Vonte Raekwon

Deja Vu

by Vonte Raekwon

Working overtime so I over shine
I ain't been to sleep in a minute
‘cus I over grind
Mamma told me it wasn't good for my health
But I'm on a mission
But it always feel like something missing, what is it?
The fame ain't coming quick enough
‘cus I been dreaming for a minute
Just pray that somebody listen
And they gon' go crazy when I'm signed to the Roc
That's the same nigga used to post up on the block
In Nassass
Now I'm getting fast cash
I did it, nigga
Fuck around and put my grandma in a Bentley, nigga
That's some crazy shit but I'm on the same shit
Say a nigga changed, I just got off that lame shit
I'm sorry for hurting you nigga's feelings
But I had to boss up
If I wanna get to a million
Once I make a million I'm grinding
To get a billion, I'm a thrill ass nigga
I guess I deserve a trillion
‘cus Ricky, I'm trying to get up in that yacht club too
Blowing a cuban on the poop deck
Deja vum ham
I dreamt last night I was in Japan
My niggers got their tickets in advance
Now I'm shaking hands, with a pretty asian jonk
Said she loved my show, signed an autograph
Me so horny, told my niggers gotta go
Konichiwa staring at a decent watch
Used to window shop, now I'm going cop
It's because that shit is fly
I ain't gonna lie, I use the rock thrift
Sto' shit but now they like Vonte write more shit
I love when my fans get hype
And I love the way she walk when them pants be tight
And you know a nigga love it when her mans be like
Why you downloading his music, girl?
He ain't that nice, ha
Girl, you fell in love with a bitch nigga
Now you stuck, could have been in love with this nigga
Real to the motherfuckers in the DNA
To the DNA always on my P's and Q's
Pick and choose on my Lil' Tone shit
Now all the girls want me
But now I'm too grown, bitch
Swear last night was mad thrill
Popped an Advil, started writing, getting some texts
Like damn, kid, you mad skilled
Thanks fam, I really appreciate it
I'mma grind harder now, got nigga's anticipated
Vonte, you killing all my adrenaline on 300
‘cus this what you niggers wanted
How you gon' act when the shit hit the fan?
I'm going to ham for the fans
And masterminding the plan
I been going hard on my days off, bitch
And my niggers passed me the blunt
To take some weight off shit, stressing, looking to
The heavens, it's a blessing, young nigga from
The shore, trying to send these niggers a message
Rep'n VA, bitches got my shit on replay
I been in the game so long got me working for E.A
It's in the game, It's in the sport
Vonte you got'em so what you waitin for

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