by Whxami

on Loser (2018)


People ask where the time go
It don't exist
But what the f*ck do I know
I don't
But you don't either you and I both
You're so defensive
When I say your minds closed you show your temper
Holy sh*t
Summer ends and the colder it gets
And you don't notice while you living in the moment I been
Thinking about last year
Me the homies were hoping that we would open for Omen at one the showing events
Sadly we didn't go
Quit my job now I'm broke
Didn't even show up to graduation decided
It was a waste of my time
To sit on stage with a crowd
Of everyone that I f*cking hate in the seats all around
The other day out in town
I saw someone I remember I guess we used to be friends but we haven't spoke for a while
He said some time we should kick it but I probably didn't wanna because he thinks I act like I'm too cool for it now
I told him nah it ain't true
Everybody fake dude
So I keep a small circle like the size of plates
Tryna move up outta state
Somewhere by the mountains anywhere that it's a quiet place
I don't like the public they do
So I started thinking bout it when I walked away
After all the comments hella people in this town had made
Yellin' "I'ma faggot, a drug addict"
To some parents who have no clue of my life and what's happened

I think of running away from here so much but when the f*ck will I go, ay
Everybody always got some stupid sh*t to say I don't pay them no mind though, no but I'ma
as*h*le I'm annoying to some
Others look at me and just make assumptions (What's on your mind bro?)
That's cool cuz I don't give a f*ck
And I know so many people think I am just a (What?)
Loser a loser (Okay)
I'm just a loser a loser I know

[Verse 2]
Yeah, and I can tell that my girl parents ain't fond of me
Her father thinks
I'm nothin but a wanna be and
I'm overlooked no surprise to me
That's how it be until you making dollars G
And at the same time jealousy from friends of me
And even motha f*ckin family
Begin to seem a little bit ridiculous
Eat a di*k you just hating 'cause you wish you did
All of the sh*t I do but you can't
'Cause you motha f*ckas ain't got skills and won't admit
That I'm dope
But you ain't got to so just don't p*ss me off
Or I'ma rhyme bout you and f*cking rip you up
I'm sick and tired of the face they make when people ask what I do these days it's like they ain't got faith
"Oh you ain't workin for no minimum wage?"
Nah b*tch and ya'll won't take my place and that's real sh*t
My Ex said I ain't as cute as I was
And that's fine baby cuz the feelings mutual dumb b*tch
Superficial as f*ck
Been taking sh*t for too long
With no rebuttal so f*ck it I hit you up in a song diss yeah
I been nice and expected the same
I'm thinking twice and don't expect a thing no no
Late nights when you expect a ring
From my line guess you gone have to wait
Since I'm just a loser

Loser a loser
I'm just a loser a loser I know
Loser, Loser
I'm just a loser, loser

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