As Above So Below

Slow Mode

by Windmills

on As Above So Below (2011)

Round like a circle in a spiral
Like a wheel within a wheel
Never ending nor beginning
On an ever spinning reel
Like a snowball down a mountain
Or a carnival balloon
Like a carousel that's turning
Running rings around the moon
Like a clock whose hands are sweeping
Past the minutes of its face
And the world is like an apple
Whirling silently in space
Like the circles that you find
In the windmills of your mind

[Verse 1]
I shatter molds when my data's thrown
Contagious, I pass it on to others
Create some kind of high that doesn't ever low
So if you listen to it, cool! If not, then keep it moving
Cause I'm feeling good off what I do and I don't wanna ruin this mood
I'm over it! I got my own pair of speakers
Hitting hard enough to smoke you out from being in the room
Things have changed, I still bring it in
And keep a swing like I've been drinking more than what I can
You, may not believe it ‘till you see me going wild
That I don't make it look as though to flow is difficult to crowds true
I'm lifted with the ism, quick to spot a downer
Out to put their cloudy thoughts into my sky that doesn't have them
Twisted, laughing at the mess, I got myself into another jam
As funky as who said he's proud to be his color
Take a ride with me, live emcee, drama in the wind
I go by many names such as, ‘who the fuck he think he is', I'm in…

Slow mode! I was racing at a fast pace. Oh! no, I was running on a wheel, like
Where did this come from? There's never enough done!
I must be in love again to see as clear as let it go!
Let it go on anymore, who I am and what I'm not
Caught in how, how much things aren't the way that I had ever thought
Slow mode! I was racing at a fast pace. Oh! no, I was running on a wheel, like
Where did this come from? There's never enough done!
I must be in love again to see as clear as, let it go!

[Verse 2]
The ‘let me do my thing' material I kick is not restricted
Pick another way to front. It's nothing to me when I'm lifted
Another jam for underground heads is what I am
The musical discoveries, I find, rewind and tell a friend to put their hands up!
Don't act like they're in handcuffs and dig it!
Cause there's no need to spill your guts around this blunt I've written
It'll all be over soon, we're the group that's coming up
But not until we make the kids who say they love us, say we suck
Thanks for noticing!
I'm vocal overdosing rhymes critiqued, and with plenty that I feel
As much as cripples do their feet
Celebrate and laugh every track, the fact we made it further
To reflect on what we had to do to get to where were at
Taking the motivation from a show when only few were there to see us
Yeah, you best believe it keeps me in the lab. This is how I live:
Open arms, paradise in every song, with the ease of a tropical beach
On microphones, higher than I've ever gone, feet in the sand
As if the summer breeze wants me to know that it's there. I'm in…


[Verse 3]
I'm fun loving, underneath the creature stirring from the hurdles
And turning the world into a track and field without a break
When you're without a deal, you have to grind it out and keep promoting
Undiscovered's been too much for me to take!
It's as if I'm pushing buttons like a drum machine on ones I've never met
Who hear me rhyme and size me up with budgets that they're working with
And what I've been through is no comparison to overcoming
What it would have done, unless I hadn't let it take me under
Don't even try to guilt trip, I was born and raised Catholic;
That's turning people into things that no one had imagined
Could use a raise! Either way, another classic album
Has a margarita taste while on vacation, type of power
Rock on! To the beat box boogie to drop, whether Hip Hop's ready or not!
You can get back to me! I'm hot, and I mean that fully, no hurry
Cause it won't stop me from the top. I'll survive and blow up the spot
With a rhyme I'm holding, that's in control of your motor a lot
The engine revving, as if it wants to be competitive
Isn't the only way that I can ride an instrumental that knocks;
‘Till it lifts your feet out from your socks, and your breathing patterns are like
Fleeing the scene from the cops! I'm getting props forever
The record stores don't have us in stock, but you can hear us down the street
From the cars on your block, while in…


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On Slow Mode by Windmills

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