It's Not You

It's Not You

by Wiser Observer

on It's Not You (2017)

[Intro: Wiser Observer]

[Verse 1: Wiser Observer]
I was single from '09 to '16
Back in high school those girls never missed me
Was about 16 when I got good
'Cause I was more about the anime and spitting sixteens
And never listening
Talking to a lot girls you start to see a pattern
Boys are from Mars and women are from Saturn
Or is it Venus?
Either way I was busy thinking with my penis
Trying to make up for the girls I didn't get in high school
I had a habit of pushing down my feelings
A girlfriend, never thought it was the right move
I'm only in my twenties , like why dude?
Why have one in your prime dude?
I see the love, but I see the fights too
I see the girls and their friends that they cry to
No thank you
Being with someone else seems like a handful
I don't even lock my phone any questions she's got
I've got answers
Pull her pants off
She dim the lights, move her hips like a dancer
Next week, new girl take her out like the last one
It's so cool
And some days pull through
Had sex with this one girl
Fucked her close friend too
But after a while it's pretty much the same thing
She says, "Tuma what we doing?"
I always say the same thing

[Hook: Wiser Observer & St. Clark]
"It's not you
I'm still trying to have my fun
It's not you
It's not you
You don't have to leave, no
But that's all we'll ever be"

[Verse 2: Wiser Observer]
Family in my heart
No one else was allowed
Always loved being single
Till no one else was around
You see I had a plan
Delay having a relay for as long as I can
Only settle down as a thirty-year man
But life was like, "Nope"
Was falling for a girl that I always overlooked
Windhoek, Cape Town the distance had me shook
But I had a homie, she's the one who told me, "You'll never know what you'll find if you never look"
And it was worth it
Felt like my soul started working
We would quote same TV shows, mad inside jokes, man I swear we were perfect
Always loved to hear her laugh
Love bites on her throat
She loved the way I rapped
And hated that I smoked
Man she always had my back
Such a Superwoman made me get up off my ass
Kind of girl that made me want to be a better person
We were doing great on the surface
But she was broken
And my anxiety still had me choking
I let it slip that I love her
Fucked up and let it leak through the armour
She felt that it was fast
She said that she could never love me, because of her past
Had a feeling that we would never last
Any problem that we had I would ask
She says

[Hook: Wiser Observer & St. Clark]
"It's not you
So please don't ask me for my love"
She says, "It's not you"
She says, "It's not you
You don't have to leave,no
But that's all we'll ever be"

[Verse 3: Wiser Observer]
Wouldn't wish heartbreak on nobody
Hope you have a friend so you call somebody
I had my friends, I had my mom
She told me think about your future while you're young
I had my sisters, so I could vent
I have my sisters, till the end
Have a lot of thoughts I wish I could put in a verse
Made a lot of actions that I wish I could reverse
As much I loved her, logic came first
Clean break up, but that shit still hurt
Man that shit still hurts
And the truth is I'm selfish
Hated seeing blogs and your snaps and your selfies
Of you being happy without me
Your smile I'll never have
And your voice I'll never make laugh
Domino effect and the words I can never take back
And the pics and the vids in my phone I can never make trash
So many thoughts when you break up
Like: "Should I still call her?, Should I not bother?
Was I good enough?, should've fought harder
Fucked a couple girls, is it all karma?"
Reading through your blogs if the words do fit me
Smoking cigarettes wonder if you still miss me
Some days I don't give a fuck, like my mood Christian
Other days fall apart and liquor up my feelings
Sad turns to anger and anger to resentment, but I hope you find someone better that's no question
No offence to the girls I'm rolling with now, if you want something real please listen:

[Hook: Wiser Observer & St. Clark]
"It's not you
I've got no room in my broken heart
It's not you
It's not you
You don't have to leave, no
It's not you
But that's all we'll ever be"

[Bridge: Wiser Observer & St. Clark]
That's all we'll ever
That's all we'll ever be
Yah, yah, yah, yah
That's all we'll
That's all we'll
That's all we'll ever be
That's all we'll ever
That's all we'll ever be
That's all we'll ever
That's all we'll ever be

[Outro: Rubbi]
"But yeah no really one thing that life is, is constant about, is second chances. Second opportunities and I'm so hundred percent certain that you're going to find that person 'cause you're... you're not a njeh person. You're not a lil bitch ass nigga and only bitch ass niggas get bad things that come to them, so.'re...It's maybe for the best. Better things must be coming

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