Welcome to the Party (Skit)


Hello everybody! Welcome to the party. It's not really a party, but YEAHTIM's music is full of party so blease seated, listen up, and pull your fingers out of your noses because that's kind of disgusting. But I hope you enjoy your stay, and you know in hip-hop they have very many good rappers, they have the good lyrics, the good flow, it's fun flow. And you know, they have true stories, they get you emotional, you love to listen to it, they make you think. And YEAHTIM is not one of those people, but please listen anyways. You know, I dunno, he's nice guy, he wants you to listen, maybe it's good (not really) but listen anyways, maybe it will fun. Okay welcome to the party, and here is YEAHTIM

Hello everybody!

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