Mr. Porter

Be This Famous

by Travis Porter

on Mr. Porter (2013)

Man I remember when I was seventeen
A nigga always had a dream
But how could you blame us
Who ever thought a nigga'd be this famous
I remember when I was seventeen
And I had a dream to get up on the screen
No what I mean
But how could you blame us
Who'd ever thought we'd be this famous
Now I hit the club in foreign cars
Keep kush in my ‘gars
I'm buying out the bars
But that money can't change us
Who ever thought I'd be this famous
BET and MTV they know me
Respect this grind, respect my time
They better respect this rolly
That nigga just turned 24 he think he Kobe
These niggas fake, these niggas frauds, these niggas fonies
And them three things that I'm not boy
I remember I was growing up watching three six and them hot boys
Running round on them blocks boy
The car was always hot boy
Hit the club, party like a Rasta, shot boys
And I was so slick that I could sell a dream
I would sell, I took a shell when I was seventeen
Young niggas living fast that's a motor sport
Fucked up, Bounce back, ain't even go to court
Niggas getting killed and my niggas was killing
Had to kill that shit and change our way of living
Used to hit the club just to bust heads
Now I bust bad bitches out in Buckhead
I remember
Them cold nights in December
Through the storm, but we won we some winners
I sit the whip up putting on for the hood
Gotta show love every time I ride through it
We done did so much work in these A-Town streets
Used to be smoking purp in the a town E
Now its Cuban link, Jesus piece, freaks in the suite
They after me, They after me
They calling me they majesty
I'm on a roll, and I ain't stopping
Got her dancing on the pole
Yeah that pussy popping
We used to rock jabos
Now its rich nigga cotton
20 for a show
Everyday going shopping
When I was seventeen woulda never dreamed it
We used to be scheming, nigga hitting licks
99 problems but ain't nan bout a bitch
And til' the day I rest I'm going ham with my click
Look, I remember I just wanted to be popular
This is what I wanted
I ain't wanna be no doctor bruh
My mama wanted a lawyer
My grandma wanted a preacher
But coming where I come from I want to be neither
At the age of fifteen
I was working on a dream
My people ain't have no money
So I could barely do a thing
So I went and got a job
And I thought that was the answer
My brother told me dream
He was trying to set an example
So I learned how to record
We did it on our own
After a couple months of struggling
We done finally made a song
O shit
Be the best feeling I ever get
And ima do this til' it's over wit

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On Be This Famous by Travis Porter

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