YCY Tylenol

Power Hungry pus*y

by YCY Tylenol

[Skit #1]
Yo, G, this motherf*cker actually said I had good bars
He was like, "At least Tylenol can write sh*t
He wouldn't go on some sh*tty ass song like your track"
In reference to the Rebellion song you did with Jade
Does this f*cker not know I'm on your album
He's a f*cking idiot
Anyway, figured you could use a good laugh while we're waiting to see what happens next, later

[Skit #2]
(The Room)
Yo, G, man, I don't know if you should do that track
I mean, last time you did it the sub got shut down
We don't even know if it's gonna come back
If you put the nail in the coffin, it might not
I know we got Slim Shady 2, but it's something to think about
Call me back, peace

Part I: Power Hungry pus*y

[Verse #1]
Okay, so you can't stop f*cking with me
When I'm done with you, you'll be crying "Forgive Me"
I might be like, "Why'd I let you breathe"
Cause I like getting under your skin, it's fun to me
You say Kevin is better than Jota
Cause you can't grasp the fact that he got ya
In an argument, y'all never get that far
Cause he would point out everything you did, spot on
But you ignored him like the little b*tch that you are
You ask why do people hate you, but each day you raise the bar
We all wish that you would run away, far
From the sub, whether it's Thicc, Dan or Xylenol
The days before you joined, those were the glory days
We all know you manipulated our old homie Topaic
May not be intentional, but still, it's a shame
He was normal until you got in the way
You're always talking sh*t, like a ten year old kid
Off to college, bet the professor will forbid
You to act the way you do and amidst
All the drama, you'll still talk all your sh*t
You're playing a character, like a f*cking psychopath
I bet you're still kissing Topaic's ass
And to be honest I'm not even mad
At him, we all left the sub, who's left, do the math
Gonna leave Reddit, f*cking wished you did
We'd all be so much happier without you, no sh*t
A sub's a lot more fun where there isn't a b*tch
That's more power hungry than Stalin running it
So how much longer is this gonna go
Well to be honest with you, I don't really know
This c*nt gives me so much to work with, yo
Hope he will finally shut up this time, though
You said the sub was gonna get closed permanently
Was that one of your threats to try and scare me
No, just another one of your lies, evidently
Why you stay on the mod team so persistently
What the f*ck did you do for the sub
Don't make me come to England and f*ck you up
Don't think I will, better lock your doors tonight, what's up
Nobody wants you here, the mod team's corrupt
Out to get anyone who they don't f*cking like
Which reminds me, in fact, it was the other night
Tried to talk to Topaic and genuinely apologize
And try to repair our relationship, no lies
But if this song'll make him not like me, when I attack
Just you, come on, man, at least respond back
Claimed you revived the sub, yet you didn't do Jack
Instead of talking to you I'd rather hear My First Ear Rape on full blast
Remember when you said you'd get Reddit to delete my account
If I posted the track, what the f*ck was that about
It's not deleted, I'm still here, but I'ma find you, make you blackout
Soon you'll be six feet under the f*cking ground
If you can make threats, so can I
You said Topaic wanted the sub to die
But not if you harass to be a mod, why
Cause he can't run it without you, I'd pay five
Hundred bucks to never see you again
"Bat's a sc*mbag", love the irony, man
Bet you're gonna say how I'm reusing points, damn
I'ma send this to him, call the f*cking mailman
"It's not long before Em 2 closes permanently"
Yeah, sure, another one of your f*cking dirty
Lies, if you got some dignity
Leave the sub, and don't f*cking talk to me
I'll have you whacked faster than you can insult someone
At night, you'll hear a noise, grab a bat, but I got a gun
"Em 2 has awful users", yeah, I bet they're c*nts
That's why we always f*cking see you on the sub
b*tch, I know that you're trying to get me to resign
So you and Topaic can run the sub and decide
Is it worth it, cause we've already moved to mine
That doesn't have sh*tty management, we're unified
Against you, there ain't much you can do
Never get my permissions back, f*ck you
I'm only here to keep the sub stable, bet you hate me too
Bet that stable's where I f*cked your mom last night, ooh
Like I'm f*cking Mr Hands
Already made a pun about him, damn
All your posts are as good as spam
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you, ma'am
So, one last thing, before I go, I
Know it's lose-lose for me, yo, kind-
Of a f*cked up scenario, so let the sub die
f*ck you, c*nt, now you know why I resign

