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Tje Austin

On Right for You by Tje Austin

Thanks you ! I searched for hours and finally found it thanks to this website even if i had not a lot of lyrics !


By Bertille (from Saint-Cyr-l'École, France) on 09 Feb 2020

The Stanley Brothers

On Take Your Shoes Off Moses by The Stanley Brothers

Thank you, I've been looking all over for this song.


By Michael Shields (from San Jose, United States) on 08 Feb 2020

Bryce Fox

On Chicago by Bryce Fox

I had that "don't mind a little up in the air, but not this high," stuck in my head for ages! Love this song! Good turn of phrase.


By D (from Westbank, Canada) on 10 Feb 2020

Nice & Nasty 3

On The Ultimate Rap by Nice & Nasty 3

Guys, iam looking for a song but I only remember this part "i'm pretty sure that you are the one because you only stay my mind"
Can you please help me, what is the tittle of this song and who's the singer?? I was frustrated to find out.. Huhu


By Ina yatullutviyah (from Semarang, Indonesia) on 04 Feb 2020

Les Paul & Mary Ford

On The World Is Waiting for the Sunrise by Les Paul & Mary Ford

I am a radio dj with an oldies show on Sunday afternoon,. A lady requested a song she last heard in 1952 when living in Ottawa, She said she has never heard it since ... that's almost 70 years ago. She knew the first two lines of the song. Using "Song Search", I found the song in seconds. This listener will be very happy to hear it played on the radio.


By Jim Wright (from Kitchener, Canada) on 04 Feb 2020

Book Of Love

On Lullaby by Book Of Love

I got an unknown song on a cassette. I dreamed about day I found it. It took 32 years but I finally GOT IT!! Book Of Love - Lullaby (Pleasant Dream Mix)
Thank God there is Song Search!


By Andrzej (from Katy Wroclawskie, Poland) on 03 Feb 2020

BBC Radio

On Zombies by BBC Radio

"You can hear them coming for you. Coming forward to do what they do. You can run but you can't run far. I can hear them coming for you, yeah.
In the back with your shotgun shells
Now they’ve come to give you hell
No time to pack your cards
Cause I can hear them comin’, comin’, comin"
Song from Locke&Key series S01E06 in the end of the episode - if anyone find the name of the song I'll be grateful!


By Anna (from The Hague, Netherlands) on 08 Feb 2020

Sacred Rite

On As It Was Told by Sacred Rite

"Look em in the eye and take what you find
Look em in the eye your life's on the line!"

I can never remember the name of the damn song!


By Sanna (from Copenhagen, Denmark) on 07 Feb 2020

On Low On The Rainbow by Ralph Faron

sitting on top of the rainbow. sitting on top of the clouds. sitting on top of the trees so high. makes me want to shout.
alleluia, praise the lord! praise his name on high! his lov makes me feel like I'm sitting on top of tghe sky.

wondering if there is any music to this song???


By Lisa Richard (from Thibodaux, United States) on 07 Feb 2020

Maroon 5

On This Love (Kanye West Remix) by Maroon 5

Nice! Another song found! And it was the one I was looking for!


By Jaymee (from Oakville, Canada) on 07 Feb 2020


On Another One by Yohannes

no I'm looking for a song that says "Ain't got time to be a lover" and "always say I'm trying to leave you, dont know if thats true"


By Jess (from United States) on 01 Feb 2020

Mxrc Clxrk

On New Man by Mxrc Clxrk

I'm looking for a song sung by a man, with a few lyrics saying ' if I go I don't want to go, oh no'


By Lily (from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates) on 01 Feb 2020


On Album: Middle Of Nowhere by Hanson

Please help me, i don't know the title of the song but the only i know tht the song is one of the ost dreams tv series in 1987. Where john stamos, valerie stevenson as the starring. And some lyric that i remember... "No matter what you say no matter what you fo, don't wanna cry today, don't wanna feel so blue, i'm gonna dance all night... myheart is beating beating lika a gold, but something missing i don't know why...
Hope someone can help me.


By Renate Mumeckh (from Depok, Indonesia) on 31 Jan 2020

Le Zig Zélé

On Dance it out by Le Zig Zélé

Can anyone tell me the name of the first background song


By Ricky (from Naharlagun, India) on 03 Feb 2020

Johnny Mathis Deniece Williams

On Too Much, Too Little, Too Late by Johnny Mathis Deniece Williams

Just love this site. I always find what I am looking for. Thanks.


