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Asher Roth

On That's All Mine by Asher Roth



By Adam (from Shelbyville, United States) on 16 Sep 2019

Leah Nobel

On Where I Want To Go by Leah Nobel

Why this song is not in youtube?


By Regie (from Taichung, Taiwan) on 16 Sep 2019

Arta Kabashi

On Heartburn by Arta Kabashi

The main part of the song was “I miss your voice baby please call me”


By Terrell (from South Bend, United States) on 16 Sep 2019

Zac Brown Band

On Chicken Fried by Zac Brown Band

Finally!! I love this song!!!


By Ladie Neubian (from Houston, United States) on 15 Sep 2019

Me too! It’s the best.

By Anonymous (from Hilliard, United States) on 16 Sep 2019

Tha Alkaholiks

On 2014 by Tha Alkaholiks

Was looking for this song for a couple of decades, thanks!


By Veronica (from Deltona, United States) on 15 Sep 2019


On Take It Home by Utopia

This is an old country song. Thought the name was "Lovers Leap". some of the lines are Lovers leap, lovers leap your so high and so steep. From my view it's a sorry sight to see. Jagged rocks like blades of knives, just waiting there to take my life. It's all over for my lover and for me


By Jeannie Storm (from Fredericksburg, United States) on 14 Sep 2019

Tobias Gustafsson

On Our Kingdom Will Fall by Tobias Gustafsson

THAANKS I found in a seconds the song :D


By laca (from Zakanyszek, Hungary) on 14 Sep 2019

John Fogerty

On Never Ending Song Of Love by John Fogerty

There is another song that comes with some of the words. If you want the Sheet Music, there is a great app, "Musicnotes".
When you get stumped you can always check with ASCAP or BMI.


By Laurie (from Salem, United States) on 14 Sep 2019

Human Drama

On A Simple Glance by Human Drama

It’s sung by a old time country singer and it’s about if I die before you I’ll wait for you behind a star


By Bob (from River Falls, United States) on 15 Sep 2019

Albert Hammond

On Set to Attack by Albert Hammond

I knew both the chorus and post chorus, along with the melody. It sounded like a Voidz song: Human Sadness. It was just a matter of finding it.


By Liam (from Tuckasegee, United States) on 15 Sep 2019

Erick Sermon

On Me and Those Dreamin' Eyes of Mine (Def Squad Remix) by Erick Sermon

The chorus says: Are you with me is it you I see, Or is it just my imagination...(Disco/dance/house 90's)


By Collen Ramotsamai (from Sofia, Bulgaria) on 15 Sep 2019


On This City Never Sleeps by Eurythmics

Thanks so much for your help. I've always loved this song, but didn't know the name. Much like the people living in the house.🚬👓


By Captin John (from United States) on 15 Sep 2019

Heather Nova

On These Walls by Heather Nova

I am looking for a song Dad used to sing:

“Open wide the window dear,
And let the glorious sun appear”

He may have got the words a bit wrong ie glorious may be morning?
Can anyone help?


By Deborah Crosby (from Bristol, United Kingdom) on 12 Sep 2019


On Chase the Money by E-40

This is site is so bomb (really good) I found the song I been trying to hear for so long with jus a few words from the song to work with. Thanks!


By Nine (from Kent, United States) on 12 Sep 2019

Parekh & Singh

On Hello by Parekh & Singh

THANK YOU!! Been looking for this for so long!


By Shreya (from New Malden, United Kingdom) on 12 Sep 2019

Gorgon City

On Doubts by Gorgon City

Omg thank you thank you!!! Heard this on the YouTube music app over a week ago and it’s been stuck in my head ever since and I could not for the life of me find the song until now!!! I will be saving this sight, so helpful


By Island gal (from Port Coquitlam, Canada) on 13 Sep 2019

Fake Blood

On Yes / no by Fake Blood

searched years for this. Thanks a lot


By Razor (from Weimar, Germany) on 14 Sep 2019

Hank Locklin

On High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me) by Hank Locklin



By KEN KAUFMAN (from West Des Moines, United States) on 14 Sep 2019

Jerry Lee Lewis

On I'm Longing For Home by Jerry Lee Lewis

Ill see you again, I'll see you again, I'll see you in glory some day


By Ann Hayden (from Louisville, United States) on 14 Sep 2019

Van McCoy

On Snap Your Fingers by Van McCoy

Fantastic! I was using "Call my name" not "Snap your fingers". Duh. But you did it !!!! Thanks.


By Ron Garza (from Austin, United States) on 12 Sep 2019


On Things About Me by Ayres

I was looking for this songs, thanks for helping to find


By Francisco Miguel Paulo (from Namibia) on 12 Sep 2019


On You by Moss

Thank you so much. God bless you. I searched everywhere for this song, but couldn't find it. I'm so grateful. Keep it up guys


By Emilian (from Lagos, Nigeria) on 12 Sep 2019

Gared A.

On Me by Gared A.

I heard the song on the Showtime's Couples Therapy tv show. It started with a blusey guitar lead then a woman sing rhythmically My ears wide open. Yeah, I know you. You keep on talking. Let's talk about me, me, me, me. Me, me, me.
I want know the title and who sang it.


By Diana Furness (from Minden, United States) on 10 Sep 2019

I'm obsessed with this song as well since I heard it last night. Yours is the only comment or reference I've been able to find ANYWHERE about this song. I can't believe more people aren't looking for it. So tonight I made some progress. The song listed above ("Me" by Gared A.) is not it. I reviewed the show credits and discovered the song was performed by Jason Hill (he's also listed as the "Music" credit) and Ari Ingber. No name to the song was provided. Jason Hill is "Jason Staehler Hill" (there's a wiki entry for him) and he's also done the music for Mindhunter (Netflix), et al and was in a band. He's not on Twitter under his own name, but as "Vicky Cryer" (@Vicky_Cryer -- band name). Anyhoo, he posted a tweet with a link to an article about the show, and how he and Ari created the music, so I replied how much I love the song at the end of the first episode and whether the song's available anywhere. Waiting to hear back! *crosses fingers*

By Melissa (from Lexington, United States) on 18 Sep 2019


On Make Believe by Sa-Ra

I need to know the name of the song the words some of the words are don't go to bed without saying I love you


By Carol Baker (from Butler, United States) on 10 Sep 2019

Mark G.

On Never Let You Go by Mark G.

I founded this song iam very happy now i was searching since two years now i got thanks. By lyrics i could find


By Prashant (from Noida, India) on 10 Sep 2019

The Imperials

On Big God by The Imperials

I've been looking for a song my parents use to sing..'i got to know him for myself"


By Kat J (from United States) on 13 Sep 2019

Randy Travis

On Just a Dream by Randy Travis

No such song by Randy Travis! Only known cover or original known to date is by carrie underwood.


By Country Fan (from Liberal, United States) on 13 Sep 2019

G-Eazy & Carnage

On Guala by G-Eazy & Carnage

it is a good song and it has been a long time since I have listened to it thank you.


By gavin tuggle (from Sand Springs, United States) on 11 Sep 2019

The Doors

On Hello, I Love You by The Doors

Great song I heard long ago in the summer time late '60's First I ever knew about the group the "Doors" Loved the song still love it!!!


By Andrea (from New York, United States) on 11 Sep 2019

Earth, Wind & Fire

On You Went Away by Earth, Wind & Fire

thanks. found on first search


By jasper (from Bridgeton, United States) on 11 Sep 2019