Sunburst Slowly

by Vanarin

on Vanarin (2016)

Verse 1:
If I cross that line
Will I find you there?
If I waste my time
Sudden peace within'

'Cause I know
Seashell eyes
Sunbursts slowly

Verse 2:
Silhouetting snow
Glowing silver steam
Tossing doubt within' you
Breaking out too soon

Chorus 2:
'Cause I know
Seashell eyes
Won't you call me?

People say I'm crazy
Too late to make it better
People call me lazy
Never mind the questions
Although it takes much longer
Waking whispers warn me
That it's inside my head
Or is that what they said?
Step into the snow
And make sure that you want it
Step into the shade
And give it all

Verse 3:
Velvet strung
Blue string
Driven strokes
Full sting
Scared of life she sings
Moments now she wins
(Chorus 1 x 1)
Sunbursts slowly

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On Sunburst Slowly by Vanarin

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