by Xavier Sorrow

on Coasting (2018)

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[Verse 1]
Hit em with the vendetta
Me against I but boy I got better
Talk about the way I finna get it
When I met up with a winner bet I hit em with a killer
Killing rhythm when we sparring beating my chest like Tarzan
When you got a flow everybody want a carbon copy
That don't stop me yeah I came in with the creed like rocky
They say it takes a village to raise a child
It took one God to get me out the wild
I should've been living in a river called denial
Instead i'm chilling with the villains breaking bread with the vile
Took a few years yeah took a little while
Everyday thanksgiving even when i'm eating trials
Write another record you can blast in your car
Aiming for the son rappers shooting for the stars yeah

[Verse 2]
Everybody hanging like coatracks
Y'all faker than a kid selling Rolex
I'ma take my shot shot shot like a Kodak
Aim for the top pop spot when i'm flowing
22 years I got 22 years
Ain't no father but I do it for the kids
Doubters get annoying when they question my biz
Get a little ticked who's mans is this
I been doing my thing since high school
Passing out mixtapes like i'm so cool
Run around town meet you when I come through
Everything didn't always feel run through
I see that your only getting highlights
Talk about the real let let you into my life
There's been times didn't wanna live at times
And times you just gotta make it by that's life

[Verse 3]
A Christian boy a vile made blessed
Music thang is the Wild Wild West
I'm a young gun running im'a give my best
I'm not your average and I won't give less
I must confess I'm a mess until you came
Just another guy looking out for a boo thing
Pastor asked why my standards low
How could I be so delusional
Unusual was I unusable
Try to figure out my life like idk
Okay somehow I made it here
Past all my sorrows and all my tears
Making records way beyond my years
Put a lot of work blood sweat and tears
They didn't believe that we could wreck it here
But when castles fall real kings appear

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