Willy DeVille

Cadillac Moon [Live] by Willy DeVille

by Willy DeVille

You roll all night, till the light comes
Do things, you only do in the dark
And my windows, they're wet with the morning dew
You know, it's time I headed home
The doors, they rub, in the back room of the barracks
And i can't help thinking, "did I blow it tonight ? "
And the old johns cry, in their beers, all night long
I don't come here often baby, but when I do, I seem to lose every time
Now Spanish music plays in my hallway
And the wind blows, through my door
And my mind is out on the corner
And my eyes go blank at the wall

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On Cadillac Moon [Live] by Willy DeVille by Willy DeVille

By Reinhard Bädker


Was it the song you were looking for? Yes 🎉

Thank you soooo much. I've been searching for this song for 30 years. I'm crying.
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