Live Trout

Gotta Broken Heart

by Walter Trout

on Live Trout (2000)

You got a broken heart, and you don't know why
You're feelin' so alone, all you do is cry
Every time you think about it, you just don't understand
You used to have a lover, now you're such a lonely man
You got to get her back, you're running out of time
Living on the edge, you're losin' your mind
You got a broken heart, broken heart

You're spendin' every day, sittin' home alone
You're longing for your baby, but your baby's gone
She didn't give a reason, for walking out the door
And you're so damned tired of wonderin', you just can't take no more
You're wishin' and hopin', it's all in vain
You'd give anything, to get her back again
You got a broken heart, broken heart
You got a broken heart, baby

You've got a broken heart, that's all you know
You feel you're goin' under, because you miss your baby so
You better get yourself together, no matter what it cost
When you're out in stormy weather, it's easy to get lost
You got to get her back, whatever else you do
She's the only one, who just might see you through
Your broken heart, you got a broken heart
Through your broken heart...