World Class Pleasure

by Yip Deceiver

on Medallius (2013)

Naked between the doors
Questions to fill the holes
Was there an accident or was that what you meant?
I only wading in the waters of a sentiment
So relax your castle gaze
Don't give so many letters to the ones you hate
They can't relate
It's true, you're beautiful
But I'll never change your face again
'Cause you're aging with experience
Of never lasting plastic prints

Next to him I think I'd take you first
It's understandable but not enough to make it work
I'd love to put my hands
All over what I think is undercover
Even though I wouldn't be the first
No promise to ease the tension
Left over from conversation
The chemistry is accurate
Pressed against immaculate
Maybe I should stay

Gone again, such a world class pleasure
To be here feels so right and I know I'm not special
Gone today, should have known better
I guess it's the price we pay
For such a world class pleasure

If you ever fall short of excellent
And surely the time will come
We'll retrace the lines in hesitance
We're turning all the years to pass
You shouldn't wait so, shouldn't wait so

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On World Class Pleasure by Yip Deceiver

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