Genre 3

by qeep

I have a fucked up life though I'm still living
Even though I'm still hidden, yuh
From my past that's still unforgiven, no
'Cause man I'm supposed to be in prison, yo
We've been making music on the low - low
Spending hours not taking showers just to find my flow
If you don't already know, I used to waste my time editing fucking videos
Now I'm in the studio
Chasing panties, chasing hoes just like J COLE, yuh
I don't feel like I wanna blow up
'Cause I just want consistency
Man, that's what's up
I don't give a fuck if you don't fuck with me
'Cause I know you'd come back when I got them racks, yuh
Pushing to my limit to my maximum
Said I'm fucking dumb
Luckily I'm numb, yuh

Yo, I don't fucking know what I wanna follow
I been feeling low I don't wanna show though
I got anxiety, I got insecurity
Man, what a fucking combo
These feelings aren't new
Stuck like a fucking glue
I moved on but remember two things from you
You don't fucking get the things that I've gone through
You don't fucking get the songs that I made for you
Wait, can I change the flow a little bit
We out here man getting fucking lit
We the new wave, we the new shit
Said I'm a fake girl you're a hypocrite
Hitting me up why you tryna go back
Bringing shit up girl what a throwback
Talking shit bout me your shit fucking wack
I'm cold-hearted motherfucker I'm Jack
My name will shine like fucking jet black
I'm telling the truth no need to double check
Pulling out the knives out of my fucking back
Hit me up girl if you look like a snacc

Used to hangout with a bunch of assholes
Acting fake around other people
The truth is that you don't like peaceful
You just wanna fuck with other people
I don't want another lover too hurt from last breakup
Too busy sippin' lean with my double cup
Gotta get my head's up
Tryna not get fucked up
By a bunch of people full of jealousy
Planning shit up like A B C
Baiting me in like who is she
You don't fucking know that I know reality
Living life so dark but we are not in DC
Asking where she from cause you tryna fuck
She wants to cause she tryna dig a buck
Out of our league your shit fucking suck
You got fucking views man it's just goodluck

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On Genre 3 by qeep

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