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Kim Richey

On Angels' Share by Kim Richey

Looking for the song used in the Netflix preview for the order tv show


By Stewie G 69 (from Hereford, United Kingdom) on 01 Nov 2019


On Imagine by Ballast

I think Phyllis Hyman sings the song.


By John (from Los Angeles, United States) on 04 Nov 2019

Frank Sinatra

On It Was A Very Good Year by Frank Sinatra

When I was young these lyrics were so moving. It was like I saw this song in my mind. Sometimes make me cry. Now I'm in the Autumn of my life. Always been a favorite.


By M-K Peebles (from Bakersfield, United States) on 03 Nov 2019

Tommy James & The Shondells

On Draggin' The Line by Tommy James & The Shondells

Couldn't find this song cause I spelled it 'dragging' instead of 'draggin'. Thanks a lot.


By Shawn B. (from Chinle, United States) on 03 Nov 2019

Luther Vandross

On Other Side Of The World by Luther Vandross

I was on bershka store and they had this song that keeps rolling in my head
It goes
Love me like the one keep me in company
You know you always on time for me , u know never throw lies at me
And the chorus goes ; so much love so much love (music) so much love


By Hiba (from Oran, Algeria) on 03 Nov 2019

C+C Music Factory

On Take A Toke by C+C Music Factory

I was looking for Arianna Grande's song :(


By Anaya (from Clackamas, United States) on 03 Nov 2019

M. Ward

On The twist by M. Ward

I heard this song while on hold 7 years ago and really liked the tune/melody and never could figure out who sang it. Today after seeing a FB memory from then pop up where I asked friends back then if they knew the song based on various partial lyrics, I decided to search again and voila - your site figured it out! Thank you!


By Joelle (from West Des Moines, United States) on 01 Nov 2019

Stefan Andersson

On Mona Lisa by Stefan Andersson

Its the right time ya know ya know you gotta chase that. Its kinda of popish its a girl singing sounds kinda of dance


By Carrie (from Asheville, United States) on 01 Nov 2019

Savage Garden

On I Want You by Savage Garden

Excellent search engine if you only remember partial lyrics


By John (from Flemington, United States) on 29 Oct 2019

Bobby Darin

On Beyond the Sea by Bobby Darin

)easy to find the song will use this service again.


By Ron Jobes (from Consett, United Kingdom) on 02 Nov 2019

Full Frequency

On Taste by Full Frequency

I am looking for a song that goes I am fine am lying on the floor again crack door your all ways going to let them in


By Anonymous (from Miami, United States) on 28 Oct 2019


On Everytime I Dream by Autograph

Thank you can you tell me your name I want to know your name is it blank something just tell me I just want to know your name because I'm going to put you in for ice pick and tell everybody about it but I don't have Facebook so I never charged it and can say I live in England I used to live in England speak British thank you I can meet you one day if I knew where you are


By Shanorra (from Saraland, United States) on 30 Oct 2019

Bill bailey

By William Bailey (from Brooklyn, United States) on 31 Oct 2019

Whitney Houston Deborah Cox

On Same Script, Different Cast by Whitney Houston Deborah Cox

This is the song I've been looking for thank you so very much 💖


By Tholinhlanhla (from East London, South Africa) on 30 Oct 2019

The Winans

On Everything You Touch Is A Song by The Winans

Thanks! Didn't think I would be able to find this song!


By Deb Gantt (from Port Orange, United States) on 29 Oct 2019


On My Feet Are on the Rock by I AM THEY

This was the song I was looking for , I always come to this site to find the name of the perfect song. It helps me every day. I can come on the website quick before the lyrics escape my head, and get my song on my playlist.


By Lovin the Jams (from Canyon Country, United States) on 26 Oct 2019


On Shackles by Ferras

thank you so much ive been searching for this song for evaaaa.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


By suzanne singhhhhh (from Guildford, United Kingdom) on 30 Oct 2019

Bob Marley & The Wailers

On Cry To Me by Bob Marley & The Wailers

Can't thank you enough for being a gate keeper of some of the music world's greatest renditions of the spoken gifts of love to all walks of life. Thank you.


