by X524624624642

[CHAPTER 1 - love ]
Push me down for the greater good
Of myself
Life in violence
Live in silence
A way of a world
I don't feel your perspective
Force my eyelids shut for a moment, just a moment
(i'm just trying to inform you on where my mind is.)
Lost in blindness it seems your own stupidity
Clouding your ability to believe and to leave
The home where your memories filled with grief and places where you bleed
With no one to watch over you to see
How much pain you were in
How betrayed you felt
When you got in your car and drove by his house
Overwhelmed and overlooked. i promise i understood
I understood
I understood

(thats how i feel thats how i thats how i thats how i-)
Spitting venom on a fella looking to get curved
And epitome of an enemy
Get an emmy look at me
Im the center of attention looking for another place to bleed
Any offers please?
The officers believe he left on monday
Fuck that shit, happened on sunday
Fuck your fucking positivity, dont get mad at me its all honesty!
Privacy to bleed
And privacy to love
Who are you to preach that your stupid god
Gets control of things that he never wants
Im a sinner thats on your fuckin god
And ill never change
And ill never walk
Through the gates of heaven who cares anyway i bet that place is no fucking fun
Mi bebito, mi ser querido

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On PULP FICTION (CHAPTERS 1, 2, 3) by X524624624642

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