The Insane Asylum


by Twisted Insane

on The Insane Asylum (2013)

[Intro: Redro Killson]
You goin' get fucked tonight...tonight... tonight...
[Verse 1: Redro Killson]
Tonight you makin' love to us all
[???] You don't know the freaky things that we are, [?'bout to get it now?]
[?Tryin to leave hervbut she scarred?], [???]
Lifted, [???] [?so i skidded left?], came back so hard i tried to beat her to death
I'm violent, oh you goin' learn bitch, I promise
Fuck her till i hear silence and sirens, she died, I'm outta my mind,[?and she wanna try me?]
Yea you goin' get fucked tonight, yea you've been on me all fuckin' night, so we goin' play this song all fuckin' night
[Hook: Redro Killson]
Tonight, Tonight, Tonight... You goin' get fucked tonight (x3)
[Verse 2: Twisted Insane]
I told i would fuck her harder it would only take a minute till when my penis, would get ya
Baby you a motherfuckin' get with me until the penis drippin'
[???] [?leakin' fluid?]
She really only fucked around last night so ill show her how a G would do it I knew from the moment i met her, she wanted to fuck The second i walked into the room, she was on my nuts She never really came into my room unless she was on my nuts, so i took her into the room, to get the feelin unanimous (big fucking cock) see this nigga went in and this bitch was feeling euphoria, [?That bitch knew that she was fangoria?] She screamin' about it [???] (Fuck her till i hear silence and sirens, she died) with her hand on my dick from out the window you could hear I'm a monster in the dark room wit 'er Hand on my dick like a firefighter, when i squirt sperm in 'er face like a harpoon spitter You don't really want a [???] she's a freak nasty bitch that`ll get real freaky with me and do the type of shit the other niggas don't do
I was damaged with all around stamina
And fuck you and fuck you and fuck you and fuck
[Hook] (x6)
[Verse 3: Redro Killson]

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On Tonight by Twisted Insane

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