by bigDobbie

No running away from this one, Xi

(Dude, you are so fat, you can't even Xi JUMP-ing, 'cause you are too fat to)

You censor people in this country with your closed arms
Well censor this, buddy, I'm in the streets like a car
Actually, I'm in the streets like a giant tank
Dobbie slinging bars at light speed, this shit is dank
You wanna talk this shit, and you say you've got your shooters
But your daughter looks like she's a manager at freakin' Hooters
If they can't take the sticky, I'ma pull up with the .50
If he can't chug the 40, I'ma book it with his shorty

Xi ain't got his opps in the wild wild West
He keep pullin' up, with his long titty chest
I'm tryna take a suckle, but he's quick to contest
It's probably cause he know I'm the Number 1 best
If you think Russia's fucked, try going to Beijing
They got people workin' no pay from AM to PM
That shit don't even rhyme, but it's all to prove a point
That their leader is a slimy hag who probably needs some ointment

Xi ain't got no contraband
Xi ain't never understand
I drive, and I kek, and I cook in the stu
But lordy, you all make my glands hurt
I'm running to the Great Wall of China
But I swear he can't censor this swag, it's designer
Xi boutta get his ass handed to him, clampin'
The press on his ass for telling people to go campin'
Set some s'mores on fire, burn this democracy down
No political reform?
You be lookin' like a clown

(Xi Jinping, this guy kinda looks like, uh, he looks like, uh, Winning the Pooh, uh, he kinda looks like, uh, yeah, that's it, that's all I got, sorry)
And shoutout to Hong Kong

We up in Round 2, and this man is such a slob
If I talk shit, he'd probably get his shooters to do the job
Your political stance is looking a little weak
I bet the only thing that you could clap back are those cheeks

If someone hurts your feels, you gon' take away their meals?
If someone has a strategy, you take away their family?
If someone brings up Tiananmen Square-
Oop, can't say that one
Never happened, right?

I'm dropping hella bars, like my name 5 Billies
The way this rap is turning out, I'm fuckin' Xi silly
Pasquel hopped on once, and this shit already fire
After how DEWP turned out, this is what y'all desire
Mao Zedong, Hong Kong
Donkey Kong, my big dong
Dobbie on the track, you gon' wish we played ping pong
The government can hunt me down for all I care
But it don't change the fact, you're basically O'hare

Dobbie out
I need some Doritos
(Well Cool fuckin' Ranch, kid)

(Tiananmen Square)
(It never happened)
(Tiananmen Square)
(Free Hong Kong)
(It never happened)

(Chinese lyrics)

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