Take Some Time

Take Time

by Wiker

on Wilderado (2021), Take Some Time (2020)

[Intro: Sample from 'Take Time' by The Books]
Take time 4x

[Chorus: Sample from 'Take Time' by The Books]
Take time 8x

[Verse 1: Wiker]

(Take) all the (time) you need
And I'll be sure to give you all the room you need to breathe
And if I ever inadvertently or purposely impede
Or if I ever start to make a move and try to intercede then I'll
(Take) just a little bit of (time) just enough to get my bearings
And make sure my inner compass is fine
Just enough until I'm sure that if I fall it's in line
And anything I say or do is innocent and benign
Sometimes it (take)s considerably more (time) than you think it will
To work around the walls that you built up into a citadel
Know you have feelings but you swore that you would never tell
Never fall again and feel the pain you felt last time you fell
If I could (take) away your pain and I could (time) everything differently
I would have found you years ago and had you come away with me
Do everything I could so we could write a different history
Forget the ambiguities and mitigate the mystery

[Chorus: Sample from 'Take Time' by The Books]
Take time 8x

[Verse 2: Wiker]

I know you think I've (take)n way more liberties and (time) than I'm entitled to
And you think I'd be acting differently if what I said were true
You're scared that I'll pull out the phrase that it was me it wasn't you
It wasn't meant to be there's nothing either one of us could do but
(Take) a couple steps back, let me catch my breath cause this
(time) if we don't take our (time) then we'll have nothing left
Nothing left at all and I bet that if I would have given you my best
We would not be in this situation but I guess
The more I (take) the less you give and even (time) is out to get me
And I wish that I could make amends but I'm not sure he'll let me
I'm afraid that while you're taking time you might start to forget me
You should know that if you want me you can get me
And if they were to (take) away my rights and I did (time) inside a jail cell
The only think I'd miss would be your face, your voice, your smell
I know I made mistakes, but I hope at least that you can tell
In spite of everything I did I swear I honestly meant well
(Take) for example the (time) when I disappeared
You kept talking to me even though you thought I couldn't hear
You thought that I didn't care, but that wasn't the case
I just needed time to think so I could figure out what I should say so
(Take) all the (time) you need
And I promise I won't get in your way
I've made mistakes, but I swear that I'll do what it takes
To make sure things are different if you stay

[Chorus: Sample from 'Take Time' by The Books]
Take time 8x

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