Violent J

Get Ready

by Violent J

I'll disconnect you like SBC
Then reinvent your whole style for free
Suicide's even a better choice to me
So you really need to think about the sh*t you call beef
Don't come trying to explain a bit
Cause you really starting to sound like that same lame b*tch
Yeah that same lame b*tch who used to suck my di*k
Who I see you tongue kiss who you all in love with
Tell me don't she f*ck and suck the di*k right
I hope you don't think she learned all that sh*t overnight
Now you stand there looking with the kill a man attitude
Should've been showing me some gratitude
The truth hurts like a semi truck
Just came outta nowhere and crashed
And f*cked your whole world up
Don't like it then don't ask
I won't say sh*t
Cause I ain't the one you wanna come and get

[Hook x2]
Get ready for the fight of your life
I'm gonna end it tonight
Come get me if you wanna die
Just come outside meet me in the moonlight

[Violent J]
I'm drunk in this b*tch don't tell me to calm down
I coming over there dropping the bomb down
Kicking in the front door, what you front for?
You screaming oh no I'm beaming the four-four
Don't tell me f*ck you on the telephone
And think it's okay, muthaf*cka no way!
Don't flip me off and get caught at a red light
Cause I'll beat your skull with a lead pipe
You and your buddy's having funerals next week
More gonna be busy if I'm throwing a hissy
I be the bam-bam juggalo 44 clappa
b*tch slappa, I sh*t talk, Crip walk
Rich rapper, chick tapper, kidnapper
Get crunk, hit blunts, clip punks
Come and get this
And as soon as you miss
I blow holes in your lungs
Hear it whistle and hiss
As you, slowly die

[Hook x2]

[Jamie Madrox]
Oh what now I'm supposed to be scared of you
Cause you wanna talk and act like them big boys do?
Shootin dirty looks like you got some hate on your mind
You ain't the first you can gone wait your turn in line
Everybody wants some but look how when they get done
Tuck they tail between they legs and run just like a b*tch
f*ckin' with a lunatic on the wrong day
With a hole where their throat usta be
Usually I don't persist with bull sh*t
But today I'm quite p*ssed, and looking to start sh*t
And if you want beef I got a whole cow off on the trunk
So be prepared for the drama you b*tches and punks
Yea that's what's up ever ready just like a battery
Slicing through cartilage and punching in your anatomy
Over beef don't sleep
Cause you might not wake back up again
On the ground and just bleeding


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On Get Ready by Violent J

By Fregly


I’m looking for the lyrics that goes by “meet me in the moonlight you can set the mood right I’ve got to go” then “your clock says 3 while the night brand new let’s set it to 2
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