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Kelly Price

On At Least (Little Things) by Kelly Price

Thanks and great job guys.
I have been looking for this song for years
You guys are really cool.


By Wale Akins (from Benin City, Nigeria) on 17 Jun 2021

Elaine Stritch

On You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me by Elaine Stritch

Fantastic to find these lyrics which my friend, whose memory is not as it was, started to sing, and now she is able to finish singing it!


By True friend (from Royal Leamington Spa, United Kingdom) on 31 Aug 2021

Imagine Dragons

On Polaroid by Imagine Dragons

I found the song I was looking for within seconds!!!!


By Megan ODell (from United States) on 31 Aug 2021

David Houston

On Baby, Baby (I Know You're a Lady) by David Houston

I grew up on songs like this. Sometimes they pop up in your head and won't leave till you identify them


By JM Brown (from United States) on 28 Aug 2021

Jamestown Revival

On Paradise by Jamestown Revival

Paradise by Jamestown Revival
My husband had some of the lyrics in his head & couldn't remember who sang it. Thank you!


By Pam Johnson (from Florence, United States) on 28 Aug 2021


On I've Been Waiting by Allison

This song has been stuck in my head for a year!! Ahh thank you!! I've found it at long last!!


By H (from India) on 28 Aug 2021


On Feel It by RKCB

So the song I'm looking for I thought was sung by the Travelling Wilburys.

In my head. I can hear a man and a guitar... And his singing "Oh I can feel it, oh I feel so alive" oh I can feel it coming over me tonight or I can feel the magic tonight...

This is not a new 60s,70s or 80s perhaps.

Any help to get this earworm out my head would be greatly appreciated :)


By Craig Roets (from Bangkok, Thailand) on 13 Jun 2021

Max Webster

On Let Your Man Fly by Max Webster

The song which I'm looking for is I think it's old songs I'm not sure it's a male singer & but the chorus goes like this
*Say say say say (femals background singers)
 (Male)- Sweetheart how about you take a little little chance on me cause it's not ours....
  #Please find this song for me 🙏


By Liyan (from Bongaigaon, India) on 13 Jun 2021

Ice Cube

On Who's The Mack? by Ice Cube

Looking for a song with lyrics “Get it Over wiith tell it day you better get it over with don't delay”
ra&b group


By Ronnie (from United States) on 06 Apr 2021

Jerry Vale

On He by Jerry Vale

How can I get the words to this song?


By Michael Glenn (from Philadelphia, United States) on 06 Apr 2021

Jon & Vangelis

On So Long Ago, So Clear by Jon & Vangelis

Thank you for finding me the song when I only remembered the first line


By maria m (from Plymouth, United Kingdom) on 25 Aug 2021

Tommee Profitt

On Hurricane by Tommee Profitt

There are so many songs with this title that it is comparable to finding a needle in a haystack. Thank you!


By Alassë (from Clarksville, United States) on 24 Aug 2021

Cisco Houston

On Brave Engineer by Cisco Houston

I'm so happy!!! My daddy used to sing this to us. He said his mother used to sing it to him. I thought I'd never find it. I'm so happy I could cry.


By Angela Lawson (from Dallas, United States) on 23 Aug 2021

Nolan Thomas

On Yo' Little Brother by Nolan Thomas

I am looking for a song from the late 80's ( well that when I heard it) . And its this very flat voice talking about looking and himself and asking if he looks ok . The part I remember is he passes a store and says " I looked in the window and what did I say? How do I look? Do I look OK?" and the chorus was a few people singing " How Do I look? Do I look OK ? How Do I look? Do I look OK ...."


By Tara Olsen (from Rock Hill, United States) on 06 Jun 2021

The Watchmen

On Phone Call by The Watchmen

It starts with a woman’s voicemail “I heard your song on the radio, sounds like your doing great and I miss you”

Then the guy starts “I should have called you” or close to that. I think the album cover had a fire on it. I can think of anymore songs by this band and have exhausted Spotify search. It was released within the last 3 years I think.


