by Will Is Chillin'


Now we continue the story

[Verse 1: Acumental]
Yo, I want my jersey in the rafters
I wanna blurt a bad word and curse at other rappers
I'll turn a living person to cadaver
Meet the mercenary bursting out with laughter at a worsening disaster
I been working magic
Yo my verbiage enamors those who yearn for satisfaction
Circlin' the Earth, I'm otherworldly with the racket
We eternally inhabit every surface on the planet
I can't stand it
Up early runnin' gamuts
Converting our combatants with impervious semantics
Burgle a suburban and I'm swerving into traffic
Hurdy-gurdy man, you haven't heard I'm from Atlantis

[Verse 2: Will is Chillin']
Made a few bold statements
Act upon 'em rarely
Vagabond of sorts I sport a stack of rhymes, clearly
Demons in the shot glass, fog-casted outcast
Get broadcasted from abroad shoulders, not a podcast
God's giving out some odd tasks
Nights squander my potential
Day ponder existential
I'd read more if I drank less
Bowser said an hour and I'm p*ssy at the banquet
Sloppy as the hand that I paint with
Portrait was a scholar entertained for hours in a college shirt
Most days on the calendar the caliber of vocab's Excalibur
Calibrate my life story
Caved in a allegory
Bathed in the fountain
Baby-faced but it's drowning in the excess
An analyst between two X's

[Term K]
Exited through the entrance, all I want is some rhythm
Walking like an Egyptian, stark white with a vengeance

[Verse 3: Acumental]
The sorcerer's apprentice
Born to be the best
Every morning telling stories like I'm Forrest on the bench
Normally too ornery to rest
Got the glory of a warrior, recording in a trench

[Verse 4: Term K]
Best believe they all for saving Chicago
Unless it means cooperating with five-o on occasion
How can you blame 'em though
They mimic the Gestapo, so militant and macho

[Verse 5: Will is Chillin']
I thought so
Flow god with the god flow
Pages from the gospel, the patron saint of sanchos
Your bae is my apostle, just don't forget apostrophes
Spittin' that colostomy, go twitter my philosophy

[Verse 6: Acumental]
That's just a sample of what's yet to come
I'm off of Xanny with a glass full of expensive rum
So pull a piece and call me Annie when I get your gun
Public enemy it's like my uzi weighs a metric ton

[Verse 7: Term K]
What it do has it been done to death
What you call a movement is a double step
My crew don't get enough respect
Cut a check
Say this rap sh*t is cut-throat
f*ck no, this rap sh*t is Mc
Cluskey's neck
White boy call him Wonder Bread
Can't dance so he beat his own drum instead
I wrote this solely to show soul
So show me a broke mold
I told you I don't know
The soberist isn't sober
We broke and we gettin' broker
I'm broke, need to get a broker, fa sho
The phoniest of the phony
You lonely and getting lonelier
Nobody finna show up to your funeral
You growing old in a cubicle
Hold your own or you'll soon be no mo like a Roman numeral
Fear that you alone
Wolf, either you hear it or you don't
You can either be a spirit or a ghost

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