My Rage

Toys R Us

by Rest in Pieces

on My Rage (1987)

Santa's just an image to rake in lots of money
Christ was born for Toys R Us, I think it's pretty funny
Religion found a way to pump the economy
And anyone who believes those lies could use a lobotomy
The government leaves the church tax free
Passes them on to you and me
Another reason to raise the prices
More corporation manipulative devices
When Christmas time comes around once more
It's time to feel sad for the poor
All year round you pay no mind
It's Christmas time now, time to be kind
Forget all the bullshit you have learned
Stop wasting money you have earned
Preach unity and peace all the time
Not just when it's fashionable
Santa's a lie and so is religion
It's all part of the fucked up world we live in
Find out the truth when you're older
They'll just tell you what they want to
Believe all you like
Believe all you want to
I don't go for it, immaculate conception
Suicide rate will skyrocket
Still more money falls into your pocket