Fear the Gods

Lost Boyz

by Uncle Murda

on Fear the Gods (2019)

[Intro: Troy Ave]
You know I'm 'bout that NYC
You want that dope sh*t, f*ck with me

[Hook: Troy Ave]
Lifestyles of the rich and shameless
Some people get to change, some go changeless
Some worry bout the name, wanna be famous
Some end up with they brain blown off by the stainless

[Verse 1: Troy Ave]
Flipping through the TV and I'm like yo ain't sh*t on
It's me and Pac ? long hair thick joint
Massage her before I stroke er, she workin on my shoulders
But on a side note, what the f*ck is maybe soda?
Ain't see my n*gga since we made a trade for them gats
I caught a body with his sh*t, I hope he don't want it back
Frontin' ass n*gga deserved it, please don't judge you ain't perfect
I hold court in the street and murder was the verdict
Jewelry on, baby girl admire my ice
And it's my birthday, I did 25 now life remains
I sip the pain and twist the Jane
Hit the flame, I just want the money, f*ck the fame
Be ashamed that they said Troy Ave that n*gga
And my bank account sayin' I got low ass figures
I am highly motivated by these broke ass n*ggas
Any funny moves, know I blow smoke, blow! n*gga

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: 2 Chainz]
My partner did a decade, my code name Jefe
Plus I'm known to whip it like Kunta Kente
Former side b*tch so imagine what my lady got
Used a Maybach like the Marriott
Bought a foreclosed home
Used it for a jewelry box, a chain spot
Just ordered shrimp fried rice straight out the Chinese spot
Organized crime, if it was a team I'd be on the starting five
Sippin lean with my guys
Having the same cocaine nightmares
I wear jewelry like Nike airs, brick look like iPads
Menace to society, guess I'm the new O-Dog
Typecast, they think all I do is turn up songs
You know my lifestyle, easy come, easy go
The Panamera cleaner than a bar of soap
I stay levelheaded with a Giuseppe fetish
Guess it's hereditary cause my dad was a felon

[Hook x2]

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On Lost Boyz by Uncle Murda

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