by Vic Jita

on Phases (2018)


[Verse 1]
Hello everybody hello
Saluta ama humsha izinja zami they know
See this time around sfuni mali fo sure
I'm just tryna be number one like imzansi fo sho
What a life, (yeah) what a beautiful life
What a vibe what i gotta do to prove that I'm nice
What a year
Hayi shem sbonakele
Asaph ulibambile i award ya kwenzakele
Why you mad
I'm just happy to be here now
Bathi straadi kanti where you been now?
There's a lot of stuff that i've seen now
Manje ngzodali impicabadala, kdala
Skhala now we stepping in the bruh
Certain people need to tell me that they proud of me
Askhulumi but you know my weakness is loyalty
Same old VIC ntwana since back then, it's funny how I'm getting new cousins every monthend now
Bathi so floppa fast
Me and Dumza got the plan, the crime is organised
Manje ngphethi phepha i'm about to write the book of vibes
Sebazosbooka fast, I'm cool with you but istyla sakho is about to bite the dust

Bangibuza nge Ndebele rap ok
But i gotta what say? i gotta let the kids go play
Sowaboni inkunzi ingqikila inqama?hmm ok
So hello everybody, welcome to the phases


Hello everybody hello
This year u straadi usazokwenza some more
Hello everybody hello
Rhythm and rhymes but you hear the mellow
X 2

Hello everybody hello x 2

I've seen phasescg
I got problems skeem sami
Mawnemali, ungenzani mjakajaka

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On Straadi by Vic Jita

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