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The Chantels

On I Love You So by The Chantels

I will definitely come to this page again. Found song lyrics I was looking for. Thanks a lot!!!


By Sarah (from United States) on 25 Dec 2020

Shawn Mendes

On Show You by Shawn Mendes

Yes! My sister showed it to me and I had no idea what the song was called, but I can memorize pretty quick so I remembered a part of the song it was like: "You can walk the streets at night"And I found the amazing song searcher. Ii searched it up,and well here it is! Yay! It is a very good song:) This is a very good app! Good job Shawn Mendes! And now because of this app I know what the song is called. Thank you so much!


By Nathan (from Burlington, Canada) on 01 Jan 2021

Taylor Hicks

On Maybe You Should by Taylor Hicks

I heard this song way back in 1994 and I’m sure it never made the charts. But it’s wistful and beautiful and I know the tune but not the words. It sounded like it was recoded years before I heard it so I don’t believe 1994 was the year of release. Sung by a male, not a female.


By Llnda (from Ely, United Kingdom) on 31 Dec 2020

Leningrad Cowboys

On I Hate You by Leningrad Cowboys

Who sings the rap song I hate everything about you. I hate everything that you do and everything that I use to love quickly faded in a hate for you.


By Layla Melendez (from United States) on 31 Dec 2020

Connie Francis

On Where Is Your Heart (Song From Moulin Rouge) by Connie Francis

The words just popped into my head and I couldn't remember the song. It was so nice to be able to find it so quickly.


By Cheryl Bennett (from Detroit, United States) on 31 Dec 2020

Jill Scott

On Wake Up Baby by Jill Scott

Looking for a song thats music video starts of with a drunk dad asking his daughter dont you have school today and she says no dad its Saturday amd she proceeded to finish a glass of water and she packs her stuff takes all her money and runs off


By Anke (from Bloemfontein, South Africa) on 25 Dec 2020

Ms Banks

On Back It Up by Ms Banks

Yes yes yeeeeees!! This is the song I was looking for... Thanks alot


By Wilburn (from Kenya) on 25 Dec 2020

Kenny Rogers

On You Gotta Be Tired by Kenny Rogers

Thank you so much I have looked for this so g for 60 years since college!


By Kathy (from Artesia, United States) on 28 Dec 2020

Acid Ghost

On The Artist's High by Acid Ghost

I'm looking for a song:
It's kind of funny the guy tries to hard to sound good but it kinda just comes off as cringe
It's kind of a dance pop electric kind of song
The lyrics I can remember are:
"Hey hey heeeeey" in the very beginning and the Chorus was something like "I can feel the rush inside baby" repeated like 3 or 4x followed by am occasional "all up in my mind going crazy" or something like that.
He's kinda sing talking cuz he can't really sing.


By Fred Fredburger (from United States) on 28 Dec 2020

Toby Keith

On How Do You Like Me Now?! by Toby Keith

Great tool! I never remember who sang something, so I can't look it up by artist. What a great find!!


By jkenby (from Cumberland, United States) on 28 Dec 2020

Walt Disney Records

On Part of the Heart of the Sky by Walt Disney Records

i am looking for the disney song which includes the lyrics, i don't want to kiss you goodnight. so i'll just keep holding you tight. i'm anxious to see. all you're gonna be. but i'm sure gonna miss who you are.


By margo fowler (from Deerfield, United States) on 21 Dec 2020

Virgil Henry

On I Can't Believe You're Really Leaving by Virgil Henry

I have been looking for this song for years. Thanks so much for this website.


By L. Miller (from Charlotte, United States) on 20 Dec 2020

Sinéad O'Connor

On Just Call Me Joe by Sinéad O'Connor

Thank you. Your great/perfect site solved my Fookin ear worm. I searched for many hours and had the song in my head for a while, and I asked many of my musical friends.


