by WhyG

on Backyardigans (2020)

Glizzy kiss you like you're under the mistletoe
I creep up on dat lil' boy in my tippy toes (ouu, swag)
I'm 'bout to blow
Coca cola when you drop in the mentos
Wipe a boy and den wipe down a rental (ouu)
I got two rings, you got no rings just like you're Bledsoe
Headshot, leave a boy man down cruical
Hundred round look like commercials
I put the Off White, I'll feel like Virgil
Can't fight wit' no fat ho's that wearing []
Compact nine, tourist, and it's purple
Big Glock nineteen, and the clip on it look circle
He tried to run but move like a turtle
I hit the switch, close curtains
Thought it was an M16, house burstin'
Walk in yo' block in my turban
Slide on 'em like a serpent
No he ain't seen no surgeon
I sent him straight to the garden
I keep the rockets like Harden
And my shoota givin' deals, fifty percent off your life it's a bargain
I was in church, I had the gun in my cardigan
I leave a nigga in his backyard like a backyardigan
Up the wand like Harry Potter, I'm marvelous
Shoot a nigga in da middle of da argument
He lost his life it's unfortunate
M16 make yo' house feel like it's in turbulence
And yo' baby momma so freaky
What she did to me is so inappropriate
I mix sprites wit' opiates
I got killas for associates
Pull da trigger on da G-23, it keeps firin'
Trap twenty-four seven not hirin' (ouu, swag)
It was cold outside, but da forty heat him up just like an island
Big glizzy bustin'/bussin' like diamonds
Before he hit da ground, already know he's a pack (ouu)
Run away smilin'
He get lost, but we find him
Bullets hit him like a lineman
No sounds on my gun, but it still leave a boy silent
Made a movie on da opp block, it was violent (ouu, swag)
Everybody know I'm a north side tyrant
Bad bitch wanna eat my dick like Trident
Opps see me and they frightened (bitch!)

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On Backyardigans by WhyG

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