From Left To Right

What Are You Doing?

by If All Else Fails

on From Left To Right (1970)

I've told you many times before you shouldn't do it at all!
Why are you still here?
You shouldn't be in this place, you're destined to take a fall!
Well I've known you for a long time now, I've seen you grow up from the start. I hate to see you change like this,
Don't you know it hurts me a lot.
Well ever since I left this place, it seems you all have gone askew. I'd hate to think of seeing you here, but it seems as though I have to ask you.
What the hell are you fighting for, a single injustice, you've never been dealt.
Don't expect too much from me, I will not join in on your guilt.
There's nothing here for you to prove, you've been protected your whole life,
Why rebel against something,
That's hid you from this world of strife?

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On What Are You Doing? by If All Else Fails

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