By Mubin (from Queens Village, United States) on 30 Oct 2019


On White Horse by ESTA.

In every girl there is a dream and my dream wake me from the start I've always known my destiny but there was no one else to tell my secrets to no one but you no one but you. ... no 11970_1980,song

Please help me find this song.


By Aashiyah (from Cape Town, South Africa) on 26 Oct 2019

Darryl Worley

On Jumpin' Off The Wagon by Darryl Worley

The song that I’m looking for was sung by a R&B male artist or a male Blues singer decades ago.


By Linda (from Omaha, United States) on 26 Oct 2019


On Ohio by HYUKOH

Thank you!!!! I looked for quite awhile, and with you I found it in ~ 2 minutes! ♫


By MiCanuck (from Toronto, Canada) on 23 Oct 2019

Good song you should visit Ohio!

By Marsha (from United States) on 25 Oct 2019

But...but...Chrissie Hynde says it's gone, in "Back to Ohio?"
♫ :-D))

By MiCanuck (from Toronto, Canada) on 26 Oct 2019

But Chrissie Hynde sang that it was gone,on "My City was Gone." ♫ (The OHIO Song)

By MiCanuck (from Toronto, Canada) on 26 Oct 2019

Johnny Rivers

On Blue Suede Shoes by Johnny Rivers

Hello . I was looking for Memphis/ ( Memphis Tenn.) - Chuck Berry . Not there , so to Johnny Rivers , Memphis / Memphis Tenn. ) Here we are at Blue Suede Shoes , which is in fact Memphis .Look to YouTube , and there's Johnny Rivers singing Memphis , but titled Blue Suede Shoes . It's probably a Chuck Berry Estate legal issue . I don't , can't , won't connect Blue Suede Shoes with Memphis . I did in fact find the lyrics I was searching for , and I love this site , it's the best Lyric Search I've used . Give Blue Suede Shoes to Carl Perkins , where we'll get into an Elvis Estate legal issue , likely . Thank you . :)


By Bonnie Myers (from Canton, United States) on 29 Oct 2019

Tim Halperin

On Listen by Tim Halperin

This song is actually by Arizona Zervas not Tim Halperin


By Ben (from Wellington, New Zealand) on 29 Oct 2019

Rico (Tag 1er)

On State by Rico (Tag 1er)

It’s a rock song posted on Facebook with bikers and an Indian chief on a horse. Would like to know who did this and is it available on vinyl, album or 45? The catch line is long way to go


By Peter Stoneham (from Spain) on 29 Oct 2019

School Of Rock

On If Only You Would Listen by School Of Rock

Yes it’s been stuck in my head and I could think what it was thank you great page


By Grace Ferguson (from Nottingham, United Kingdom) on 28 Oct 2019


On Secret in the Dark by Monika

Yessss thank you I heard this playing in a store and needed to find immediately! Groovy


By funkygal (from Chicago, United States) on 28 Oct 2019


On Got by Q-Tip

But why can't I find this song on youtube


By Camille Spell (from Commerce City, United States) on 28 Oct 2019

Gavin DeGraw

On Belief by Gavin DeGraw

It had an upbeat feel to the song. It sounds like it says "I'll stand for me" in the chorus. It's mostly just that repeated over and over for the chorus. And in the song it also says "you've/ I've got to leave"


By Maggie (from Oakville, Canada) on 28 Oct 2019

On Far away part 2 by Levi lyons

I am Italian and I’ve heard this song on tv a lot of times in some periods, I think is on the 2000’s or 2010’s, I think says repeating “say you won’t go” or other words and after repeats “ooh” and after a female voice I think says repeating “far away” probably’s a featuring


By Leonardo (from San Giuliano Terme, Italy) on 28 Oct 2019


On Don't Stop the Music (The Wideboys Club Mix) by Rihanna

Love it. Music is my life please don't stop it 🎵🎶🎵


By Marsha (from United States) on 28 Oct 2019

Susan Tedeschi

On It Hurts Me Too by Susan Tedeschi

It says something along the lines of you said that we were through then why do you still answer the phone, I think it’s fairly new I heard it on the radio today


By Eboni (from Market Harborough, United Kingdom) on 23 Oct 2019