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Lil forest boy

On Blunt in my Mouth by Lil forest boy

I'm looking for a song with the lyrics "your not a 10 your 100 (110)" also "my mind's on your body" he sings about how she's at the gym.


By Kelly (from Glasgow, United Kingdom) on 04 Jan 2020

Miracle Of Sound

On Join The Party by Miracle Of Sound

i cant find this song on any lyric searcher this lyric searcher is perfect it has all the songs i can think of.


By Telise Hall (from United States) on 08 Jan 2020

The O'Jays

On I Love Music (Part 1) by The O'Jays

i’m looking for a different version of this song, it an lady singing it. and it isn’t Rozella’s version.


By anneya (from Chicago, United States) on 08 Jan 2020

Tom Clay

On What the World Needs Now Is Love by Tom Clay

Yes, songsearch came up with only 1 result, & it was from 1971 - What the world needs now is Love...Thanks


By Steve James (from Melbourne, Australia) on 08 Jan 2020

Lawrence Gowan

On Dancing on My Own Ground by Lawrence Gowan

27 years.
TWENTY SEVEN YEARS since this was a minor hit in Canada and stuck in my head. Every year or so I spend a few hours googling lyrics and going through playlists of artists with a voice similar to this from late 80s early 90s and I finally found it thank you.

Tears of joy for finding it even though the song is just okay kinda good not fantastic


By Brennan (from Colorado Springs, United States) on 04 Jan 2020

Cute Is What We Aim For

On Harbor by Cute Is What We Aim For

Hi...i heard a song recently which had lyrics like 'start' 'part' and other words that rhymed with these's a recent song...anyone know what song it could be?


By Ruth (from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) on 03 Jan 2020

Adam Guettel

On Is That Remarkable? by Adam Guettel

The song I'm looking for is from the early 70s, and from the vocals I'd swear it must be the 5th Dimension or Manhattan Transfer, but I've not found it in their discographies.


By James Jones (from Des Moines, United States) on 03 Jan 2020

Justin Solonynka

On Everland by Justin Solonynka

I have been looking for a particular song for years and can't find it.

I a child of the earth, from the dust i had my birth. I earth's beauty grew to stand, walk in peace upon the land.


By Rusty (from West Des Moines, United States) on 05 Jan 2020

Alana Grace

On Paranoid by Alana Grace

Been looking for Thai song for three years ever since I heard it on my grandmas old ipod! The iPod had a broken screen so I never knew what the name was!


By Megan Bryant (from Clinton, United States) on 07 Jan 2020

Maurette Brown Clark

On Has God Done Anything For You? by Maurette Brown Clark

Was looking for Male county artist, aired on "90 Joy FM" sings about how God is there all the time providing specifically these ways, proctecting saying how many things will it take for you to know I (God) love were not able to come up with it; but you did introduce me to another artist with poignant personal love/ relatinship struggle which totally enjoyed! Thanks


By Sandra Payne (from Washington, United States) on 04 Jan 2020

Chris Brown

On Beg for it by Chris Brown

Omg thank you so much this is the song I was looking for


By Jana Mohamamd (from Kuwait City, Kuwait) on 04 Jan 2020

Suzy Bogguss Garth Brooks

On Take Me Back by Suzy Bogguss Garth Brooks

the lyrics chorus "Bring me back my heart"
"Bring me back my love"
"I just giving of my strengh"

what title and artist did she sing?
Please tell me who is that artist and that music title of that song that it's stuck on my head that music is around 2000's or 1990's


By Jasper A. (from Cabanatuan City, Philippines) on 04 Jan 2020

Dave Mason

On Dreams I Dream by Dave Mason

I've trying to find out the name of this song and who it was by sinice 1996


By Heath Mitchell (from Marina, United States) on 01 Jan 2020

Aaron Cole

On Thoughts by Aaron Cole

Where can I get this song? I looked on YouTube, Apple Music, amazon music... I can’t find it anywhere and I want it so bad! Thoughts by Aaron Cole


By Mistina (from Guymon, United States) on 06 Jan 2020


On M.I.A. (Hidden Track) by M.I.A.

