Tear the Roots

The Roots

by Wiz Khalifa

on Tear the Roots (2017)

When they chronicle my whole life
That nonfiction ‘bout f*cking b*tches and flights
How he wrote scriptures will capture pictures all night
How he'd get paid then hit the stage them lights was bright, ay
How he fought daily with Regina
Couldn't wash away the past if he took it to a cleaner
All her f*ck boy exes Seagrams and court subpoenas
Still he love her though he love her
He really wish he could see her
Yeah that's prob'ly what they gon' say
If they knew me or knew the way I was raised
In that hoopty I never would get no praise
Got arrested adding stress to your already restless ways
Now I got exes of my own
You tried to warn me how crazy these b*tches get when you grown
Or maybe I just did them wrong
f*ck I'm talking ‘bout you'd slap me say money go get you some, uh!
‘Cause I was raised up by a G
Received my teachings from the queen
From getting caught with hella Ps
Hope you proud of me ‘bout take my third trip back overseas
Yeah you know that's just how we do mama
Bought you this Gucci ring to show just how we move on ‘em
Next it's that mazi thang Italy for the holidays
Smashing through bari roley chain
Bet my b*tch body bang
Ay, bet my b*tch body bang
Bet my fratelli my rellies pull up with all they cream
Man this sh*t is not a game

Genesis 29:20
Everybody guessing how I'mma act with money
Repairing my damage
Take the bandage off my mummy
Know at all's know nothing know at all's don't study
Now you got your information homie how could you hate
So much sh*t on my plate
I'm gaining studio weight
I'm seeing life like a slide show ungrateful
I took a trip to Paris didn't even see the Eiffel
I ain't playing games bust a move
If I'm too busy for the Louvre
I'm too busy for you
‘Cause dog in the hood all we got is fast food
But still got the means to smoke and cop brews
Please mind your manners my crew can get rude
Gotta make deals pay bills and pay dues
My only view of college was watching a different world your view of me is
Smoking and drinking and sniffing
Searching for a David a Ruffin a different pearl
Oh my god
I prayed to that
I can't believe I really got away with that
If I died then I'd probably be okay wit that
Make a trade LA can get the Raiders back
Know your worth
I'm smooth like butter in church
Oh my god oh my god yeah I prayed to that
I can't believe I really got away

Take a trip with the mad man
Standing on the pier, bottle in hand
n*gga screaming I be pouring
My emotion in this ocean
Hope Calypso keep a secret
If she don't I swear I'm done
If she talked about the times
She seen me cry about to jump
Like the time 2005 auntie found my uncle slumped
Always said I'd be just like him
Now I guess we'll never know
So I had to be the rose in concrete
Gotta fight to grow
Pressure builds diamonds
And evene busts pipes
Lotta of n*gga
Cop diamonds off of stuffing them pipes
Who am I to judge
I'm a hustler
With some vices
LAPD killing n*ggas
f*ck I'm scared of Isis
Immigrated mama
And a shadow for a pops
Ain't no sparring on my side
n*gga better learn to box
No time to whine
Never drink it out the box
Now it's only fine wine
‘Cause we made it to the top

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On The Roots by Wiz Khalifa

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