Young DaVinci

Ice Cream Man

by Young DaVinci

We on?

Roll thru your hood like the
Ice cream man
(Ice cream man)x2
Sell that good out the
Ice cream van
(Ice cream van)x2
Move thru a clip like the New York Times
Greyhound trip just to flip 4 dimes

Step on the work
Till they bite on the price
Double up the cup
Then throw some ice

Keep a tool for the fool
Tryna jugg
Make sure your hustle
Keep going good

A boy with a toy
Now a man with a gram
Slide by the street
Gettin cash in his hand
A dime for a sign
Or a bag for a bill
Time after time
Sell a pill for meal
Eat for a day
But you stave for a week
Can't run away
Cuz your heart in the street
Live till you die
Or you die till you live
Give till you get
Or forget who you is

You cool like that? (X3)
Guess we can keep it true like that

Stretch pay like accordion
AK to a 401
Grinding like I'm 41
Grind like I'm the only one
Handcuffs to cuff links
Koolaid to mixed drinks
Food stamp to boot camp
Youngblood to true champ

Take a boy out the block
But the boy neva stop
Tryna give all he got
Till he get to the top
Get away from a trap
Get a pay from the crap
& find better way
Put your name on the map

Ice cream man (repeat)

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