What's the name of the song I don't know the lyrics and tell me what is the name of that song


By Rupal (from India) on 03 Jan 2020

Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five

On It's Nasty by Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five

I have been looking for this song for a long time it was a song that we use to listen to all the time as teenagers and that waa some 30 years ago. The only words i could remember were toward the end of the song I got waterbed seats in my limosen and everytime i am seen I've got to be clean. After finding this song it brought back alot of teenage memories....


By AJ (from United States) on 31 Dec 2019

The Avalanches

On Since I Left You by The Avalanches

Awesome. Had the song in my head but couldn’t find it anywhere. Just remembering the Welcome to Paradise line help me find the song.


By Ashley (from Reading, United Kingdom) on 02 Jan 2020

Julie Rogers

On Ave Maria by Julie Rogers

Thank you. I hear this in my dream and I want the lyrics so I could find the piano chords.


By Virginia Dodd (from Canton, United States) on 05 Jan 2020

Tom Paxton

On Goin' To The Zoo by Tom Paxton

Thank you, thank you, thank you! this has been haunting me since I was a small child!


By Sue K. (from Oakville, Canada) on 05 Jan 2020

Anne Clark

On Our Darkness by Anne Clark

Wow! This was found on the first search! Awesome!!!


By Mike Dreyer (from Chicago, United States) on 01 Jan 2020

The Three Degrees

On Runne by The Three Degrees

Found what I was looking for so long. Thanks.


By Dmitriy (from Pskov, Russia) on 04 Jan 2020

Suzy Bogguss Garth Brooks

On Take Me Back by Suzy Bogguss Garth Brooks

The one lyrics of the song is on chorus says "Take me back my love, Take me back my love" a female artist sings beautifully
and what is the title please


By Jasper A. (from Cabanatuan City, Philippines) on 04 Jan 2020

Porter Wagoner

On Sounds Of Night by Porter Wagoner

Hi I am persistently looking for this song because it means the world to me.. My gran listened to this song and its been stuck in my head for about a year and a half.. It's in the movie Ron Clark Story.. @ 3:59 And the night sounds start to whisper.. It a duette song ( Man + woman)


By Daniel (from South Africa) on 04 Jan 2020

Billy More

On The New Millennium Girl (Radio Mix) by Billy More

Great i was looking for this song so much time.


By Rene (from Tegucigalpa, Honduras) on 31 Dec 2019

Mörk Gryning

On The Final Battle by Mörk Gryning

I've been searching for this album for YEARS (15 years to be exact). God bless you guys and the AWESOME service you've created.


By Paul (from Minsk, Belarus) on 31 Dec 2019

Tony Bennett

On Suddenly by Tony Bennett

Thank you so much. I have been looking for this song for more than 50 years :-) brings back sweet memories of my first special love.


By Mary Jo Roser (from Wadsworth, United States) on 03 Jan 2020


On Can You Travel in the Dark Alone by Gandalf

This is my song i was looking for really helpful


By Pradyy (from Kolkata, India) on 03 Jan 2020

Bei Maejor

On Show Me by Bei Maejor

the version I knew was a female singer and early 90s. love the song soooo much. But now I can find it!!


By harpreet singh (from Letchworth, United Kingdom) on 03 Jan 2020


On My R (English Cover) by Rachie

I really like this song. At YouTube people also make gacha life music videos of it. I'm gonna do the same now I know how this song is named. Sadly it isn't on spotify


By Raven (from Leimuiden, Netherlands) on 03 Jan 2020


On Across The Miles by Survivor

Awesome!! A long time ago I did some traveling and I remember playing the song over and over during the trip and it helped me feel connected to my loved ones back home. Thanks so much you guys rock!


By Katherine Alexander (from United States) on 02 Jan 2020