by Y2

on Legacy2 (2020)

Dame got it on lock!
I have been licking my wounds since the womb and I first ever stepped up in here
I have summoned this not a warning they don't love you they want you dead
You are no rider you are just a lie to me guess you was born in Liberia
High from the moment I met knew I should've left but something told me stay stay stay stay stay
Ship it and still whip that shit it's a miracle
Why are we smoking hallucinations I can't even feel my face nigga nah nah nah nah nah
That's how you end up getting greedy with devil at door nigga
I just had an epiphany somebody sniffing me out for a war nigga
Mamma ain't never put bitch in me that's not my history only been victories bitch
Shit getting tricky isn't it
Shu Shu Shu
Be dead if i sign if I'm back to the future I'll still have my back to the wall nigga
I am not lying I'm so ahead of my time really be 99 on my birthday
The second you get it I'm second to none why the fuck would you come in the first place
That shit go toot toot man who the fuck been gassing you
You niggas are dur dur dur dur remedial
Word to my pineal we just not feeling you
Body this bitch like a body massage
Body shop in garage
Body gratatata

N-I-G-G-A for life
Dawn of a new day
Don't ever play with fire
Jah Jah
36 weeks to give birth and they use it to curse us
Niggas just hop out the womb and get wounds in the war here
Got this clicking I'm right at your door like an orphan
Uweawatu how the fuck you gon kill what's immortal

Dark as the Hindu they leaving but namaste
Die withcha dynasty
This is the prophecy
3 stripes like addi di di das
I'm daddy bitch
Gigante Sabado
Fuckin in buckingham palace to party next door with dead bodies while reading the Bible
Then fix every typo that sabotaged Africans everywhere
Melanin popular target the carbon they call it the mark of the beast that's that b shit shit shit actually
Six six six six
Yo lil stealing no history heaven or hell headed ass in a casket
Tit for tat el ohim
Allah YHWHY Jah El Shaddai Adonai add a Y
Michael el el my level up
Metaphysi si si
Head of the si si si
Snake and the lizard Elizabeth
Nous Somme le Deiu
Let that dragon get black it's a passion of Christ
Lil bia dat kundalini take the seat and we taking the diamonds to seirra lionne
They lean on me morganic organic freeman
It's clicking like bush men bitch ( click click click )
Now they gotta bleed that's a need not a Q-U-E s to ions
That 9 is my code in me
C2H5O 20 the soul in me
Skeet on her head holy water then bead it like rosary
Roman around this bitch
Fuck is yo ancestors
Still got yo hands on a acolyte
Everything go back to black you a ladder day ain't I'ma black G-I-A-N-T
Stolen identity enemy Centipede been in this centuries finishing listening misery sympathy not on itenary such my da Vinci
Redemption this 36 energy

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