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On She's Not Me by Berg

Hi! I'm looking for a song, but I'm not sure these are the exact lyrics. It goes something along the lines of "I told you I cheated and did it feel good? I told you I'd change and you knew that I would." It sung by a male and its kind of pop/rap. I've been looking high and low for it, but can't seem to find anything that resembles the song I heard. I would greatly appreciate if someone could help me find it. Thank you!x


By Angela (from Masontown, United States) on 12 Jul 2021

Saint Lazare

On Where's Ramona by Saint Lazare

I’m looking for an EDM style song with the lyrics. A lot of the song says “Top off”

“You should’ve give me head with your top off”
“ I cant get enough I need it non stop”


By Gwen Brown (from Canada) on 12 Jul 2021


On Temperamental by Undercast

Can someone help me find the song that goes "I can feel the wind on my neck trying to tell me something and its hard to forget think about nothing" and the chorus "so im swinging oh between leaving and feeling it home, between love and letting it go"


By Anonymous (from Quezon City, Philippines) on 07 Jul 2021

The Oh Hellos

On Soldier, Poet, King by The Oh Hellos

Thank you so much!!! I have been looking for this song forever!!!!😊


By Emily (from Deadwood, United States) on 16 Aug 2021

Tyrone Davis

On Can I Change My Mind by Tyrone Davis

This is a fantastic site. Sitting 2k miles from my fiance, remembering songs and artists.


By Bae (from Las Vegas, United States) on 16 Aug 2021

Jochen Distelmeyer

On Just Like This Train by Jochen Distelmeyer

This is a great app. I never remember the names of song is just the lyrics. They always get them right for me.


By Louis licitra (from Key West, United States) on 16 Aug 2021


On Look Back by Nivea

I am SOOOOOOO excited you found the song I’ve been looking for for YEARSSSSS!! Currently on repeat 😊


By Yelliifbabii (from Grand Rapids, United States) on 16 Aug 2021

The Chalkeaters

On Doom Crossing: Eternal Horizons by The Chalkeaters

I was looking The song to show to my brother but I couldn’t find it and I couldn’t remember the name thank you! I also remembered “fishing rods big freaking guns” kind a hard to forget


By Maria Talph (from Woodway, United States) on 05 Jul 2021


On Miracle Man by AWOLNATION

I'm looking for a song from an old dvd that I recorded a long time ago and posted it onto YouTube I sadly don't remember the movie but I think I remember some parts of it
Lyrics (I remember)
Like a hurricane it pulls you under the undertow and back again
Sometimes you gotta hold on to yourself hold on to forever


By Luna Wolf 175 (from United States) on 13 Aug 2021

On The House On Sunset & Artie's Apartment by Sunset Boulevard Soundtrack

I'm looking for a song
It's like "Kiss me on the back of my head now I'm just gonna fade in the background I know that I'm awkward laugh at the wrong jokes..." It's a man singing & sounds LoFi


By Ethan Mlangeni (from Johannesburg, South Africa) on 30 Jun 2021

Nicole Bus

On With You by Nicole Bus

I need help. There’s this song. I can’t remember the lyrics but I remember that it’s a slow song and at the end the instruments stop playing and the singer goes “(it’s either with or without, I can’t remember- youuu” and the song ends. And a man sings it. Please someone help


By Izzie (from Sioux Falls, United States) on 27 Jun 2021


On Lights by Jayhawks

I thought this would be a tougher song to find. I'm going to have to use this site more often!


By Eddie Coleman (from Montgomery, United States) on 08 Aug 2021

Stereo MC's

On Little Less Conversation by Stereo MC's

Thank you so much! It just suddenly popped into my head and I’ve been singing, humming it, trying to remember the song and the words. This song was from the best years of my life (many moons ago now). Thank you!


By Melanie Pascoe (from Sans Souci, Australia) on 08 Aug 2021


On A Thousand Ways To Heal by Erisu

i'm really shocked that it actually worked lmao i put the exact same thing into google and some other sites and it just gave me nothing


By jeff (from Richmond Hill, Canada) on 05 Aug 2021

Little River Band

On The other guy - 24-bit digitally remastered 02 by Little River Band

This site is brilliant!!! Thank you so much! Now I can finally stop thinking about one line in the song and actually sing it all!