By Pam Coles (from Philadelphia, United States) on 06 Feb 2020

Psycho Realm

On First Day of Freedom by Psycho Realm

I'm looking for a song dont remember the lyrics I think it's late 90s early 2000s it was two guys singing almoat like freestyle music kind of sounded like shaggy sort of anyways I remember the song starting off with one guy is asking him where was he,and the other singer responded I was with her,other with from last week,one guy sang I think I'm in love,the other guy sang back with no it's not love mixture of falling falling the other guy kept singing noetc


By Monika (from Honolulu, United States) on 30 Jan 2020


On Too Much Talk by Raiders

I am looking for a song which had the words “when I’m with my guy “ probably from the 60’d


By NWright (from Moncton, Canada) on 30 Jan 2020


On Bar Scene by Anchondo

I'm looking for a song that's going like, "ay ay, You said hello, whats your name..."


By DDoxuz (from Malmo, Sweden) on 30 Jan 2020

Another Mask

On Frankly, My Dear, I Don't Give A Damn by Another Mask

The song I was looking for was a song from the late 80s early 90s duet male and female chorus by the male sounds the same as male singer with pink Just give me a Reason


By Leonora long (from London, United Kingdom) on 30 Jan 2020

Gorilla Zoe

On Echo by Gorilla Zoe

nice application, it was really helpful to find a song i have been looking for, for a very long time now


By monex (from Lagos, Nigeria) on 05 Feb 2020

Leopold And His Fiction

On Cowboy by Leopold And His Fiction

wrong artist - this is an obvious remake or ripoff of a song from the 1970's !!! I am looking for the original artist and songwriter!!! I have no idea who Leopold and his Fiction are and think they suck!!!!!!


By MrMFJ (from Anchorage, United States) on 05 Feb 2020


On Roll With Me by Nines

No. The one I'm looking for is on 21 jump st. 1st song. On episode 'Loc'd out' got my "" to the floor beat on the radio ride with me. Ain't got nowhere to go bit were gonna get there for sure. Gonnantake thos ride with. Do you wannamride with me me. Ride with me get high with me fly with me ride repet repet repet. Beat on mynstereo, ride with me yeah gonna get '' (stoned?) With me the end. (Rap song more singing than rapping


By Lagavulinx (from Seattle, United States) on 05 Feb 2020

Phillip Phillips

On Gone, Gone, Gone by Phillip Phillips

My husband passed away last month and this has been in my head. Thank you!


By Ro (from Nashua, United States) on 05 Feb 2020

King Of The Dot

On Real Deal vs 100 Bulletz by King Of The Dot

Cant seem to find this song....
Ever since I first laid eyes on you, I dont know what to do, you make me feel strange...etc
Chorus,,,look what you've to me, what's going on etc


By Jazmin (from Malawi) on 05 Feb 2020

Carlitta Durand

On Dreams Are Made for Two by Carlitta Durand

You were right on point. This is the exact song I was looking for.


By Sharon Sergeant (from Brooklyn, United States) on 01 Feb 2020

Psycho Realm

On First Day of Freedom by Psycho Realm

Looking for a song that was used in Australian soap Home & Away some years back. It has lyrics ‘With days so short and the nights so long’ I think it was episode 5213. It was a male singer I’m sure. Found a song similar by a Martha Wainwright but this isn’t the one.


By Madeline (from Birmingham, United Kingdom) on 28 Jan 2020

Wade Bowen

On Hungover by Wade Bowen

I am looking for the song that has the lyrics: hungover hungover oh brother what a night I just can't tell my left head from my right


By Deb (from Plano, United States) on 28 Jan 2020

Jim Croce

On I Got A Name by Jim Croce

Thanks! I had that tune and a few words stuck in my head all night, and you got the right one first time out! You guys are great!


By Patricia Kibby (from West Plains, United States) on 04 Feb 2020

The Charlie Daniels Band

On Uneasy Rider by The Charlie Daniels Band

I remembered the song from when I was kid and I was hoping I could find it. Thanks!


By Cjbeck (from San Antonio, United States) on 04 Feb 2020

Kelly Clarkson

On Dance With Me by Kelly Clarkson

I love this song but never knew what the song was called


By Ally (from Shorewood, United States) on 04 Feb 2020