by Xuice Hades

on 777 (2020), Plague

[Verse 1]

Yo, kick it wit a nigga while I chug a brew
Wonder what the fuck the world coming to
Why my skin color number 2, number 3, number 4
Dead body on the ground thanks to the (?)
One day the world gon' smell like a morgue
The birds falling out the sky, the fish washin' up on shore
Nigga I'm not sure
If anyone thinks, or if anyone sees
We might need exercise
Or might wanna get exorcised by a priest
Word to the Christ who preach (Preach)
Out in South America teaching the kids get ink with the mark of the beast
Shit get deep (Nigga how deep?)
666 feet (Oh)
777 ways you and I might feel that heat
Forgive me, Father
Get the cash, I got her til' I have to holler like pass the dollar

[Hook x2]
Blessed mayne, blessed mayne, blessed mayne
All my niggas who tryna get paid
777 ways
Everyday, everyday
Everything like Heaven say
Heaven say, Heaven say
Everybody gon' hellabrate

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On 777 by Xuice Hades

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