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Paul Lekakis

On I Will Be There by Paul Lekakis

Awesome search tool!! I just wanted to hear this song again as part of me and my wife's roller coaster relationship, 8 years together on and off, but never left each other on our 5 year of courtship, before we married. Since then we'd been married 22 years and going 23 this December and blessed with 2 sons. And I am trying to remember those songs, one of which still reverberates to this day, to my senses. As such I can say this was a very special song. Thanks for your help!


By Don2 (from West Covina, United States) on 25 May 2021

John Miles

On Time by John Miles

Brilliant site . Would never have found this song without it. many thanks !


By Linet M King (from North Canton, United States) on 25 May 2021

Frank Turner

On The Ballad Of Me And My Friends by Frank Turner

I'm looking for a song with the lyrics "if you're all about my money aint having that, said beat that boy with a bat smack! d*mn sorry i blew you off, i was doing lunch with microsoft."


By Mikan Tsumiki (from Visalia, United States) on 19 May 2021

Willy DeVille

On Cadillac Moon [Live] by Willy DeVille by Willy DeVille

Thank you soooo much. I've been searching for this song for 30 years. I'm crying.


By Reinhard Bädker (from Nettetal, Germany) on 24 May 2021

Fefe Dobson

On Truth Anthem by Fefe Dobson

Shazam couldn't find it, Neither could google.
You Rock


By John (from Délı̨ne, Canada) on 24 May 2021

Barenaked Ladies

On Brian Wilson by Barenaked Ladies

What is this song I’ve put it into google and got no answer: right now i'm lying in bed with nobody to love and my ex is probably out having fun hooking up with the person she told me not to worry about but its alright cos were both numb


By Jon (from Liverpool, United Kingdom) on 17 May 2021

The Cure

On Pillbox Tales by The Cure

“Listen to my, listen to my desire.” I still think about you everyday. Don’t you see just what it does to me? I still care too much to let it pass by. Won’t you let me look into your eyes?
80’s song I think. Male singer.


By Natasha (from Stoney Creek, Canada) on 17 May 2021


On Spiderwebs by Postcards

Please help me find this song! It has a violin in the back and it goes like “is this the end of it all... is this the end of it all”. It’s a guy singing and it’s really nostalgic.


By $$$ (from Napier City, New Zealand) on 16 May 2021

Yung Joc

On Ohh by Yung Joc

OMG I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS SONG FOR YEARS!!!!!!! i first heard it back on MySpace and was never able to find it but always remembered the lyrics. Thank you so much!!!


By KIM (from Honolulu, United States) on 20 May 2021


On What You Want by Next

Thanks a million bucks! Been looking for this all day.❤️💙


By Tha RazinAce (from Suleja, Nigeria) on 20 May 2021

Chaka Khan

On I Want by Chaka Khan

thank you so much been trying to find the singer and title for years.


By Rio (from Anaheim, United States) on 20 May 2021

Charlie Blade

On Die tonight by Charlie Blade

I'm looking for a song that also contains the lead singer screaming "forever and ever"


By Cassandra (from Phoenix, United States) on 12 May 2021

Patrice Rushen

On Remind Me by Patrice Rushen

This app was fantastic! Went right to the song I was searching for!


By Herman Holeyfield (from Memphis, United States) on 16 May 2021

90 Days

On I Love You by 90 Days

This song stole my heart when I first heard it. I could relate to some of the context, I had been divorced and left homeless. My friend introduced me to Jill in 1998 and we connected instantly. The first date we both knew this was meant to be. In 2000 we married and the elation, bliss and numbness was amazing. I could not believe someone could love me as much as Jill did. We moved to Utah as I was in the Government and went to work on the base. I had a 98 hot Camaro. I build it to scream and it did. Sadly I took it out on July 6 2008 and we were going out for lunch. I got into a race with a car and we were blitzing through traffic when I tried to avoid a vehicle and lost control of the car. We spun and flipped and rolled. I was not hurt, but Jill was hurt very badly. She was flown to a hospital were after 9 days of life support, I had to take her off. I can't explain the grief and sorrow I had and have. This song takes me back to a the time when I could not believe I found the love of my life. Now I struggle to listen to it. I blew it. I love this song and one day hope to listen to it again. " if ever a man had it all, it would have to be me"Oh my heart. I'm sorry Jill. I love you.


