by Z-Star

on Violation (1977)

Empty pockets, empty bed
Empty bottles, empty head
The committee says shape up
Or they'll fix me quick enough

(We are with you everywhere)
(We protect you from yourself)
(We are watching)
I wanna rock an' roll
(NO, that's a violation)
I wanna lose control
(NO, that's a violation)
I wanna love someone
(NO, that's a violation)
I wanna have some fun
(You better not try it)

Lousy jobs, down in holes
Join the Union, learn to bowl
Lovely houses of cement
The committee pays the rent


Thank you for electing us
We appreciate your trust
There's a problem we're aware
That many of your children share
But we've developed new techniques
The process takes about two weeks
It''s based upon electroshock
A daily dose of microwatts
And when we're through with what we do
We'll ship the begger back to you
And then he'll be as good as new

Doctor says I'm almost fine
And they'll let me out in time
I'm a very stubborn case
And my tapes not quite erased


No, no, no
No, no, no

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On Violation by Z-Star

By dude


Was it the song you were looking for? Yes 👍🏼

Thanks, am a big fan of the band, and ashamed I forgot this was their work! Entire album is late 70s-early 80s artwork. Great concept album, from an under-appreciated band.
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