Silent Words

by XPQ-21

on Chi (2002)

Words, words, your lips say nothing
Standing there in silence
Punish me, hurt me, all you can do

You say nothing
And nothing is what you say

Hopeless devotion, as you can see
You broke my pride
Come into my arms
I hate you, I love you
What have I done to you
Nothing is no longer true

Words in silence seeming your hideaway
My love is killing me
Silent words of pain

I'd rather be with you and destroy
In heaven we're all the same
Don't you hear the voices
Of all the queer angels and their obsession

I'm fascinated, oh!
I'm delighted
Love is a game of give and take
And not a one man show, selfish is what you are

You're a coward, you're a piece of shit
The only one I desire

You're a bitch, you're a real bastard
No one else but you

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On Silent Words by XPQ-21

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