By Lisa (from Melbourne, Australia) on 05 Aug 2021

Mad Squablz

On My Soul's Reparations by Mad Squablz

I heard a song in day dreamer web series season 1 episode 59 in the middle of that episode sanem played a song in her laptop. From that I heard lyrics like "I know you feel it on my way there's no need to be afraid and people gonna seems to be okay" Find that song for me please..


By Prem Kumar Mande (from Bodupal, India) on 23 Jun 2021

Ms Banks

On IDNFWU by Ms Banks

I’m also looking for something like something something something something something something then “And I don’t think that I could stand to see that happen” I think it rhymes if you think you know it the vibe goes something like na-na-na-na-naaa-na-na-na-naaa-na-na-na-nah I cannot identify the voice if you think you know it please send a message to me at G mail


By Jessie Hussey (from Quincy, United States) on 21 Jun 2021


On Desperado by Eagles

Was driving me crazy...could actually remember some of the lyrics and the damned tune...but could not identify the song. THANK YOU! for saving my sanity!


By Leslie Black (from Hayward, United States) on 02 Aug 2021

Kelly Price

On At Least (Little Things) by Kelly Price

Thanks and great job guys.
I have been looking for this song for years
You guys are really cool.


By Wale Akins (from Benin City, Nigeria) on 17 Jun 2021


On Since You've Been Gone by Alcatrazz

Was thinking about this song from work for a few days and found it within seconds on this site. The decade filter helped me a lot!


By Dillan Glawson (from Chicago, United States) on 30 Jul 2021

Twisted Insane

On Tonight by Twisted Insane

Awesome website thanks so much it's been irking my nerves trying to find this song


By Pockets (from Federal Way, United States) on 28 Jul 2021

The Beatles

On I Want to Tell You by The Beatles

Yippee ! A lyrics site that works, thank you 😊


By Carol Piper (from Clacton-on-Sea, United Kingdom) on 28 Jul 2021


On Feel It by RKCB

So the song I'm looking for I thought was sung by the Travelling Wilburys.

In my head. I can hear a man and a guitar... And his singing "Oh I can feel it, oh I feel so alive" oh I can feel it coming over me tonight or I can feel the magic tonight...

This is not a new 60s,70s or 80s perhaps.

Any help to get this earworm out my head would be greatly appreciated :)


By Craig Roets (from Bangkok, Thailand) on 13 Jun 2021

Max Webster

On Let Your Man Fly by Max Webster

The song which I'm looking for is I think it's old songs I'm not sure it's a male singer & but the chorus goes like this
*Say say say say (femals background singers)
 (Male)- Sweetheart how about you take a little little chance on me cause it's not ours....
  #Please find this song for me 🙏


By Liyan (from Bongaigaon, India) on 13 Jun 2021


On You're The Music In Me by Nicole

I need help with a 90s or 00s slower grungy rock song. I'm pretty sure the lyrics are some thing like "in your arms, I long to be"


By Alana (from Kisbey, Canada) on 25 Jul 2021

George Harrison

On Blow Away by George Harrison

Omg.. been looking for this song for almost 30years... thank you!!!


By Juan Folch (from San Antonio, United States) on 25 Jul 2021

Fog Lake

On i'll be around by Fog Lake

I've been searching for this song for ages thank you so so much!!! Not even Google recognized this.


By Loaf (from Flushing, United States) on 25 Jul 2021

Nolan Thomas

On Yo' Little Brother by Nolan Thomas

I am looking for a song from the late 80's ( well that when I heard it) . And its this very flat voice talking about looking and himself and asking if he looks ok . The part I remember is he passes a store and says " I looked in the window and what did I say? How do I look? Do I look OK?" and the chorus was a few people singing " How Do I look? Do I look OK ? How Do I look? Do I look OK ...."


By Tara Olsen (from Rock Hill, United States) on 06 Jun 2021

The Watchmen

On Phone Call by The Watchmen

It starts with a woman’s voicemail “I heard your song on the radio, sounds like your doing great and I miss you”

Then the guy starts “I should have called you” or close to that. I think the album cover had a fire on it. I can think of anymore songs by this band and have exhausted Spotify search. It was released within the last 3 years I think.


By Rae Welsh (from New Holland, United States) on 06 Jun 2021

Elvis Presley

On Poor Man's Gold by Elvis Presley

At last found the full lyrics! Only ever heard ELVIS sing a few lines. 😊 brilliant.


By Lynn (from Sheffield, United Kingdom) on 22 Jul 2021