Overwhelmed and Underdressed

Steamboat Willie

by Walter Mitty and His Makeshift Orchestra

on Overwhelmed and Underdressed (2011)

We've all sailed through storms just like Steamboat Willie, but this time we actually might drown. Besides cash in my pockets and girls I think are pretty, there's four things I need before I go down

I'm sayin
Pack a couple bowls for my boys tonight, and give me the chance to kiss my bike goodbye, give all my records to all my best friends, and tell mom I'm sorry I drove her insane
So wet your lips dear, and sing like the ships going down
We've been here before and we came out laughing, but this time I think we actually might drown

I've been from private school polos to sweet jail of Canada, and slept on the most random couches and floors
I'm a spoiled yuppie punk and maybe that's not all I'm after, but I've seen things people pay calendars for

I would say piece another heat stick but god I'm just tired
And all my friends say this cartoon's life expired
Some of them ran off chasing corporate grins, and some of them left me for Oxycontin

So whats the point dear, to build up what only breaks down. I'm leaving just as mixed up as when I got here
They'll find me in Morro Bay floating face down

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On Steamboat Willie by Walter Mitty and His Makeshift Orchestra

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