Scottish Rap Re-Mixtape Vol.2

No Money In The Bank

by Werd

on Scottish Rap Re-Mixtape Vol.2 (2010)

I got...
No money in the bank (I got)
No money in the bank (Im Skint)
No money in the bank (Why am I in debt mate)
No money in the bank

Checking out the cash line no I aint got shit
Damn I need cash mate please can I borrow it
And you're like nah mate you can get none of it
And Im like what cunt gone give us some of it
I used all my over draft
Need to go over that
Need to buy a bottle
I dont want to be a sober twat
Naw that would be shit that that would really suck
So come on mate how about it
Gone give us just a little chuck
(Nah) just a little buck (Naw) you're as tight as fuck
Ken I would give it to you if you was out of luck
See I've got no cash and I really need hash
If Im not smoking then I think Im going to go daft
Shit you laugh but that's no funny
Cause Im smoking the doubts when Iv got no money
Im skint or whatever you call it
Its just the definition of having shit in your wallet

No money in the bank [x4]

Im pure skint gone give us a tap
I want to get steaming like running the taps
But wait hold back Im not paying you back
I gave you one chance this time your getting taxed
Ya fucking raj should have given me that
Cause if you did wouldnt give you a smack
Ya fucking cunt dinny call me again
In fact give me your phone mate Im pawning it in
Took all your shit fae your kicks to your walkman
And you did knout mate you just walked then
Now you are watching me going shopping
Vodka Buckfast Whiskey I got them
Yeah I be having a drink
Till you see me mate hanging over the sink
Like 'hic' pure fucked had too much
I need a taxi (Give me money you fucks)

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