By Ed (from Canada) on 25 Dec 2020


On Who Do You Love by Mario

I’m looking for a song In the 80s and it goes like “who who, who do you love?” Please I would like some answers


By Efua (from Ghana) on 17 Dec 2020


On Cold River (1987 Demo) by a-ha

I want the lyrics for an amusing song entitled,
“The Twelve Day’s AFTER Christmas”


By Judy Doverspike (from Hobe Sound, United States) on 22 Dec 2020

Vanessa Williams

On Still In Love by Vanessa Williams

I searched for this song for almost 25 years. Thank you so much


By Hassan (from Lagos, Nigeria) on 21 Dec 2020

The Devlins

On As Far As You Can Go by The Devlins

Does anyone know who sings your heart will never fade away don't want to fly away dont let them take your soul away not a week not a single day


By Olive (from Ballymoney, United Kingdom) on 14 Dec 2020

Richard Rodgers

On Where's That Rainbow? by Richard Rodgers

Thanks ever so much for those Lyrics. Could not find anywhere else! Realized I was named after the Broadway Musical PEGGY ANN, in which this song was sung . Yay!


By Peggy Ann Whiddon (from Burke, United States) on 20 Dec 2020


On Circles by Joe

I’m looking for a song that goes I want you and you want me we need trust it’s a hip hop type song and it was on my show power book 2 ghost and I can’t find it anywhere


By Teigan (from Chicago, United States) on 20 Dec 2020

Frank Sinatra

On It Was A Very Good Year by Frank Sinatra

I'm 76, and I think that I am in the autumn of my years. I have always loved the. Lyrics of this song. I can't say that they remind me of my past years but they do make me think back to my various romances as I grew up and finding my two wives. I was divorced needless to say.


By Iain W Grieve (from Gosport, United Kingdom) on 12 Dec 2020

On ONLY by ZHU & Tinashe

Omggg shazam couldn’t found it. You save me!!!


By Ellie (from Volos, Greece) on 18 Dec 2020


On Cause Your The One by waykap

Thanks! This site is amazing 👍


By Anonymous (from Vadodara, India) on 17 Dec 2020

Wendy James

On Do You Know What I'm Saying? by Wendy James

This is exactly the song I am searching ...thank you so much,


By demetria ludie (from Makati City, Philippines) on 17 Dec 2020

Nana Mouskouri

On Land Of Make Believe by Nana Mouskouri



By Michael Ellison (from Toledo, United States) on 14 Dec 2020

Conor Maynard

On R U Crazy (Horror Stories Remix) by Conor Maynard

Yeah this is great! I can never remember song names but I can remember lyrics so this website is really useful


By Jasmine Crossingham (from Redcliffe, Australia) on 12 Dec 2020

Randy Stonehill

On Christmas Song For All Year 'round by Randy Stonehill

Your website was the only one that found the song I was looking for!


By Mark (from Piqua, United States) on 23 Nov 2020

Hailey B

On Sincerely, Me (On Pain Killers and Energy Drinks) by Hailey B

So I'm looking for this pop punk (I think) song, with a girl singing something like "It's clear you don't see me as more than a friend" and "I've got somewhere else to be tonight" I think.


By Andrei (from Bucharest, Romania) on 20 Nov 2020

Jake Owen

On Made For You by Jake Owen

I met my love on March 22, 1964. I was made for you is what he would say. So my entire life has been devoted to this man- I love him. He is amazing! He got hit by a speeding motorcycle at noon on July 15, 1954. He had to learn to walk again after he woke up from a coma. He is a living miracle. We married in 1966 and had two sons. His entire life has been challenging but he has met them all with the greatest smile. It will melt your heart. He is now in a wheelchair but still has the strongest will to live & lives life to the fullest. He drove an eighteen wheeler & ran two businesses very successfully. I will love him to the day I die. This song is so special. Thank you Jake Owen. Our country radio station is WCOW-97.


By Marcia Kast (from Holmen, United States) on 17 Nov 2020


On The Darkness by MistryKiDD

I've been looking for a song with lyrics that go "I'm going down down and I'm spiraling out into a deeper depression I could really use serotonin but I haven't had much since 2011" it appears to he a cover of sugar we're going down by fallout boys...I heard the song lyrics above in a TikTok and I've scoured the internet PLEASE help me find this song I'm in love


By Jd (from United States) on 06 Dec 2020

Julie Rogers

On Ave Maria by Julie Rogers

I've been looking for this for years, remember hearing it as a child, 66 now. Thanks


By Regina (from Londonderry, United Kingdom) on 06 Dec 2020