By signs (from Honolulu, United States) on 16 May 2021

Slow and Steady

On 35mm by Slow and Steady

Looking for a song that has lyrics similar to the following . .
When I say I found the Lord, here's what I mean. I was a lost and lonely child. I guess the Lord found me


By Lynn (from Blue Springs, United States) on 03 May 2021

Janis Joplin

On Magic of Love by Janis Joplin

I'm looking for a song by a male artist from some time in the late sixties or early seventies, I think. The artist talks more than sings and each line he says is preceded by the words, "baby, baby, baby."


By Ray (from Lander, United States) on 25 Apr 2021


On Little Queenie by SadGirl

THANKYOU i’ve been looking for this all day


By cal (from Stourbridge, United Kingdom) on 12 May 2021

Paul Davis

On Magnolia Blues by Paul Davis

I've been trying to figure out the and artist. I saw the "real" album. It was hidden away in the "cutout" area of the store Thank You Thank You so so much!


By Jess (from Levelland, United States) on 12 May 2021

I Love Your Lifestyle

On Align! by I Love Your Lifestyle

i recently heard this song that goes
🎵 i need, you to be~~~~ (a soul for me ??)
it’s by a female artist and it seems recent. i can’t seem to find out what song it is


By treasure (from Birmingham, United States) on 30 Apr 2021

On Back Again by 90210 [2008] (TV show)

OMG i have been look for this song for forever and i ally doing it. Thank you!!


By Abigail Rhoades (from Chicago, United States) on 08 May 2021

Peter Asher

On Love Always Comes as a Surprise by Peter Asher

I can’t believe this was found after finding out it was an original song to Madagascar 3 that I new 5 lyrics too


By Madagascarfan756 (from Shelbyville, United States) on 08 May 2021


On If I Speak by Outpost

Looking for that song that goes you hit the club with the rims in the bank just clean new piece new chain pulling hoes and you get your tipsy if x and Hennessy. Something like that anyway can anybody please help me you know what this song is


By Lisa Rassi (from Houston, United States) on 26 Apr 2021


On Paralyzed by NF

I literally love this song but I didn’t know the name. I love this website!


By Maci (from Downingtown, United States) on 06 May 2021


On Tonight (Nicola Conte New Jazz Version) by Koop

Been looking for this song for years and only knew the "why don't you smile when i say I love you" part. sometimes this song would come up in my dreams and now I finally found it.


By joseph alexander (from Royse City, United States) on 06 May 2021

The Dawn

On Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Ole Oak Tree by The Dawn

I was looking for this song with only the lyrics "If you still want me". Heard it in my art class, and I knew I had to have this song before the summer. Thank god I used this website


By Anne (from Westminster, United States) on 06 May 2021


On Dare by Gorillaz

I was blown away! ' fake it, that's what u do baby...' is what I thought the song said... wasn't even close! Yet this engine found my song anyway! Within about 2 seconds and it was the first guess actually! Thoroughly impressed!
Thank-u so much!


By Marlene Brinston (from Canada) on 06 May 2021

Ron Pope

On Seven English Girls by Ron Pope

Thank you this was driving me crazy!! Googling the lyrics I could remember wasn’t turning up any good results.


By Eve Dorsey (from West Hartford, United States) on 06 May 2021

All Time Low

On Stella by All Time Low

I’m so happy I found this song again I have been singing it for weeks the last time I heard it I was 8


By Peyton H (from Ely, United Kingdom) on 06 May 2021

Scott McKenzie

On Like An Old Time Movie by Scott McKenzie

I just heard this song on a cd compilation of old rock and roll songs & it was so beautiful! I had never heard this song sung by Scott McKenzie even though I lived through the 60’s! It never got the airtime it should have! What a beautiful voice, lyrics, and tune if you’re in a melancholy mood! Thank you so much for locating it for me!


By Barbara (from Hawley, United States) on 04 May 2021

Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox

On Closer by Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox

I was humming one part of it and I couldn't remember the name, I went on to google and I used the voice type. Then I found this website and I was shocked when I found what I was looking for.


By Isa Danon (from Toronto, Canada) on 04 May 2021