Bluntsandraps EP

LWLF/Chino's Interlude

by Turk

on Bluntsandraps EP (2020)

Verse 1:
I used to pray for times like this, to rhyme like this
Reporting live from the 2 1 6, that's the city I rep
Heart on my sleeve, it ain't a need for the flex
Had ‘em screaming that we got next
That was 0‘12, elevated, guess I'm on a higher plane now
They're plotting on the day you make your way down
Damn, I'll be damned if I give ‘em the satisfaction
Foot on the gas when I'm mashing and weaving through all this traffic I'm passing
Never been one for the gassin'
It ain't many that's matching me, they couldn't copy the passion
I can't help it, I just think that I'm the best when I'm rapping
I pray for the day that imma shine bright as camera flare when it's flashing
I ain't the same as I used be
I hate it when they treat me like they used to me
True indeed, a lot changes as time passes
Seen a few of the who's who's become has-been's
I swear it's hard being humble
Been hungry for so long, I just rhyme along to the rumble
Not your typical rapper, teachers told me I would make it
It's like waiting in a line for the doctor, I been patient
Ain't asking for a lot, I just really hope that you listen
My old head said I'm what the game been missing
It rubs me the wrong way when they say I'm overly confident
They don't know what it took to get in this spot I'm in
They don't know the nights I was tossing turning
Nothing was given to me, I took the stairs and I earned it
They say the quicker it come is how fast it'll leave
As long as you get to where you're going, it don't matter speed
That's how I see it
I live, sleep and I breathe it
Put my soul is this pen then I bleed it
That's how you know that I mean it
No comparing me when I write this shit
Legendary like the Lil Wayne lighter flick

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On LWLF/Chino's Interlude by Turk

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