Jalen Vs YungAlert/Broken

by YungAlert


Im Still Being Slept On I Already Told Em
But They On My Nuts Like A Scrotum
I Just Handle My Business
With These Pussy Niggas Dont Ask For Forgiveness
You Know Its Yung
Alert Aye
Kill On The Track Like I Do Every
Im Grabbing The K And My Niggas Gone Spray
So We X Out Your Life Mortal Kombat Dont Play
Now You Know That You Capping
Talking That Shit But Dont Pull With Action
No Figure
Fucking With Me Have Your Toe Tag Deliver
Im Sick In The Head Imma Take Out Your Liver
Then Imma Just Eat It Breakfast Lunch And Dinner
Im Saving The Organs Put In The Freezer
Chasing My Green Like A Ceaser
You Know That Im Rocking This Chain
Its Says My Name
YA You See On The Frame
These Haters Remember My Name
Alert He Is The Realest In The Rap Game

Umm hi my names jalen
I dont think anything else rhymes with jalen
I guess fallon madden dragon gallon
Just to name all the rest
But then i digress
Im jalen 17
The way that i rap so clean
Anger problem why im so mean
Im so cold like ice cream
Im new to this like a virgin
No car but im swerving
Shoot my shot like irving
But endless amounts of curving
Im smooth like butter
Clean out my closet and clean out the gutter
Im living my life the funner the better
Chilling with friends and we love each other


Jalen Shut The Fuck Up
Fore I Fuck Around And Bring The Backup
And You Know They Shoot First
Put You Dead In A Hearse
So Ever Again Spit That Wack Verse

My Bad Bro I Just Wanted To Try It

Well Listen To Me Heres How You Try It

Rap About Drip
Ice On Your Wrist
Fuck On A Bitch And Its Easy As Shit
I Be Telling You Easy As It Gets

Nah Imma Just Be My

Feeling Broken
Dont Where Im Going
Feeling Broken
My Words Can't Be Spoken
Feeling Broken
In A Pool Of Emotions
Feeling Broken
Im Feeling Broken
Can't Go On Much Longer
Pressure On My Shoulder But Im Not Getting Stronger
Got Me Feeling Like Im Not Worth It
All The Bad Thoughts In My Head I Dont Deserve It
These Niggas Dont Fuck It Me
They Waiting In Line For Me Just To Give Em G's
These Niggas Is Bums To Me
They Chilling Just Waiting For Me To Fail On Me
They Old And Hate For No Reason
Yall Know This Is My Season
Alert And Jalen Were Not The Same Person

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On Jalen Vs YungAlert/Broken by YungAlert

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