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What Good Am I?

by Wilco

on The Wilco Book CD

What good am I?
Long live time
For all kind
There poems
Song in my heart
Skull in my pocket
What good am I?
Time takes a stage
Drowned out
Wine, women and advertsiing
No, no, no
Currency exchange
That's easy for you to say
I dont need anything x2
I don't need ..
I need you

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On What Good Am I? by Wilco

By Adi


Was it the song you were looking for? No

So there's a song stuck in my mind. It starts with a piano, girl singing "there's a song in my heart/head/soul" (not sure about it). Then further in the song the singer goes up with the tone and sings "if I do it all ok, please don't". I hope someone can figure it out.. thanks by advance 🤗
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