Sugga Ain't Sweet

Doubt us

by Undead Slayer

on Sugga Ain't Sweet (2019)

Um, Yea. I'm just gonna go off the stuff on the top of my head…
OK, cuz Every since people heard my bars they've been sending shots
I rap with enough energy to power 120 watts
So I return the fire
Kelly's contract just expired
Sorry for anyone in the crossfire
But we all know it's time for him to retire
I still never get heard, Maybe if I got an amplifier
Turn it all the way up
I'm like an electron multiplier

[Verse 1](words=)(timenim)
I'm still waiting to blow up
Here I am, grown up
Still no signs of success
I used to be nice
But it's covered up by this stress
Like I'm on a never ending express
I confess, I've had enough
I've been held down buy people
Like I'm in handcuffs
But I just got the key
Time for me to be tough
I'll take any of you on
I don't bluff
Cause the way I feel right now
I'm strong enough
I could Turn this world upside down
People would still frown
All because I'm not brown
And I'm rapping
People wanna tell me to calm down
Maybe I'm not strait enough
Let me break it down…
I'm not backing down
I'm too up now
I dare any of you to write a diss on me
I'll hit you like a tsunami
You'll never find me runnin' back to my mommy

[verse 2](words=)(timenim)
So go ahead and talk the talk
But none of you can walk the walk
Come at me, I pull a Glock
Catch you while your on the side walk
Then they have to outline your body with chalk
I'll make you dead like 2Pac
Better change your lock
Cuz I could even catch you while your sleeping
Last week a fan told me my raps are getting old
Telling me I'm about to fold
I just speak the truth
The only thing I've ever done was spoke the truth
Now everyone wants to come and grind teeth with me
To the point where I cracked a tooth
I don't even have money to make a call in a phone booth
So don't get mad at me if I'm always mad
To be honest I'm fed up with these people telling me what I can and can't do
I'm through
I blew
The only thing you ever blew was your dad's…
So if you wanna run your mouth face me like a man
But i'm not gonna deal with these trans
I'm done hearing about gays
Their just strays who lost their way
I know, I'm brutally honest
But you could never call me modest
That would be the day
Rihanna could say she's the hottest
But what I can say is, I'll always be flawless
Half these rappers make me wanna vomit
Yo, Take it Dravin

[Verse 3](words=)(dravin jesberger)
Gain all these fans, then they turn on you like Stan, cuz they all wanna be the man
But just like Stan, there just another fan, and i'ma show them why i'm the man
Cuz they all jacked up higher than there dam trucks, they shooting bucks like its duck season, talk about some lnny toons Lyle sh*t
But no ones gonna tune into them, cuz they ain't got no dam puns, ain't no puns, ain't no fun
But chalie you really wanna know whose better, who really is the best man, just killed stan twice, my brother jadin came home with lice
On top of that we been eating tic for days
Now I'm about to go off, cuz im tired of your ass rushing me
Cuz you want some smoke, but b*tch you'll choke
So you better get the f*ck outta me face, before I push you off the charts, like Nickelodeon did to big time rush
Oh wait, they actualy amde it big, unlike your di*k, so why you trying to hit a pick one, when you don't even got a di*k to get a lick
Ywah im slick, quick as f*ck, thsn agian you wouldent know, cuz you can't ever get a quickee
Uless your like somes pet, but i bet your looking as dumb as wonder woman when her cover was born, wondering why I dissed you, after you missed me
Although when I kill you, bro it ain't like anyone will miss you, sh*t no one will even kiss you
But f*ck it, cuz I'm tired of them wanna be hero's, cuz all they do is turn to villains, then i kill them, just like how I killed this sick beat
Oh yeah, f*ck that puppy, although you might Like that, cuz I know you like funky sh*t, cuz you like uptown funk town
But thats besides the point, you walk around calling yourself a dam rebal, b*tch you as weak as a pebble
Dam your as fun as Stan, i guess you shoulda listened to your song, cuz you shouldent of f*cked with me
But I'm the real rebal, cuz i go solo like han
Man f*ck these motherf*ckers, cuz I just f*cked all there girls
Guess you can at I roced there world, worse then the dam patriots at the Superbowl
But tahts bssides the point, i'ma smoke this joint, while I tear the roof off this joint
But I dont need to hold anyone at jun point like a lil b*tch
I don't need to snitch like a b*tch
Yeah you know who im talking about sixnine
I'm tired of Kelly's, dwelling on sh*t
He trying to hit a lick, b*tch come on, im here pick on with me
I dare you, so come on, I'll play truth or dare
Cuz I spit bars, you just on the grean shoting pars
I make it in one sh*t every time
Bell rings, I come out fighting, like rocky in his prime
Cuz I got that eye of the tiger, abd i ain't just talking about the dam team
Man f*ck the players, cuz ive been playing this game for 3 years now, I still dont give a f*ck about us fame
But still I teach, I preach to the qurier, cuz I don't give a dam about the stress
So say what you want, cuz I'm still gonna express myself, man f*ck success, cuz i already got that
Cuz im tought as f*ck, come on try me, my skins tough like a gator, thats why my girl likes to ride me rough, cuz im iconic
But you know whats ironic, I live in Florida, but I hate Flo rida. and the gators
Nut f*ck o.j. Simpson, cuz I'm the real cold blooded killer
And yeah, your probably listen to them fans, pull out that postal and kill your self, cuz you can't pay the bills for them dam pills
But tell me my raps are geting old, so let me put it in bold for you lol boy, b*tch you smell like mold
Yeah I'm cold,but so was your moms pus*y when I droped the mic in her last night
Now ima drop you, so you better get outta my face
Cuz this is my race, and none of you can keep up at my pace
Man f*ck the race, cuz I ain't racist like Trump, cuz he ain't even good enough to f*ck lil pump

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On Doubt us by Undead Slayer

By marimar


Was it the song you were looking for? No

I'm looking for a song that I heard in an ad and I really liked how the song was, so I came here looking for it the only lyrics in the song that you hear are "pace yourself, that's what I tell myself, cause I been.." and I'm not sure if it says "pace yourself" or "fix yourself". this song was featured in an ad for a recent show that came out called 'love, victor'.
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