LAL (Leave a Legacy)

by Yung Illie

on OPTIMISTIC (2021)

I've had highs
I've had lows
Grey clouds
Dark skies
Bright moons and sunshine
I don't eat no fish
But stupid trick you can get
Fish fryed
I'm outta this world like Syfy
So what if they left me out to dry
Lucky for me my sign a fish trick
So I come out that water fine in silence how a G move yeah you know just we do
I'll swim around if I ever drowned
Rest in peace to Steve Jobs
Rest in peace to Einstein
I just wonder how life would be if they both were still alive
What if they had met up
And you know what they say about
Great minds I'm let that theory sit on ya mind
I pouring up they was talking down
Heard it all thru the great vine
Yeah I heard it all thru the great vine
Catch me in the lab like I'm Dexter, Jimmy Neutron or Bill Nye
I'm bout mines I'm throwing up them 4's
For my niggas in that south side
Got my Nikes on already
Who the hell you tryna check?
I'm take em back in time
Like the butterfly effect
She like the way I word it like that
I been pulling plenty women
I'm smooth like stealth
Hit you with my right and left now you blind and now you deaf
In the booth I never left
On my feet ain't. Miss no step
They skippin yo songs no wonder cuz
They bumping me cuz I kept it real
From the jump like a trampoline
Talking that triple H
Hip Hop History
Cuz when I go I hope that they remember me
Cuz when I go I plan to Leave A Legacy

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On LAL (Leave a Legacy) by Yung Illie

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