King of School


by Tsar

on King of School (2001), King Of The School (2001)

Well I'm a free spirit flying I'm gonna rock you to the night.
Your gonna dig my tune cuz my tune is outta sight!
Because I'm a ohhh(ohhh)Songwriter
We're gonna go down world without love and above and
you know
If you like those cheap thrills won't
you whip me to the show
Because I'm a ohhh(ohhh)Songwriter
A Songwriter, ready to roll
Shock me, rock me, don't try to jock me
take me down slow
Songwriter, crotch biter, ankle biter, juggle lighter
ankle biter, juggle lighter, ankle biter uh oh, oh my god Song, song, song, song, song, writer

(let's go)
{Guitar} SHOCK!
Some say I'm crazy, some say I'm just mean
But they most just a love me wanna get inside
my jeans
Because I'm a ohhh(ohhh)Songwriter
{Guitar} Hey!

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