Part II: GTA's Revenge

Yo, so look
This isn't the end
We're not done with you
But we will be soon
Then you can f*ck off

[Verse #2]
So, tell me, man, who the f*ck wants you here
Other than Topaic, no one, for real
Go away f*cking b*tch, f*cking disappear
You f*cked with us one too many times, so we're
Gonna stick this spear in your motherf*cking chest
Got no problem talking sh*t till Thicc told you to talk to me, I bet
You know you'd lose, so you ignored it, but I see it
I see the true you, yo, everyone else, f*ck up this b*tch

[Verse #3]
Now we can get past the mean mugs and get to the slugs
I'm about to kill a b*tch, here comes Glitched holding Topaic by the throat just like Jermain does
When he wants to make him choke, cool story, pup
But where's the part where you shut the f*ck up
I'd say I came from the bottom but only Ace has done that
You think you're a hardass until the base hits like Rihanna is to Brown
A new Peep track look at this clown
Jumping up and down
Till he found out it was us
It hit Regina like a bus
You had our trust
The beat just combust
Saying Jota's album sucks
And like V-Bucks, you're a waste of money
Sorry you get lost in the melody

Do re mi, but we don't do that sing sh*t
You know you f*cking lost, so just admit
Your defeat, or we'll get the gun and c*ck it
And I'll personally come down to London
So just please, shut the f*ck up b*tch
Should I bring the sewing kit
When I come down to London (get it)
You're a f*cking c*nt that's a f*cking hypocrite

[Verse #4]
(The Room)
Jermain, we're just gonna keep dissing you till you respond
And if you do I have something ready, I can see from beyond
Why don't you just leave Reddit like you should've
I could always see the sh*t you were full of
It's your fault the sub is ruined for Topaic
At this pace, you're participating in a turtle race
I may have backstabbed you when Shady 2 was created
But I'll let it be known that it was you I always hated
Couldn't handle Wombat's views
This is where the whole situation brews
Your manipulation tactics are good
When it comes to Topaic, don't lie, dog, you suck his wood
You little c*nt, you'll do anything for attention
If that's true, respond back, when it comes to our names you won't even mention
What's wrong, do your parents not love you
I'll give you some advice, don't respond back
When you're asked about us, just say "Who"

[Verse #5]
Maybe you just can't admit it to yourself
Your ignorance makes me want to kill myself
Not because you offend me, f*ck that sh*t
Because I'm surprised someone can be such a f*cking idiot
Oh, and why did you ban Glitched, do tell
Because you're a power hungry pus*y who's like a carousel
Riding around and dodging all of our points, f*cking hell
I'm not joking anymore, you need some help
Go to anger management and not pay attention
Act up again, I'm sending you to detention
Time for the showers, some anal inspection
Come here, Molly, show him your extra special
Intervention, this motherf*cker claims redemption
And always f*cks off at the last minute
He gets called out, that's not good progression
For your anger management, you're bad at deception
Welcome to class, this is a new school
Let the kids come out in recess and ridicule
I'm the teacher, I don't give a f*ck about you
I'm out, but I can still see right through you

Do re mi, but we don't do that sing sh*t
You know you f*cking lost, so just admit
Your defeat, or we'll get the gun and c*ck it
And I'll personally come down to London
So just please, shut the f*ck up b*tch
Should I bring the sewing kit
When I come down to London (get it)
You're a f*cking c*nt that's a f*cking hypocrite

Can you not f*cking see
We don't f*cking want you here
f*ck outta here
We don't wanna talk to your ass
Just f*cking leave
It would be the first good f*cking thing you do
Oh, and one more thing
If you try to talk sh*t
I f*cking swear to God
This is just f*cking small sh*t
I'll f*ck you up

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