!! My sister took a trip to NYC for the summer (we are from France). When she came back, she had that tape that a friend of hers recorded on the radio at that time. That song was on it. I played it over and over again. Yes, at 12 years old, I was already a funk freak, until one day, ma favorite tape disappeared, I had lost the tape with that song on it. And all I could remember, during all these years, was the chorus (all day all night) and that´s it. OK, considering how casual the lyrics are, there were over 1000 entries for the search, but with patience, I eventually found it. I feel I can die happy now.


By Sam (from Campinas, Brazil) on 15 Jul 2019

I see what you mean. 1,017 good matches for that 4 letter word combination.
If the search had an advanced option where you could have estimated the release year it could have helped to put in that it was first released somewhere near 1980 which was, believe it or not, 40 years ago.

By Peter Bengtsson (from Mt. Pleasant, United States) on 16 Jul 2019

L. Frank Baum

On The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (CHAP. 18) by L. Frank Baum

It’s a song by a older man


By Shanara Patterson (from Chicago, United States) on 17 Jul 2019

The Dudley Corporation

On The Auld Fairy by The Dudley Corporation

I run out of room no places to hide and all I can do is drag you into the dark


By Anonymous (from Chicago, United States) on 17 Jul 2019

Mickey Thomas

On You're Good with Your Love by Mickey Thomas

Yes this is the song, but I know it from Greg Lakes’ recording. I was looking for clarification of 1song line in particular : “I hear it’s strictly KID GLOVE” ?? Really?? Well, it still doesn’t make sense to me, so will continue to make me nuts.
This song is on Greg Lakes self titled first solo album that (I believe) was released in 1982. This, along with his 2nd solo album entitled Manoeuvres are still 2 of my very favorite albums from back in the day. As 1 of the founding members of King Crimson and Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Greg Lake has one of those iconic rock-n-roll voices that I grew up listening to. Both bands were also an important part of the prog-rock sound.


By Kimberly Haderer (from Garden Grove, United States) on 15 Jul 2019


On No Money by Galantis

I’m looking for a song I heard today while at a birthday party in a Chuck E. Cheese. The song was by a girl rock band, three members in the band I believe. The song had something in the chorus along the lines of “I get back up again” and I believe the last line in the song was something like “I never needed you” or “I don’t need you” it seemed to be a break up song.
The music video showed scenes of women in stereotypical southern belle dress being uptight, at some point paint was thrown on them and their dresses. The music video was set against a white background and was overall very bright white.


By Ruby (from Dardanelle, United States) on 14 Jul 2019

Yuri Khedz

On Paper Airplanes by Yuri Khedz

What's what's that song that goes "Even though I'm gone, it still ain't ova. I'll haunt you in your dreams you little bitch now bend ova. "


By Daddy for life bitch (from United States) on 14 Jul 2019

Ronnie Dove

On Say You by Ronnie Dove

Yes is it possible to get the piano or guitar codes


By Anonymous (from Canada) on 18 Jul 2019


On A Few Days Off by Diorama

“not so long ago i lost my head if I didn’t know i would have been dead — so come and get me, come and get me” • it was played on scream resurrection s3 e5


By Jo (from Kuwait City, Kuwait) on 18 Jul 2019


On Don't You Go by Robyn

anyone knows this lyrics?
" that i will always be with you .....( words words)
somehow i know we'll make it through
until i see you , now that i see you, now that i hear you....( song in the 70' s or 80's

another song is
; tell me come to new world
why did she run ( something like that in the 80's


By cliff alim (from San Juan, Philippines) on 12 Jul 2019

Sugar Ray

On Someday by Sugar Ray

Thanks for helping me find this song.
The lyrics are the words I needed to hear.


By Art (from Lithia, United States) on 12 Jul 2019

The Fleetwoods

On Graduation's Here by The Fleetwoods

Thank you, reminds me of my older sister graduation in the 60s, and us kids so happy for her!


By Annette Estrella (from United States) on 15 Jul 2019

The Anix

On Stereo (You and I) by The Anix

hey there’s a rap song that says “and she knows everything i don’t wanna ever give” or something really close to that and i don’t know what it is


By Jay (from Marcus Hook, United States) on 15 Jul 2019

Pat Benatar

On So by Pat Benatar



By Kinani katsiai (from Papua New Guinea) on 17 Jul 2019

The Lovelites

On Oh What A Day by The Lovelites

My love is real


By Cynthia (from San Diego, United States) on 17 Jul 2019

Tony Joe White

On I Thought I Know You Well by Tony Joe White

i thought i knew you so well. Did i not love you at all(...) we both are losing anyway. why are you trying to care for me? how am i supposed to know. you are never the same


By Agente A (from Lima, Peru) on 17 Jul 2019

Linda Ronstadt

On Hurt So Bad by Linda Ronstadt

Thanx! Great site. The line was hanging in my head and I found the song .


By Peet (from The Hague, Netherlands) on 13 Jul 2019