Talk To You

by Vainsmith

It's something special 'bout you
Could it be ya hair, the clothes you wear
All I know is that nobody else compares
And they never will, my love is so for real
Not talkin bout the group, I mean it so for real
I mean I kill at will, only if I have to
Never been a trouble maker but I sho' be glad to
Only for you never loving the crew
Never buyin nobody nothing if ain't about you
So hold up, I need to know if you're in it for me
Or if you're, in it for money, then it ain't about we
I think you made the right decision
So you know you my queen
You got me, spreading my wings
Now my love is complete

I'm so used to being me, used to being free
Don't know what it's like to be love so excuse me
Can I get to know you better? Get to know you better?
Never been the type to wait for later, I ain't got forever
If you with it, I'm with it so let me know
If I can take you out to this spot I kinda love
I gave my heart and soul to the ones I didn't know
Everybody say I'm bold but I swear to God I'm cold
Could it be that I'm afraid? Maybe so I don't know
All I want do is talk, Maybe do a little more
All I want do is sip a little bit then let it flow
We can watch a couple movies but Im trying get to know you

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On Talk To You by Vainsmith

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