One Day At A Time Vol 1 & 2

One Day At A Time

by Yane

on One Day At A Time Vol 1 & 2 (1985)

I like to take this one day at a time
I got to take one day at a...
Got me so fucked up
I got to take this one day at a time

[Verse 1:Yane]
Uh.. the worlds's a bunch of chaos, hype just like the playoffs
You probably want this day off but imma play this game hard
Nothing is handed in a silver platter, well does it matter?
Shut up and grind before your life becomes a disaster
I'm turning my back on people to see who's the back stabber
Shittin' on you punks and my chair's made out of pampers
Im so raw but I'm in that word spelled backwards
Nowadays people hate the money that I'm after
You might get jealous out of it ima get a laughter
Karma is my bitch she looks at me like I'm her master
I point to who i hate she'll do her job, yea that's her
I'm sorry if I'm spreading the pleasure of having anger
As you youngins grow, the world could be so cold
You might develop frost bite if you leave yourself alone
You'll be acting all confused and not know where to go
My advice to keep living try to make it on your own
My girlfriend cheated on me oh how fucking lovely
Bet that dude she cheated on me with is so fucking ugly
She fucked her own cousin and i find that so disgusting
She's a muslim i just hate the girl she is becoming
I lost a couple friends cause i ain't about the club life
And i don't drink and i don't party i won't go out every night
But i don't want to fight i just walk away with pride
And until this day we both no longer remain tight
And now my family is in desperate need for cash
Cause the government bout to take our food stamps
All because me and my brother got weekend jobs but thats that
The government taxing all us poor shit thats sad
I try not to stress about it others go through worse problems
I shouldn't have to be bugging about mine with the small ones
We quickly want the outcome, how we gon solve it?
You just want to drink away and numb all your problems
What ima do is make my money stay in school and study
Yeah i hit the books hard but at least I'm doing something
And all I'm asking for is for me to be successful
But how can when your surroundings make it stressful
Thats why i keep them squares out my circle need i say more
Careful watch your step people might just set up a claymore
They want to see you bomb instead of you being the bomb
But i been hated on so long i just take it then i nodd
You talk about the hate thats attention i won't have to pay
Fuck them dudes ill deal with they ass another day
There's a key to success but its hard to escape
Cause its me against the world and we are battling in a cage
I get pist i make a tight fist i want to slit my wrist
And no i ain't broke i just can't afford to quit
Cause real men stay hungry and real men want more
And we finna get it no and, buts, or ors

They call me yane x2

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On One Day At A Time by Yane

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