By Rae Welsh (from New Holland, United States) on 06 Jun 2021

The Soft Boys

On Ugly Nora by The Soft Boys

So I have partial and more than likely misremembered lyrics from the 1980s. I'm fairly sure it was a female pop band/singer. It goes something like Stevie mean it don't say you don't know


By SP (from Yukon, United States) on 03 Jun 2021

Eva Cassidy

On Gee Baby Ain't I Good to You by Eva Cassidy

The song I am looking for is from the 1980s. It begins with, "I gave you my money and gave you my heart why you want to treat me mean..."


By Rosemary Cathrine Espinosa (from Fresno, United States) on 31 May 2021


On Heartprints by Kingsfoil

The song I am looking for should be an old song from a rock group. Goes in some parts like this...;

'Just like dogs they were....just like..du..du
Animals they were, for they couldn't share love...Love is good

One by One they came, playing all the instruments...playing all the to be used and then
thrown away... .. twaang..du.. du.. cha..


By Ngoni Damiso (from Harare, Zimbabwe) on 31 May 2021

The Oh Hellos

On Soldier, Poet, King by The Oh Hellos

Thank you so much!!! I have been looking for this song forever!!!!😊


By Emily (from Deadwood, United States) on 16 Aug 2021

Tyrone Davis

On Can I Change My Mind by Tyrone Davis

This is a fantastic site. Sitting 2k miles from my fiance, remembering songs and artists.


By Bae (from Las Vegas, United States) on 16 Aug 2021

Jochen Distelmeyer

On Just Like This Train by Jochen Distelmeyer

This is a great app. I never remember the names of song is just the lyrics. They always get them right for me.


By Louis licitra (from Key West, United States) on 16 Aug 2021


On Look Back by Nivea

I am SOOOOOOO excited you found the song I’ve been looking for for YEARSSSSS!! Currently on repeat 😊


By Yelliifbabii (from Grand Rapids, United States) on 16 Aug 2021

Sudden Death

On They Must Die by Sudden Death

I'm looking for this song sung by a white girl with blonde hair. Kind of a Janis Joplin mixed with stevie Nick's vibe


By Ethan Poling (from Chandler, United States) on 19 Mar 2021


On Miracle Man by AWOLNATION

I'm looking for a song from an old dvd that I recorded a long time ago and posted it onto YouTube I sadly don't remember the movie but I think I remember some parts of it
Lyrics (I remember)
Like a hurricane it pulls you under the undertow and back again
Sometimes you gotta hold on to yourself hold on to forever


By Luna Wolf 175 (from United States) on 13 Aug 2021

Before Braille

On Before Braille by Before Braille

Please who sang this song it was played on ‘Eating with my Ex | Amy & Marney on BBC Three or iplayer
The lyrics is “ you never know how much you love someone till you gone, and their voice comes along “ time: 5:53 on you edited clip. Thank you in advance I ll be beyond joyful if I can know the name of the artist and title.


By Mike (from Glasgow, United Kingdom) on 25 May 2021

sad alex

On good stuff by sad alex

Song lyrics: taking a jet ride to paradise...stars so bright to see my baby jammin in Bermuda time.


By Andy Miller (from Saint Augustine, United States) on 24 May 2021

Apathy & O.C.

On Winter Winds by Apathy & O.C.

The song I'm looking for is a country song about a woman leaving and the singer talks about all the things that remind him of her and the things he cant do or it's hard to the smell of dust on the furnace.


By Cynthia Dralle (from Indianapolis, United States) on 23 May 2021

Matt Monro

On Without You by Matt Monro

I've been trying to find this song for decades! I loved it as an 11 yr old little girl and never knew who sang it. I've hummed it, sang it and nobody in all these many years recognized it. Thank you for listing it here! Matt Monro is awesome ♡


By Pamela (from Palm Desert, United States) on 23 May 2021


On Lights by Jayhawks

I thought this would be a tougher song to find. I'm going to have to use this site more often!


By Eddie Coleman (from Montgomery, United States) on 08 Aug 2021

Stereo MC's

On Little Less Conversation by Stereo MC's

Thank you so much! It just suddenly popped into my head and I’ve been singing, humming it, trying to remember the song and the words. This song was from the best years of my life (many moons ago now). Thank you!


By Melanie Pascoe (from Sans Souci, Australia) on 08 Aug 2021