Hell's Kitchen

by Wale

Ha, what else
Huh, what else
Hell's kitchen, what else

[Verse 1]
Look, I went to sleep a winner, woke up still winning
New York city on my chest, on my John linen
All my b*tches wear Versace, tatted like a Nazi
See me in the hood clean, but she know I need the sloppy
I'm a killer in the streets, killer on these beats
Emotional rappers, make the rap game sweet
I'm a grind connoisseur, dime connoisseur
Pushing weight for a minute, arms kind of sore
How you n*ggas look questioning a self made n*gga?
Well paid n*gga, repeatedly fade n*ggas
Sitting in the kitchen, whipping up a fixing of that dope
While 'biding by this real n*gga religion, what else

Yeah, light up
Huh? What else
Hell's kitchen, what else
Yeah, what else
Huh, hell's kitchen, what else

[Verse 2]
Look, I went to sleep the champ, woke up with the title
Still living sucker free and I put that on the Bible
Carolina dreams, hottest n*gga on the block
Since I was the teen, I was the hottest n*gga on the block
Familiar with powder, familiar with dour
Two or three stacks, sh*t, I make that ev'ry hour
Look, my whole team winning, cocaine spinning
That responsible for this boss n*gga living
Motivated by the winners, ev'ryday's a hustle
Motivated by the dealers, surrounded by killers
If you wake up sweating and ya blood dripping
Then you on the menu in that hell's kitchen, what else

Huh, Shakedowwwn!
Ahh, what else
Yeah, what else
Hell's kitchen, what else
Huh, what else
Ya now f*cking with the best
Go and deal with ya liz-fe
Dedicate yourself to this real n*gga rap, n*gga, huh
I'm a professional sh*t talker
I can teach a class in the art of sh*t talking, n*gga
But ev'ry word 100 though, believe that
I give a f*ck how you n*ggas feel about me
I'm rich, b*tch, Shakedown forever, ever
Take that n*gga, yeah

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On Hell's Kitchen by Wale

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