Sorry Not Sober

Rain Drops

by Veno Da Don

on Sorry Not Sober (2017)

Rain Drops

Verse 1:

I'm calling on the Lord's name, before he take my breath away
Cuz I refuse to play the devil's games. So glorify him thru my campaign, come and feel the champs pain
Drinking for the stress, popping champagne. I changed lanes just to get inside the damn fame
Auntie told me "Boy, you just do the damn thang". I Can't complain, I'm doing better than others
I still watch out for family and put on for my brothers, uh
You can't break my heart if I don't have one
And you can't tell me how I'm feeling with a mask on. |
I won't dance with these demons, I rather sing with these angels
I know a bright future coming, just gotta change all my angles
I try to talk to God but i dont hear from him
Even know I never met him, he still know that I love him
Watching granny go to church, I learned that no ones above him
He can take me any second, so I try to stay humble
He gave me something called talent and you can't touch it
I won't settle for a dime in a dozen. Just a rapper that never made it and ended up nothing
Or a nigga with a poker face that ended up bluffing. I just, I just wanna have a conversation
Got me thinking, I'm always fucking contemplating
Wonder why I'm not where Sean is, finally famous
I'm finally brainless, I'm going thru intoxication
I feel blessed but I'm stressed a lot. Eyes open, I ain't really getting rest a lot. Momma crying cuz I changed a lot, going thru some thangs a lot
She told me open up- new restaurant heh. Fuck showing feelings, I'm in camouflage
I'm feeling lonely, I've been tryna hold his hand a lot
When it all falls down, remember my name homie
I pray to God that he send a blessing down for me. Just let it rain on me


These Rain drops keep falling down. Praises keep going up. All these blessings keep coming down. I'm finally blowing up. Looking up, when I was down. I'm a let em all know what's up. I love the feeling, give me one more round. Take a shot & keep pouring up

Verse 2:

Either you a blessing or a lesson. Either you a Prius or a Lexus
Disorder or a method. Protected by a weapon to kill these niggas
These rappers got me numb I don't feel these niggas
Fuck a KKK, but I hate these niggas. I should grab the AK and start to spray these niggas
And whatever shit I say, it won't change these niggas
But they made it, now they living. I can't blame these niggas
Nope. I ain't jealous, I just want my credit
I mean I speak the real shit, so I don't really get it
When I ain't make it out the city yet, I be like fuck this shit
One day I'm a hit the road but don't know where I'm headed
No, destination no, hesitation. Asking why I'm leaving, you don't need an explanation
Life is like a bar, they give me shots and I'm a take 'em
The henny give me peace nigga assalamualaikum. Yeah


Rain on me yeah
Rain on me yeah
Rain on me yeah
Rain on me yeah
Rain on me yeah
Rain on me yeah
Rain on me, rain on me, rain me yeah


Young nigga trapped in the city, tryna escape it
Staying out the way cuz niggas hating
Cry my self to sleep cuz I ain't made it. I just know I gotta be patient

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